Written by mayfairgirl

20 Feb 2008

My hubby and I have recently enjoyed widening our sexual experiences, mainly with my friend Kath, but last Saturday we had our first time with another couple.

We got in contact with a couple from a nearby town & after exchanging some info arranged to meet at a Travelodge outside Ipswich. Jean & Donald are older than us, Jean is 56 & Donald 53 but they seemed a nice couple & we decided to go for it.

We had been in our room about 15 minutes when my hubby\'s mobile went off, it was Donald wanting to know what room we were in. A few minutes later there was a knock at the door & there they were.

They came in & we chit chatted for a while, then Donald said to me \"I understand you have had some experience with another woman\". I nodded & he asked if I fancied having sex with Jean. She just sat on the bed & smiled & I decided to go over & start. We started to kiss, just lightly gently licking each others lips. I had been snogging my friend Kath for about a week, but still the taste of lipstick on my lover\'s lips felt strange. Jean was getting more passionate & our kiss went into a full blown snog as she fell back on the bed pulling me on top of her. I moved my lips down her neck, kissing & licking her as I went towards her breasts. I undone her buttons on her blouse & started to kiss her tits through her bra. Jean has lovely big tits just like my friend Kath & I eased them out of her bra & started to lick & bite her nipples.

\"Why don\'t you both strip off,\" was my hubby\'s suggestion.

We agreed & we both undressed. Jean was wearing a lovely pair of silky red Anne Summers panties, with a suspender belt & black stockings. I must say she looked wonderful & being a woman even though I find wearing stockings unbearable I have to say that the look certainly got my juices flowing. Jean & I lay on the big knigsize bed & started to explore each others bodies. She fondled my tits, tweaking my nipples whilst I slipped a finger inside her panties & rubbed her juicy wet pussy. After a while she got up & moved herself up the bed so she was sitting on my face as I lay on my back. I licked her fanny pushing my tongue deep inside her as she pulled the gusset of her panties to one side, she then released her juices into my mouth & once again I had that magical taste of another woman\'s cum in my mouth. \" Your turn,\" she said & she went down on me, her tongue lapping at my wet pussy as I orgasmed.

Meanwhile my hubby & Donald had stripped off & as I got up for another snog with Jean I could see them both playing with themselves. Donald has a huge cock a good 2 inches bigger than my hubby\'s & I decided I needed a taste of that. So I walked over to the sofa, knelt down in front of Donald & started to kiss his balls & his cock. As I did so I reached out with my hand & grabbed my hubby\'s cock, wanking him at the same time. Jean decided just to watch as I gave her husband a blow job & tossed my husband off. Donald was soon groaning & I tasted the first few spurts of his cum before I came up for air & let him spurt the rest over my face. Within seconds my hubby did the same pointing his cock at my body & spunking all over me. Jean came over & we started to kiss again & she rubbed the spunk from the 2 men into my body. We then got back on the bed, giving the men time to recover & continued with our lesbian session. About 10 minutes later the men joined us on the bed, my hubby behind Jean & Donald behind me. My hubby fondled Jean\'s lovely big tits offering them to me to suck whilst at the same time I could feel Donald\'s cock against my arse & his rough hands rubbing my nipples & breasts. It was a really lovely feeling & I desperately wanted to feel Donald inside me. Jean got up then & told me just to enjoy having 2 men, she had been doing this for years, so knew the feeling. My hubby moved closer & we kissed as his hands joined Donald\'s on my tits. I was in complete ecstasy as these 2 horny men fondled me & rubbed me & fingered me. I then felt Donald\'s cock penetrate my arse & I pushed down hard to take him in. I then gasped for my hubby to fuck me & he managed to slip his cock into my pussy. The feeling was just amazing as both men fucked me. My juices were flowing like never before as they fucked me harder & harder before once again both men shot their load, 1 inside my pussy & 1 up my arse.

I have to say after that I was completely exhausted & 15 minutes later Donald & Jean went back to their room. We spoke briefly the next morning & have arranged to meet again.

Meanwhile my hubby is desperate for more sex like this & he is hoping that we can take Kath along next time & make it a bit of an orgy.