Written by flowery dress

31 May 2008

Id advertised on here for a while for a bi meet pref with a married guy during the day who would let me dress in his wifes clothes(always had a thing for stockings tights etc ) after a few time wasters and that i chatted to a guy who lived about 15 miles away in cheshire after swapping fantasies etc we agreed on a meet one day whilst his wife was working , nevously i turned up at his door and knocked , he answered it , a largish guy but not what youd call fat , i went in and he showed me upstairs and into the bed room , on the bed was an outfit comprising of hold ups ,panties , bra , and a summery type dress , he left me to get changed which i did and lay on the bed , he came back in 5 mins later and comented on how sexy i looked , he joined me on the bed i was tembling with nerves and anticipation , he let his hands roam all over me , up n down my syocking covered legs , over my bum , i loved it i was so hard by now and by the look of his boxers so was he , he pushed my legs apart and got between them , hithing the dress up past my waist , he released my now throbbing cock and started slowly wanking me , i rubbed his cock through his boxers with my foot , he moaned and took me in his mouth , i felt his finger pushing against my hole so i raised my bum slightly to make it easier to enter me which he did , first one finger then 2 , i was graoning with pleasue as i was sucked and fingered , he raised himself up and removed his shorts , he was stood out proud , luckily not very big as i knew what was coming , he put on a condom and went back to work on my hole with some lube , i was to far gone to stop him and i even pulled my knees back towards my chest for him , he grabbed the back of my thighs and pushed them further towards my chest raising my bum in the air , he placed his nob at my entrance and started pushing , it felt hopeless as if it wouldnt go in then suddenly something gave and he entered me , i groaned it hurt like a burning sesation but as he started to move this died away , he was gently fucking me it felt great from the noises he was making he was enjoying it too , he started to speed up after a bit i managed to get my hand to my cock nd was wanking it furiously , i felt him push harder and faster i could tell he was close , so was i with an involuntary groan i came jeeze i nearly blacked out i came that hard , cos of my position i got myself in the face , this pushed him over and he came in me with a gasp and a groan we relaxed and lay for a while my heart racing , it felt a bit awkward then , i took his wifes clothes off and dressed , we said goodbye and i left with a strange warm sensation in my arse , looking to repeat this so if you can accom around cheshire youll normally find me in the bi northwest chat room , just mention a flowery dress in the room