Written by lornmam

16 Dec 2016

Carol and I were sitting in the restaurant "La Marisma" overlooking the old harbour in El Coltilo, on Fuertaventura the evening was warm, I had on a silk shirt and shorts Carol had on a light summer dress over matching ivory coloured silky/lacy knickers and bra. We were eating our main course at a table out on the terrace and just starting a second bottle of local wine and were quite merry.

Just then we herd our names from the path just below the terrace, it was Mell and Frank, we chatted for a couple of minutes and arranged to meet them for a drink after our dinner at a bar across the harbour, as they left both were smiling. I lent over to Carol and said "You do know they were both looking up under your dress?" "Yes I know thats why I opened my legs." was her reply....

Having two days earlier had our first ever wild sex session with a couple, on the beach with this sexy German couple Mell and Frank. We had both since then been very turned on, that first evening after the beach I had shaved Carols pussy for the first time. (see stories 25th Oct and 25th Nov) Our sex lives were the best they had been in our 10 years together. That afternoon we had for the first time fucked each other in one of the wee rock shelters down by the Lagoons. We had talked about what had happened with Mell and Frank, how much we had both enjoyed it and how if the chance arose we both felt we could do it again with them.

Back to dinner... we finished up and headed of to the bar. "What do you think will happen ?" Carol asked.. "I don't know " I replied "but I bet it will be fun". We found the bar and with large brandies we joined them in a quiet corner. Almost straight away the conversation was about sex, Frank was doing a great job translating for Mell. We told them how sexy we had been over the last two days, and they explained that they liked being with another couple and liked to watch each other fucking and being fucked, Carol told them how much she had liked licking Mell's smooth wet pussy when Frank and I were taking turns fucking Carol from behind, and how she liked having her pussy licked. Carol told them that I had shaved her. "I would love to see that " said Frank Carol had a quick look around the quiet bar, squiggled in her seat pulling the front of her dress up, slipped her hand down and pulled the edge of her silky panties to one side so the they could see... "You I lick" said Mell. "Come to our apartment?"

With smiles all round we finished our drinks and left, Carol walked with Frank and I with Mell, we stopped in the dark ill lit streets to watch each other kiss and play Carol stood long legs open back to a wall with her dress up around her waist while Frank fingered her wet pussy, Mell was on her knees sucking my stiffening cock. We arrived at there apartment with a big bedroom and a huge bed, we were naked in seconds. The last bit of clothes to be removed were Carols silky damp panties, Mell was kneeling in front of her and eased them down Carols legs, she handed them to Frank who sniffed them and watched Mell guide Carol back until she was at the edge of the bed. Sitting her down Mell opened Carols legs and started licking, Carol lay back and soon had a stiff cock in each hand. It was fantastic watching Mell finger and lick Carols now smooth pussy until panting hard Carol came.... We stopped for a few minuets with some conversation in German/English ....

Now it was Franks turn, Carol was still at the edge of the bed, Frank lifted her legs on to his shoulders and slid very slowly his stiff cock into Carols wet pussy, it was the first time I had seen Carol like lying on her back with someone else's cock sliding in and out. As I watched Frank was telling us how Mell liked to dress up for sex, she likes to be "wet and sticky" and then asked Carol if she liked stockings "Yes" was Carols reply. Mell had been sitting beside me as we watched our partners fuck, she now got up and opened a drawer in the dressing table and rummaging about brought out a pair of black and red lacy toped hold up stockings. Coming back to the bed she straddled Carols face pushing her pussy down to have it licked, she took hold of Carols left leg, she rolled the stocking on smoothing it down and then did the same with the right.

I was mesmerised watching this sexy tanned couple manipulate my sexy wife, with the stockings on Mell held Carols legs wide apart then lent forward, kissed her husband, getting off she passed the silky legs to Frank, Mell then put together her longest line in English "You fuck .. Come inside.... I dress..... my turn me you all fuck "

Mell went back over to the dresser and started to take some stuff out, it was all blue/black and shiny she lifted her leg and started to stretch and pull on a stocking..... Frank was still slowly fucking Carol who had her eyes closed enjoying the feeling, I lent over and kissed her saying "look at Mell" Carol opened her eyes and turned her head to watch, "Fucking hell thats kinky.... its latex!!!" We all watched as Mell dressed, first the stockings then a very tight corset which slimmed her waist and clipped at the front it came to just under her breasts and with straps clipping to the stocking tops. Next was a pair of very long gloves which covered her arms. Frank was getting faster, Carol was panting again and I was wanking watching it all. Mell then opened a bottle of some sort of gel or oily stuff and started poring it on to her chest rubbing herself all over squeezing her stiff nipples, slipping fingers into her pussy and then all over her bum "Fucking Hell" into her bum. She then reached into another drawer and came over to the bed with a black shiny 5 inch toy in her hand, she knelt beside Carols head and slipped the toy which was 5 balls all joined together first into her sticky oily pussy then slowly, smallest one first, one at a time into her bum, when they were all in and just a black ring sticking out she once again straddled Carols head.

It was all getting a bit frantic Mell was now holding Carols stocking clad legs wide apart and face fucking her. Frank was getting faster and faster slamming into Carol and was clearly about to come as was Carol, Mell then started to rub Carols clit and as I watched Frank come pumping into Carol who was now screaming under Mell "Fuck Fuck Fuck......."

It all slowed down, Mell got off Carols face and Frank just stopped with his still twitching cock in Carols now very very creamy wet pussy. Mell pulled the toy from her bum moved around behind Frank and slid it into his.

"Now is my turn ... you all fuck me" she said.

Now in complete control Mell took Carols hand and easing Franks cock out covered Carols pussy with the hand and said "you hold in" Carol moved up the bed beside me, kissing me, and we watched as Frank lay back where Carol had been with his feet on the floor with a still stiff cock and the toy in his bum Mell backed in towards him an with a leg on either side of him lowered her bum on to his cock, it slowly disappear until it was all the way inside. She then lay back onto Franks chest lifted her latex covered legs and opened them wide. "Now Lorn you fuck" I moved off the bed, and standing between her legs she was at just the right hight, for the first time since the afternoon I slid my stiff cock into a wet sticky pussy, as I did I could feel Franks cock in her bum. Taking a hold of her latex covered legs I started slowly pumping in and out.

"Now Carol I lick Frank's come"

Lifting her leg over Mell as she pulled her hand free a string of Frank's come dribbled out of her pussy and into Mell's mouth Mell wrapped her slippy latex arms around Carol's bum and started licking and sucking for a few minuets we all carry on then Carol starts to come again bucking up and down " Fuck Fuck I'm coming.... She has a finger in my bum.... FUCK..........."

Carol slides off and sits on the bed watching me fuck Mell, Carol moves to suck Mell's stiff nipples and them moves her head to rest on Mell's latex corset to get a close up view of my cock in Mell's pussy. As I get faster and closer... "Come in me Come in me" cries Mell as she is coming again, which I then do with a few last deep strokes all the time feeling Frank moving under and in her. As I slip out Mell's hand moves down to her pussy to cover it up.

"Now you both lick..." Carol moved off the bed and standing beside me gives me a wet kiss and said"Come on you can do it..." We knelt down looking at this amazing site of a very sexy couple him with a toy in his ass and her all in latex panting as he starts again to fuck her ass. Her free hand comes down to guide my head to her pussy, pulling her hand aside I start to for the first time to lick my own come. She gives the sticky come covered latex hand to Carol to lick, then holds my head with both slippy hands and as she comes again she squirts out more of my come. Carol and I swap she is licking and sucking her clit and then sucking his balls. Frank starts to really move and tells Carol "when I start to come pull out the toy" Then with a yell Mell comes again setting of Frank as Carol pulls out the toy he yells as well.

What a sight!!!! What a taste!!!! what a smell!!! what a noise!!!!......Carol and I stand at the bottom of the bed watching Franks cock slide out of her ass with a plop and with a dribble of come to follow.....

Mell is wet and sticky all over.

After we all recover with a look to two Carol and I can tell its time to go and we start to dress. Carol is starting to take off the holdup stocking when Frank tells her to keep them as a reminder they wants to keep her panties. As we leave them they move around on the bed until once again they are 69ing she is facing us on top, still all blue/black and shiny in her latex outfit and smiles at us as he starts to lick her sticky ass.

We are both very quiet and happy as we walk hand in hand back to our villa, Carol with just the dress and stockings on, I have the bra in my pocket, we both laugh as we look well fucked......... when we get into bed Carol leaves the stockings on and we fall into an exhausted sleep.

The next morning I wake to find Carol sucking my cock and lifting her still stocking covered leg over my head, she smell of sex and tastes of sex she has dried come every where. As I lick her she looks down between our bodies and said " I want you to fuck me then lick up your come"...........................