Written by Surprised Husband

6 Aug 2015

First of all I apologise if this is tame compared to those of you who have experience in these things but this is the first time anything like this has happened to us but I just wanted to find a site to share this experience and hear your thoughts.

Also I'm sorry if its a bit rambling but I'm so shocked at how our life has changed

I'm married to Amanda who is 38 and a very petite 5'4". I am used to men staring at her becouse she is very attractive and has an amazing figure. This along with her long red hair makes my heart race.

We have never strayed or seriously considered swapping with another couple but have fantasised about things in order to spice up our sex life.

Our neighbours are Alison and Ken, she is just over 6' and ken is at least 6'5" and powerfully built. They are between 20 and 30, black and quite an attractive couple. They come round to our house quite often for drinks and so we have become sort of friends.

A little while ago during our love making Amanda asked if I found Alison attractive. I thought this was a loaded questions so I told her that she was but not as nearly as attractive as she was. This kept Amanda happy but I was surprised to hear Amanda say that she thought she was very attractive.

She then asked if I had ever fantasised fucking her, I told her I hadn't (a lie). She then admitted that she had fantasised about fucking ken then asked if I was angry and that she would never do that behind my back. I told her I wasn't mad just surprised.

I thought nothing of it but did notice that Amanda and Alison would snuggle up to each other when she came to visit and laugh and giggle and seem to whisper which made the giggle even more. I just put it down to a girls thing.

A little while ago Amanda and I where in bed when she asked if I had ever seriously considered swapping, I told her I hadn't and had she to which she replied that she hadn't but had wondered what it was like.

Then Alison and Ken came to our home to have a meal.

Amanda was in a very nice flowery summer dress. As she has quite small breasts she rarely wears a bra and I noticed her face was a little red and her nipples quite prominent. Alison was in her usual jeans and T Shirt and clearly wearing what looked like a sports bra due to her ample breasts.

The two of them sat on the settee sharing a couple of bottles of wine whilst I washed up and Ken dried. He told me how sexy he thought Amanda was and actually asked me if I had ever considered swapping, telling me that he and Alison had done it before and how much fun it was and how they loved rough sex.

I asked him if Amanda had said anything to him about the subject but I put it down to the dozen or more cans of lager we had shared and laughed it off. He said he fantasised about Amanda and Alison and again I put it down to drink.

Afterwards I was relegated to the chair and Ken to the floor. As usual there was a lot of giggling and whispering.

I asked what they were whispering about and Amanda said she had told Alison about some naughty photos I had taken of her, Ken and Alison begged me to show them but I refused.

Alison asked me if Amanda had 'nice tits'. I said that they where very sexy so Alison asked Amanda to show her which she (Amanda) thought was hilarious.

Slowly Amanda opened her dress a little, Alison opened the dress a little more exposing Amanda pert and firm breasts. Without saying anything Alison caressed first one breast then the other then leaned down and took one in her mouth.

Amanda closed her eyes. Ken and I just looked at each other.

The site was so erotic I was speechless. Alison pulled Amanda dress down and threw it to one side exposing my wife's milky white firm body and lacy knickers.

Amanda's face was a picture. She was in awe of what was happening especially when Alison took her own T Shirt and bra off exposing her dark brown amble breasts with her large black nipples which she offered to my wife who took them in her mouth sucking and slurping and using her tongue to play with Alison's black hard nipples.

I think the two of them forgot we where there. In moments they where naked and Alison's mouth was exploring Amanda's pussy. My wife lost control and was squealing and thrusting herself forward giving more of herself to Alison.

Ken looked at me and shrugged his shoulders, got up and took his shirt off followed by his trousers. Stark bollock naked he stood at Amanda head, leaned down and squeezed her breasts, his cock laying on her face.

Alison crawled up my wife, placed her pussy over Amanda's mouth and lowered herself leaving Amanda to explore her pussy. I could see her tongue darting into Alison's hole and Alison rocking on Amanda face. Ken took his impressive cock and fed in into his wife's mouth and I just sat there, seriously not sure if I should join in or just watch. I decided to just watch.

For some time Ken fucked his wife's mouth whilst Amanda lapped up Alison's juices whilst her fingers went deep into her own pussy. Then, seemingly with no one one saying anything Ken removed his cock, Alison stepped off my wife who's face was soaking wet. Ken knelt between my wifes legs and carefully took his cock, guided it to Amanda's hole and slowly slid into her.

Alison sat at Amanda head and held her hands against her chest, occasionally massaging her breasts and rock hard nipples as Ken slid his thick long cock into my wife.

By now Amanda was squeeling and grunting and ken's thrusts became more intense. I sat and watched his dark body smother my wife's milky skin, his tongue exploring her mouth and my wife's pale but sexy legs wrapped around his backside which moved with a perfect rhythm.

For what seemed like ages I watched him fuck my wife, taking her legs and wrapping them round his neck whilst he grasped her tits squeezing them hard, Alison leaned over my wife and asked her if she 'liked it fucking rough' Amanda just nodded and replied 'fuck yes'. This was news to me but then again this whole thing was way passed normal.

With that Ken put his hands on her neck and fucked her hard calling her a 'fucking hot white bitch' whilst Alison would lean down to put her tongue in my wife's mouth before biting her breasts hard then grasping Amanda arms and holding them over her head.

Then it happened. ken's thrusting got harder and harder and Amanda squeals got louder and her grunting deeper and I knew she was cuming. I told Ken I didn't think he should cum inside her but no one took any notice and he let out an explosive roar with one last thrust and I knew he was pumping my wife with his cum.

Twice more he roared and gave a sharp thrust and my wife was shaking and crying which she does when she has a deep orgasm. She pleaded with him not to stop but he was exhausted and slipped his huge wet cock out, collapsing onto her tummy.

I had to have a wank so went to the loo for a while. Not believing what I has just seen I left it for a while before going back into the living room just in time to see the three of them embracing. Alison wiping Kens cum from my wife's legs with a tissue.

We now swap regularly, sometimes on the same bed but quite often I'm fucking Alison in her bed and Kens having Amanda in ours. So I guess the moral of the story is, you never know what's round the corner.

Again sorry if its rambling and disjointed but my head is spinning.