Written by Rick.

29 Sep 2009

Ive been reading stories on here for a month or so,im a fit strait young man,im wankin myself as im riting this beccoz early this morning i went for a run.i woke up with a hard on,do most days,decided not to wank put my shorts and top on and went for a run.it was about 6 o clock,i always run past some bogs,never been in them....got a sudden urge to go in from reading some of these stories,ive never had sex with a man in my life,it was probably empty anyway...wrong there was a man standing at the stalls id say in his 60s..i stood at the other end,after a minute or two he looked in my direction,shit what was i doing..i didnt have a hardon,i was just holding my cock.he turned around a bit he had a hardon,fucking big he was wanking himself...should have left but didnt,i just watched what he was doing,i got a fucking hardon...he moved over beside me and put his hand on my arse over my shorts,i made no atempt to stop him...he put his hand down the back of my shorts and felt my bare arse,i fucking liked it..i just stood there and let him push my shorts down,anybody could have come in..he turned me around towards him took my cock from my hand and started to lick the head..i knew i was going to shoot my load but held on i wanted it to last longer..holding my balls in one hand and my cock in the other he opened his mouth and took most of it in and started to move up and down it...it was better than i would have ever believed,wank myself off in the morning,probably never again..he knew i was cummin he took his mouth off my cock and and held my cock towards the stalls wanking me as fast as his hand could move his other hand going back to my arse his fingers going between my cheeks and finding my hole rubbing it as fast as he was wanking me...fucking hell i cant remember when i shot my load like that before,it was shooting right up above the top of the stalls...once id stopped shooting he took my cock back in his mouth and sucked the last of my spunk from me then licked me clean,he even pulled my shorts up. i didnt know if i should have said anything to him.He was standing back at the stalls wanking himself again as i left,,i dodnt know if i had a narrow escape,there was another guy coming in the door as i left,he looked me up and down..now that ive finished riting this im going to submit it and wank myself off,i know it wont be as good as this morning wank but i need one to keep me going till i go running in the morning.