Written by J&J

30 Sep 2009

Although my wife Julie and myself have had lots of sexy adventures over the years, there is nothing like the first time. This goes back to 1985 and a totally unplanned night. I was 28 and Julie had just turned 18. My mates pulled my leg about being a cradle snatcher, but they also admitted to being very jealous. Julie had a great figure, superb big tits and legs to die for.

Back then, I was house sitting for a mate about ten miles from where we normally lived. Julie was still with her parents. Although young, she was very mature and genuinely loved to flash and was a self-confessed cock teaser. We had great sex, but just “straight” and the two of us. This particular Friday night, we were running late to decided to try a pub within walking distance. Julie was wearing a black, knee length dress, which had buttons all the way up the front. She did not wear a bra, but had black stockings, black lacy suspenders and high heels. (She kept her naughty clothes at my house). A few buttons were loosened at the top to flash her tits and a few at the bottom to expose a glimpse of stocking tops to the trained eye.

The pub was steady, but not full. After 30 minutes, Julie said the old guy sitting across the room was trying to catch a sly look. I told her to put on a show. He was well into his sixties and sitting alone although he spoke with people as they passed by. He was at the bar at the same time as me so we exchanged a couple of pleasantries about the weather and such like. There was even a word or two about football in the toilets. It was time for the last pint so back at the bar and he was there again. More bits of chat asking if we were new to the area etc., so I asked him of he wanted to join us.

He came across and we chatted about nothing for about 20 minutes while he did his best to sneak a look at Julie’s tits. His name was Ted, age 66 and an ex miner. It was time to go so we all walked out of the pub together. It transpired that he lived further up the road from the house I was sitting. At the gate, more chat so I asked if he wanted to come in for another beer. Julie brought a bottle of bear plus a malt and yet more aimless chat. I asked if he fancied another, so Julie went to the kitchen to sort the drinks.

This time Ted said, “She’s a very attractive lass.” I agreed. Then he said, “She’s wearing stockings, very sexy and unusual for young girls today.” Again I agreed and said she certainly knew how to turn a bloke on. Julie returned with the drinks and I said, “Ted likes your stockings, give him a flash.” She stood up, faced Ted and lifted the hem of her dress apart to show stocking tops and a bit of bare thigh. Ted did not say a word, but his eyes were wide open! It only lasted seconds so I said, “Come on Julie, be a sport and give Ted a proper look”

Julie stood up again, looked at me, smiled and then faced Ted. The next bit took me very much by surprise. She quickly loosened a few more buttons at the top of her dress and without warning it was lying in a heap around her ankles. There she was aged 18, in just black stockings, suspenders and lace see-through panties. Ted just starred at her tits, then her pussy area, her legs, he didn’t speak. Julie moved forward and stood directly in front of him. After a slight hesitation he began to lightly stroke her stockinged legs. This went on for some minutes. He then hooked his fingers into her panties waistband and looked over to me. I was gob smacked, but nodded approval. Slowly, Julie’s panties were peeled off and down her legs.

Ted then dived in kissing and licking her pussy. She opened her legs to allow better access and was soon moaning as his tongue got to work. This seemed to take ages as he turned her round and licked both her pussy and arse from behind. The next thing was even more surprising and very erotic to me. Ted stood up and they started kissing. It was the full passionate bit, tongues down throats and Ted groping her tits. Julie had her arms around his neck and just got stuck in, but did not feel his cock.

They finally parted and Julie instructed Ted, “Let me see your cock”. Obediently, he dropped his jeans and boxers. His cock was 6/7 inches, hard and very thick. Julie said, “That’s a lovely looking cock, I’m going to suck it, but you can’t cum, I want you spunk in my pussy.” She got on to her knees and began to lick his cock and balls. Sucking away, Ted looked over at me and said, “Have I died and gone to heaven?”

After several minutes, Julie stopped and lay on her back. Ted positioned himself between her legs, she grabbed his cock and guided him into her pussy. Ted began a slow grind and fucked her with the experience of a mature man his age. She orgasmed several times. Throughout all this I had stayed on the sofa wanking, jealous, excited, feeling weird, but desperately not wanting to cum.

Ted eventually shot his lot with a great deal of sound. After calming down he rolled off. Julie was lying on the floor, knees up, legs apart. I could see his spunk oozing out of her. I dropped my jeans and for the first time, entered a spunk filled pussy. What a feeling. It was too much and I quickly let rip.

Ted and I fucked Julie a few more times that night, it was very special and Julie said she had really enjoyed it. Over the next month or so, Ted was a frequent visitor until I moved back.