Written by roddy

23 Jan 2012

You guys who are on the look out for inflatable types (with suffocation risk) re-tune now, as they say. Some of us girls have wasted hours of their teens squinting sideways in the mirror looking for the swellings that never come and spend a while every morning trying to gather up enough chest to fill up a 32A. I can only get to that size with some optimistic slack in the tape measure. To buy an AA would be so humiliating. Anyway my maidenly bra covers up my big dark areola and my nips which come out to say hello at any provocation.

Now down to business: I take a bit of turning on. Climaxes don't often come."Shivers and drips" my friend Tanya calls them - coarse woman - she's got some dainty tits, to. But, never mind, it was Tanya who started us off in the an unpromising corridor of a hotel about eleven one evening. This moderately dishy bloke comes by, young - too. "Hello," says Tan.He only grunts a "Hi!" Then with daring inspiration she says with - no lead-in "We've been watching pornographic films." He stops and for a second eyes me up as if to make sure that a girl with boobs like mine was really legal."What sort of porn do you prefer?" she says. "What can you offer?" he asks in a throaty voice.Tan has barely got our rooom door open and certainly not got to the TV remote when he's got me. It's a three-pronged attack.Right hand round by boobs, left hand down my skirt and a rising prick in the crack of my bum. Tan is behind him in a mo and pressing him to her with one hand and the other looking for a trouser zip. She's got him out quickly - or rather he just springs out. Maybe he has been waiting for something like this; maybe he just heats up well. We seem already to work as a team even with no training. "Turn round," she whispers, so I just do that. Now I am facing Tan and she has her tongue in my mouth. His hand is in my blouse and my bra is undone at the back. His mouth is round one nipple - and it is really on top form - and his left hand is feeeling the almost nothing of my other breast. "Let's rape him," she hisses at me and we push him on to the bed. I have a first chance to see his prick. My golly it is a pretty wholesome object or so it seems to me who has hardly any experience of male hard-ons though a fair amount of grade A phantasy. Everything moves quickly. "Toss for who's going first," Tan says in another moment of inspired thought. "Go on, I said 'TOSS' while we get ourselves oiled up." He doesn't need another thought. Bloody hell, he was big. Not long exactly but sort of vast and wide in a sea of hair, and while he works himself up to maximum revs I watch and store up his technique for future reference. His eyes get that sort of blurry look Tanya has not long before she explodes. I was kneeling on the bed and Tan was underneath licking away at my clit with heavy tongue movements. He doesn't wait and I am on top of him. I hold my cunt open with my two forefingers and he has his memorable prick between both hands aiming at me. I am moist, but he is w-i-d-e. I am tight, too, and he kind of push-slides his organ inside me inch by inch. When he totally inside me I have a dlicious feeling of total control. His face has that halfway look where exstasy is almost agony. I move slowly up and down and feel as I do so Tanya's experienced very lightest touch on my nipples. Touching both nipples at once sends me where I seem to take right off. Tanya was only a moment before the tell-tale reddening came over me. I must have been storing it up. I can't remember but she says she put her hand over my mouth to muffle my screams. He is out of me and as I convulse over and over he shoots. Tanya is around to receive some at the end of his prick and it seems like bucketfulls of cum are there. Not a bad first I think and the night has only just begun.