24 Jan 2016

it was a hot summers day I went to my usuall hillwalking spot sitting in car in carpark id saw this car coming and going whenever I went there he would do same routine each time drive in circle carpark park up back get out walk about carpark then back to car I figured he looking for action then after bit I went into toilet for pee standing at trough peeing the driver of car came in older gent in maybe 60s stand next to me gets his cock out but no peeing then I caught him out corner of my eye checking my cock out then all of suddeb he reaches over takes hold of my cock starts wanking me my ticker going ten to a dozen I didn't know what to do but I didn't stop him either so I let him carry on he was doing it nice n slow I could hear cars coming in car park it getting bit risky at that point I getting ready to shoot load I told him im going to cum faster plz faster o well I shot load hard it was great I told him keep going empty my baws when he did I went wiped myself then just as I went to grab door handle someone cum in damn that was close almost caught but whan a wank he gave from that day on we met went up to a secluded spot got naked and rolled about grass wanked each other of the thrill is great