Written by Andydebcouple

26 Aug 2008

A spare of the moment decision to go out to a club turned out to be the best evening we’ve had so far. It all started on a Saturday afternoon when we were deciding what route to take, shall we say A was wondering what MMF would be like and we were contemplating arranging a meet it really turned him on having me centre of attention so to speak, then after going online we noticed that our local club had a couples evening on so we put our names on the list and the evening was set.

While A was dropping the kids off with the sitters I was left to get ready and all the usual thoughts were going through my mind as I was in the shower getting even hornier by the minute. When A returned home I was putting on my nail varnish and was completely naked he was finding it hard to keep is hands off me but I made him wait all the while teasing him not letting him near my shaven pussy.

The time had come to leave for the night ahead we had about a forty minute drive ahead of us, discussing what could lay ahead how things were going to play out. I was getting wetter by the minute and A had a rather large bulge in his pants. We were discussing different scenarios how we would like to see one another as the whole experience is based upon one another, we work off each others excitement.

As we pulled up to the club the car park was not that full and we was wondering whether or not to bother but we decided to go inside and have a drink and see what happens, We entered the club paid the fee and sorted out a drink we were stood near the main door to see who else turns up, most of the couples there already were a little to old for us standing near the main door we got chatting to a couple we all got along straight away I could see him looking at me and A was very interested in her when she came back downstairs dressed in her baby doll. More people were arriving and the club was starting to get busy.

After a few more drinks and a bit more chatting we decided to go upstairs and check out the play rooms

to see if there was any action going on and ended up going into an empty play room they started to undress each other so A started to do the same to me we fell on the bed laughing I suppose I was giggling with nerves. We were playing with one another A had his fingers inside me and was sucking my tits, as we were kissing I felt a hand on me I turned to see the guy from the couple had put is hand on my tits and come over to kiss me I didn’t stop him A was getting turned on and his fingers were working there magic getting me wetter and wetter, the guy then got up and put is cock in my mouth with A still fingering my pussy the other women started to suck on my tits I reached out worked my hand under her panties and started to finger her she was moaning and groaning and I could feel she was getting off on it. A was getting his cock wanked by her and I was getting really turned on by it, A pushed her back down onto the bed and started licking her out while I was looking on I was having the same treatment my legs were spread apart and his tongue was working hard my juices flowing. As I looked over I could see the women grabbing A’s head pulling him into her pussy his tongue working it I could see her thrusting her thighs faster and faster I could see she was close to cumming she slowed went ridged and moaned as she cum. After she had cum she started sucking A’s cock while he was watching me in a 69 position with the guy I was managing to deep throat him and he was getting really excited I wanted to see him explode in front of me so I jumped up facing him and started wanking him off to completion. After we had finished we went back downstairs for some refreshments!

After a few more drinks the other couple had to leave to go home as they had to travel a fair way, I was thinking of calling it a night when A said that we should make the most of the night as we don’t get many with having to get sitters all the time, so we decided to go and play on our own and see what happens as we went upstairs there was a few couples in a room so we went to have a peek, when we looked in the room we see a couple on the bed fucking a couple of couples standing up and a couple in the love swing which were the horniest couple there this is were the story gets better!! TO BE CONTINUED……………………. Will post up the rest if anyone wants to hear it.