Written by Alan

15 Dec 2014

sorry the last section was so short. It's a busy time of year.

Any way I closely followed as Angela and Rufus entered the water, with Angela holding tight to his arm. The pool was a decent size with several couples around the side and a few single men casually relaxing around the pool edge. I wondered if the others thought Angela and Rufus were the couple and I was tagging along hoping for a free show. The pool was large enough to accommodate everyone and there was plenty of space at the far end. Rufus and I settled either side of my wife. Angela let out a gasp as I assumed Rufus was exploring her pussy under the water as his other hand traced a concentric circles around her nipple. I have always loved my wife's firm breasts and this was a truly beautiful and erotic sight, I was transfixed as he gently placed her nipple between his finger and thumb and licked around her aureole.

It was at this point, with a sinking feeling I remembered the condoms. They can be a bit of a passion spoiler at the best of times but I was determined to play it safe. I told them I was going to get a condom from our locker and to hold on for me. I was assured by Rufus he would wait. With trepidation I rushed from the pool, looking back to see Rufus continuing his attention on my wife's breasts.

I rushed out of the pool with an aching erection eager to get a condom and re-join my wife before the situation got out of hand. I didn't even bother with a towel and must have raised a few looks as I raced to the locker and back. As I anticipated they had let their passion take over and the need for condoms was now passed. As I entered the pool room I was drawn to the scene of Angela sat astride Rufus, riding him as he buried his face in her tits. There were several other couples around the pool fucking although it appeared my wife was the only who had the undivided attention of her husband and her new lover. I entered the water and returned obediently to my previous place next to Angela. Rufus looked slightly apologetic as he turned to me and shrugged. "what could I do?" he asked while smiling "she jumped onto my cock". I told him I understood as I took in the erotic scene of my wife easing herself on this stranger's erection. As a way of explanation Angela told me she wanted to feel Rufus' naked cock up her and added that it was so big. Rufus pulled her face towards him and I felt powerless as they locked in a passionate embrace. Conscious of our no kissing prearrangement I tapped Angie's shoulder, only to be met with a rebuke. "seriously" Angie exclaimed "You're getting off on a bloke making love to me and you have a problem with me kissing?" This strangely turned me on even more, perhaps due to my absolute powerlessness, as Angie returned to kissing him, their tongues exploring each other's mouths, now oblivious to me. I felt utterly superfluous.

Angela was becoming more breathless as she rode him faster, their kissing becoming increasingly intense. Angie told Rufus she wanted him from behind and then instructed me to get on the side. I immediately complied and Angie took the head of my aching cock into her mouth as Rufus eased himself into my wife from behind. My wife usually gives great blow jobs, however it was clear that her mind was focussed on the large cock now embedded fully up her. She was soon moaning as Rufus got a steady rhythm going. I knew the condo was now futile, however I urged Rufus not to cum in my wife, as their passion built.

They soon appeared to be in unison, both obviously nearing their climax. Angela let out a groan just as Rufus reached for my wife's tits and he too moaned as he thrust inside her, only pulling out as the last spurts went into the pool. I had resorted to wanking over the scene before me and almost immediately after Rufus had finished I too ejaculated, firing my cum into my hand.

Angie and Rufus held each other in a tight embrace before he said his goodbyes thanked us both and left. We didn't stay much longer and never did get that full tour he promised. We did later return to the club though and this time we sampled many of the facilities on offer. Oh and I was also encouraged to do my duty upon our return home, going down on my wife tasting their combined juices and succeeding in bringing Angie to her second orgasm.