Written by new girl on the block

9 Feb 2015

hello Im Kelly, Im 25 married to Andrew and last weekend I had my first swap. Well it wasn't' so much a swap becouse Im still not sure if my husband did the deed. My husband has been on about swapping and threesomes for a long time and has regularly shown me stories on this site to prove to me that it can be fun but I'm not so sure and am concerned about the whole thing which is a bit of a cheek considering what I'm going to tell you.

Well last weekend we went for a weekend away and stayed with Andrews friends Paul and Emma. Emma is gorgeous, about my age with long black hair, dark hazel eyes and an amazing body. Paul is very much a 'pretty boy'. Again he's about my age, a bit skinny with long blond hair and has been mistaken on more than one occasion for a girl or at least as being gay.

The problem with Paul is that he full of his own self importance and becouse he occasionally models he thinks he's the worlds gift to women. His main job is as a masseur at a big London hotel and in fairness he is very good.

Anyway onto why I'm writing. We had a meal on Friday evening and as usual a lot of wine was consumed and the conversation with Andrew and Paul turned to sex with my husband announcing that his and my favourite position is doggy and Paul telling us that he loved anal which was a bit embarrassing becouse I hardly knew Paul and had never met his girlfriend. My husband tells them about how he's trying to convince me to swap, Paul chanting 'lets go lets go' and Emma just giggling.

Needles to say nothing happened and we all went to bed ( with our own partners) at about 2am.

The next day we had a lazy day in just going out to stock up on more wine, with Paul and Andrew playing pool and computer games all afternoon. In the evening we had our meal and talked about Paul's job as a masseur when Andrew, with a big grin, suggested Paul gives me a massage. Emma thought it was a wonderful idea so I thought 'what the hell'.

Paul had a massage table in a spare bedroom so that's where I went. Paul lit candles put on soft music and gave me fluffy white towel with strict instruction that I had to be completely naked.

After a few minutes Paul came back in and started his magic, he poured warm oil on my back and worked on my neck and shoulders working his way down to my lower back. I was almost asleep when the towel slipped to the floor and Paul worked lower and lower until he was massaging my buttocks and then legs before returning to my buttocks.

His hands sliding over my body. Even though I can't stand the guy he was very good, he whispered that Andrew had told him he was to look after me. I looked back at him and noticed he was wearing a white robe, I knew what he meant and wasn't surprised that Andrew was behind this.

I lay back on my stomach and saw Paul's robe fall to the floor. I took another quick look to see he was naked, his cock was a bit longer and skinnier than I had expected. I felt him climb onto the table, his knees either side of my backside with his cock resting on my buttocks. His hands worked back to my shoulders when he started to kiss my neck, my husband must have told him that was what gets me in the mood.

Then he moved to position himself so he was laying on my back, then for the first time I was having anal sex, his long slim cock slid into me. To be honest it was an amazing feeling as he gently slid himself deeper, his oily hands sliding under me so he could cup my breasts and gently massage them until my nipples where solid.

We fucked like this for some time until he slid out of me, pulled my backside up and entered my pussy fucking me doggy style just like my husband loves. He was a lot more forceful than I expected, holding my shoulders down on the table as he fucked me getting harder and harder until he jumped off, turned me round and went to work on my breasts, sucking and flicking my nipples with his tongue whilst finger fucking me. My orgasm was long and hard, I begged him to cum in me but he knelt me down, held my head back and wanked himself until he came over my face, hair and tits.

I knew my husband was behind this so didn't bother to hide what had happened. I walked to the shower completely naked and covered in cum passing Andrew who had been sitting on the top stair listening.

When I went down stairs Emma was a dishevelled so I assume she had been fucking my husband. I allowed Paul to fuck me one more before we went home. We haven't mentioned it and I think Andrew is a bit shocked it all happened.