Written by horny couple

18 Jun 2007

This is a true story about our first time swap with an older couple. This was my second marriage and Sandy was 31 5foot 3in tall very slim with small boobs. I was 34 at the time 5ft 9 about 200lbs. We had actually tried swinging on a few occasions but things never worked out. I guess the people we met were just too pushy or for one reason or another didn,t turn us on. Anyway, we had posted a few ads on various swinger sites and we had received a reply from an older couple. Their names were Frank and Joyce. At first we thought these people were just too old, they were in their late 50,s. Frank had written the response and explained how much they enjoy meeting younger couples and also told us that they had started swinging about 5 years earlier. They had included 2 photos of themselves fully clothed, Joyce in a very nice blue evening dress and Frank in a dark suit. He explained that they had met about a dozen couples over the last 5 years with some wonderful experiences. Their letter was not in the least bit pushy and they seemed to be very genuine people. He said they had saw our ad on a local site and that they had found it very interesting. He also commented on the photos we had in our ad. We had posted 2 semi nude photos of ourselves with no faces, one of Sandy"s small boobs with her nipples very hard and one of me in black bikini briefs with an obvious erection. He went on to say that if we were interested we could email them or even call as he had included their phone no. He said there would be no pressure and that they always respected other peoples limits. We discussed the possibility of contacting them. Sande was a little concerned about their ages but admitted she was a bit turned on by the fact that this older couple was interested. I admitted that I rather liked the idea of an older couple myself. After some discussion we agreed to give tem a call. It was long distance as they lived about 150 km. from us. I dialed the no. and a women answered. Nervously I said who I was and why I was calling. Joyce said "Well Hello" she went on to say how happy she was that we decided to call. She sounded very nice on the phone and I could hear her call to Frank in the background. We took turns talking to each other on the phone and finally made arrangments to meet in a weeks time at a selected place in their town. I could tell Sandy seemed to like them both very much as I did to. They were so very easy to talk to and just seemed to be a very nice non pushy comfortable couple. While I was on the phone with Frank he again commented on our photos and I offered to email him a few more. He said that would be great and he would do the same. Well when the photos came in they were awesome. He sent 3 of Joyce completely naked, she had good sized boobs and was a little on chunky side but not at all fat. She also had the hairiest pussy I had ever seen. Frank sent 3 of himself and all Sandy said was WoW! He was tall, slim, slightly greying with a somewhat hairy chest and a very big thick cock. He looked to have about 8 or 9 in. He was much bigger than me. Needless to say Sandy and I fucked like animals that night in antiscipation of our first meeting. During the week we had emailed them back and forth many times discussing likes and dislikes and exchanging photos. We learned a lot about each other. How much they both liked long slow foreplay, oral sex, picture taking, and most of all screwing. Anyway the week went by and we drove up to meet them. We arrived and went into the small cafe they had described and we immediately saw them sitting on the back patio. Frank noticed us and came in to greet us. We said hi and he invited us to join them. As he turned Sandy whispered to me that he looked even better in person. I could tell she was very very excited. We sat down greeted Joyce and we all made small talk over coffee. As we talked I couldn't help but admire Joyce's ample boobs. She had worn a rather low cut blouse which showed a lot of cleavage.I also noticed Frank checking Sandy out in her very short denim skirt she had elected to wear with no nylons. In a while Frank suggested we leave to their place unless there was somewhere else we would like to go. We arrive at their place, a very nice quaint little house,very clean and well layed out. We went into the living room and Frank offered us drinks as Joyce sat down with us. We had our drinks and after a short time Frank got out a photo album. Frank sat beside Sandy and Joyce and I sat on the rug in front of them as Frank started to show us the album. There were a collection us action shots of them and the couples they had met. Joyce made the first move as we looked through the album. I felt her hand on my thigh move slowly up to my crotch. I turned to her and started to feel her big tits. As we kissed and explored each other I noticed Frank had set the album aside and had his hand between Sande's legs massaging her pussy. I could hear moaning as Frank had pulled Sandy's panties aside and was fingering her good. Joyce had removed her top so I could suck her tits as she fumbled with my belt. Frank stood up and took off his pants and underwear and his big cock came into view. Sandy was naked in seconds as she reached for his huge cock. I pulled the rest of Joyce's clothes off and began to feel her hairy pussy. She was soaked as I inserted one then two then three fingers into her. I swear I could have put my whole hand into her as she lay back arching up to meet my hand. I moved down to lick her pussy and I heard her ask me to turn around. I did and I felt her mouth on my cock as I sucked on her cunt. I felt her thigh begin to quiver as I ate her pussy and before long she had a gushing orgasm in my mouth. She steadily sucked me till I shot a big load in her mouth to. By this time I heard a lot of slurping coming from the couch. I looked over just in time to see Frank on the bottom with Sandy on top in a 69 position both cumming. Sandy was moaning very loudly as she came with as much of that big cock in her mouth as she could get. I heard Frank groan as he blew his load in Sandy's mouth. We rested a minute and then Frank layed Sande on her back and began to fuck her. I thought she would lose her mind as he pumped his big cock into her. Joyce pushed me onto my back and sat down on my cock and began to ride me. We all sucked and fucked till midnight. It couldn't have gone any better. Frank had gotten his camera out and took a lot of pictures. Since that first meeting we have travelled to their place many times and them to ours. They have even introduced us to some of their swingings friends. We are so glad we decided to meet this older couple. Sandy never thought she could cum so many times in one night.