Written by Mr French

14 Sep 2017

Both my wife and I were married before. Her first husband was really hung. Big cock with bad attitude. She was single for 5 years and really played with whoever she liked. When we got together we both committed to letting each other have sexual freedom as we both liked what we had been doing. We both have had casual lovers that came our way.

Recently we had our first MMF. Very good and will do more as the mood takes us. I was able to watch how my wife reacted to what the other lover did. One thing, he sucked her ear lobe while she was cumming. He was inside her. It sent her frantic. I have done it now and she responded the same. She also realized where I got the idea. We will not do FFM as she is definitely not into girls.

We have talked about cock size and she assures me she is happy with mine. I am what I think is at least better than average. She has had bigger cocks than me since her first husband but none as big as his.

She does like to be had from the rear, doggie style. She likes that when she is very worked up. Also she likes me on my back and she as a reverse cowgirl. These ways the size does not feel much different.