Written by surprised husband

13 Aug 2015

I've been asked to tell about Sunday morning. Sorry to disappoint but this will have to be quick and to the point ( going away on a course)... Nothing was supposed to have happened on Sunday morning. We met for breakfast, Amanda and Alison giggling like naughty school kids, Ken going on about his concerns about my thoughts on the whole thing becouse he didn't feel that I was as into it as they where. I explained to him that he was quite rough with Amanda and she was having deeper orgasms with him than me but that it was probably my insecurities. Also that I was ok with them having sex but it had to be scaled back to once a week.

After all that I felt as though I was putting a dampener on the whole weekend. Amanda must have overheard Ken and me talking and was looking worried, asking me if I was ok. I felt a bit of a shit so laughed it off.

Ken broke the ice by whispering ( remember, this was a quaint hotel) she fucking loves it rough though, you have to admit.

Amanda giggled again and said in on of those whispers that fail miserably at trying to be quiet that when she and I have sex we are making love, but her and Ken just fuck.

Alison wanted to know whey she was being left out so Amanda corrected herself, when Ken, Alison and her fuck its juts a fuck. It was at this point that they admitted that the three of them had been fucking when I thought it was just her and Ken and that Amanda and Alison had one on one sex with Ken watching when I though it was just Ken but I could hardly say anything could I.

After a few seconds of silence I asked what everyone wanted to do, thinking we would leave early and stop off for lunch. Ken leaned forward beckoning us all closer.

He winked at me and whispered. I want to take your wife, drag her to the bedroom rip her fucking clothes off and fuck her brains out whilst you all watch !

Amanda went bright red and trembled looking at me for approval. Alison eyes lit up and me, well I just shook my head hardly believing they wanted it AGAIN.

Amanda then said that it was lucky she had an old t shirt on, she looked at Ken and told him he could 'rip that anytime but you have to be rough'. They all started to get up when Ken turned to me and told me I could join in if I wanted. This bastard was yet again giving me permission to fuck my wife.

We had hardly closed the door when Ken grabbed Amanda by her hair and threw her onto the bed. She started to giggle but Ken wasn't laughing. He stood at her feet, grabbed her t shirt and literally ripped it off yet again exposing her milky white breasts. In one move her jeans and knickers where on the floor. Whilst Ken undressed Alison went to the top of the bed and pulled Amanda up to the pillow.

This time Ken lay on top of her arms outstretched, his muscular arms holding himself up, his cock teasing her breasts and mouth. Amanda tried to get it into her mouth but Alison held her down. Ken moved up, put his cock as deep into Amanda mouth as he could causing her to choke and he held it there, Amanda's eyes watering as she gagged.

Then he laughed, moved down took his cock and guided into my wife's white shaved pussy and he thrust again and again. Amanda yet again shaking and squeeling.

She lifted her head to look but he pushed her face down with his hands and started his usual abuse asking her if she wanted this and calling her a fucking bitch squeezing and slapping her tits, I defiantly didn't like this but my wife did and of course she was pleading with him to fuck her harder.

I hadn't even noticed Alison getting undressed until I saw her lay next to Amanda and start to suck her nipples. Ken looked at me and said ' for fucks sake man fuck her'.

I was undressed in record time, ken moved Amanda into the centre of the bed, slipped back in and continued his violent thrusting.

I climbed next to them, Ken slid out of Amanda and into Alison and my cock was in my wife in a heart beat. This was no love making, I was fucking her hard, her tiny tits shaking like jellies with each thrust but not for long. Ken pushed me off and took my place before slipping out and back into his wife leaving me to take his place yet again.

Again I was pushed off. I lay on my back wanking myself at the site of this big black body inside my wife with his beautiful wife putting her fingers into her sharing Amanda pussy with her husbands ample cock.

Then, as though Ken had an amazing idea he stopped thrusting and shouted 'absolutely fucking amazing'. He pulled Amanda down and over onto her tummy, picked her up like a doll and rested her on me, he took my cock and guided it into my wife and pushed her down so her pussy slid down my shaft. Amanda and Alison where laughing uncontrollably at what he had just done, then he knelt behind her and entered her, our cocks sharing her pussy. Amanda soon stopped laughing and started panting, chanting fucking hell, fucking hell then shit shit.

I have to admit the feeling was intense, Amanda and I, our tongues as deep into each others mouthed as possible with her eyes rolled to the back of her head where just passengers with Ken in charge.

Then she had the most intense orgasm. She collapsed on top of me and cried and shook violently just about able to announce

that she was cuming. This was too much for me, Ken roared like he does and we both poured cum into Amanda.

I didn't know it was possible for two men to fuck a woman at the same time but we learn something every day. Amanda collapsed onto me, neither of us could move but ken being ken wasn't finished.

I had forgotten about poor Alison laying there on her back next to us. Her lovely dark skin shiny with sweat.

I remember thinking how fucking big and firm her tits were hardly moving despite her being on her back and how black and long her nipples appeared from this angle.

After about 15 min of Ken fucking his wife I managed to get out from under Amanda and get dressed. Amanda took my hand and told me how much she loved me and at the same time Ken roared yet again and Alison squeeled.

Amanda asked me to go to our room to get her some clothes whilst she had a shower. When I returned Ken was dressed and packing, Amanda and Alison in the shower giggling yet again. I put my head round the door to tell her I had her clothes. They where just hugging and laughing and waved to me.

After a few minutes Amanda was back in our room, the tow of us sat on the bed and she asked ' what the fuck did we just do'. We lay on the bed and held each other. She asked me where this was all going so I asked her if she wanted to stop. She told me that she didn't think she could as long as I was ok with it then she made an admission. Ken wasn't enough, she wanted us to do more. She has promised to explain her thoughts when I get back then today over breakfast she told me that Alison was away as well this weekend and she and Ken would be sleeping together and fucking when I was away and that it was ok if I found someone to sleep with.

Now I'm worried about where we are going as a couple. I suppose we will have to see.