Written by Alan61

11 May 2009

We had our first swinging session a couple of weeks ago, we were first as this was the first time,we had spoken about this on numerous occasions as we have been married a long time and we both felt we needed to spice up our sex life.

We agreed to meet our swinging date for a few drinks first before going back to their house,just to see how we would get on with them.

To protect the names we will call them bob and sharon as you know mine is alan and my wife is louise.

We met bob and sharon in a quiet little pub in town I must admit I was shocked as sharon was a looker firm tits in a low cut black top and very tight jeans. Louise thought bob was a bit of alright.

After a few drinks we were all getting on great and we both agreed to go back to their house,in the taxi Louise said to me thats it no going back I said are you ready for this she replied quickly to right I am.

When we arrived back bob poured some more drinks and we sat down they had both done this on numerous occasions so sharon looked out one of their many pornos.

We sat watching the film with the lights dulled down bob was sitting with louise and myself with sharon I was shocked when I saw louise make the first move she had bobs cock out rubbing it then she went down on him

sharon then unzipped my trousers and soon had mine in her mouth.

Before long we were all naked on the floor louise was on her back bob was fucking and sharon was on top of me

I watched as louise had a multiple orgasm and thought this is what I want to watch my wife who i love dearly fuck to her hearts content.

After sharon and I finished i sat on the floor and watched bob and sharon starting on louise, Louise was sucking bobs cock and sharon was down at her pussy I was so turned on by this sharon had her ass up in the air while sucking my wife vagina so i went behind her and started fucking her from behind by this time louise was moaning with pleasure, after we had finished we reversed the roles this time my cock was in sharons mouth and bob was fucking louise,s ass off.

We fucked allnight, when we got home we sat and spoke about it and agreed that this is definatly for us we want more,and have agreed hopefully once a month we can swing. Our own sex life has vastly improved as well. I hope we will meet bob and sharon again just for the experience they gave us.