Written by TK-BADGER

14 Sep 2009

K and I are very new to the swinging scene and after joining SH 3 weeks ago we decided to arrange our first meeting with an experienced member, as the couple of adventures we have had until now have been in laybys.

We have had lots of mail and took our time looking at their profiles and choosing the right person to meet, K liked the manner of J so we arranged a meet for fri night after K had been out with the girls, i picked K up and instantly became hard at the sight of her in her sexy black dress, as soon as we set of my hand went up her thighs and started stroking her very wet pussy she was really looking forward to our new adventure.

We contacted J and explained where to meet us as we have found a fantastic secluded lane where we can play in safety and away from the road so no unexpected visits from the boys in blue etc. As we neared our meeting point K decided to take her dress off and just wear her jacket hoping that it would be a nice suprise for J, she looked gorgeous sat next to me in her her sexy underwear and i couldnt keep my hands off her, she unzipped my trousers and started to suck me hard, as we approached the agreed meeting point she sat up and pulled a blindfold from her bag and placed it over her eyes again hoping that this would be a sexy and mysterious turn on for J.

J arrived as planned and he followed us to our secret play area, as we stopped K was really excited she wound the window down for J and started playing with my cock as i stroked her lovely body all over, as J approached the window i instantly knew we had chosen well, K whispered "is he there yet, what do you think" and i told her it was going to be a very exciting adventure, she knew this meant that i approved of our guest and she sat up so J could take a better look at her.

i started stroking her breasts and slowly removed her jacket, i could see the expression of sheer delight on Js face as he got to see her lovely body for the first time, i slowly removed her bra and started playing with her nipples i invited J straight away to join us and he opened the door and sat next to K i could feel her tense with excitement as he started stroking her shoulders with one hand and then down her back as he started to kiss and lick her nipples.

K was in heaven as we both sucked and licked her lovely breasts, i placed my hand on her thigh and stroked her gently upwards just teasing her slightly as J put his hand on her knee and gently carressed her legs as he moved up to her pussy, all the time K was whispering to me asking if i was enjoying it, which of course i was!. J stroked her pussy through her knockers and then slowly moved them to one side and she lifted from the seat with a pleasing moan as he started playing with her, she reached for my cock and started wanking me hard and i told her to do what she felt was natural and go with the flow, at this she started stroking Js cock through his trousers, J was still playing with her wet pussy and she was playing with two cocks this was a fantastic experience with a very nice guy who was pleasuring my sexy lady and she was very at ease with him due to the lovely comments he was giving her at the same time.

I asked J if he would like to lick and he willingly agreed he positioned himself outside the vehicle and K turned so he could lick her, he pulled her knickers to one side and started to kiss her pussy while she sucked hard on my cock, unfortunaltely is was getting very cold so he got back in the vehicle and carried on stroking her and playing with her body, i asked her if she wanted to wank him and she said yes so J removed his hard cock from his trousers and she was wanking us both at the same time while we sucked on her nipples and i started stroking her pussy, i could feel that she was ready to come and whispered to her asking if she was enjoying our new adventure she said with a gasp of air "oh yes" and she was moaning with pleasure as she had a lovely orgasm.

i asked her if she was ok and she said she was so i asked her if she wanted to suck J as we hadnt gone that far before, she said she would love to if that is what i wanted, J positioned himself and as she slid her mouth over the end of his cock we all seemed to moan with pleasure, the sight of K sucking another guy for the first time was mind blowing, after a good sucking she wanted J to come over her breasts so J moved towrds her and started stoking his cock in front of her K loves to see someone wanking and she finished him off all over her lovely nipples, J then produced a tissue as paul daniels might lol and wiped her breasts for her, K asked if she could remove her blinfold and i said no as i thought the mysterious side to this adventure was amazing, we chatted for a short while and then J said his thanks and left.

As he was driving away K started sucking me she then took her knickers off and sat on my cock and we had an awsome fuck stiil talking about the nights events, i K if she had enjoyed the evening especially when she was sucking J, to which she replied " i loved sucking him he was sexy, well mannered and above all she could tell he was a clean and decent". Im sure we will invite him again soon and maybe go a little further, but we have other scenarios we want to experience also, and i am sure we will find other cpls and fems on SH to help us lol. Thanks J