Written by Firsttime

2 Jan 2013

I have always enjoyed looking at cocks when feeling horny, despite only every 'fancying' women. Once I have cum, men have zero appeal, and hence have always considered myself totally stright.

My 'straight' label has got somehow slightly skewed over the Christmas holiday's however, during a night out on the town.

I was meeting up with some friends in Reading for festive drinks. Knowing I was going to be drinking heavily I booked into the Madejski hotel. I was pleased to find on checking in I had been given a lovely huge corner room with 2 beds.

Getting a taxi into the center we made our way round most of the bars and got pretty drunk. As the evening drew to a close, my mates left and I had been chatting up a girl. Sadly she had to leave and I didn't get the opportunity to invite her to my lovely room. After she had gone, 2 other guys who I didn't know but had been having a laugh at the same time remained for a last drink. I told them I was hoping to get her back to my hotel as I had a fantastic room etc. and they asked, given the space - would they be able to crash in the spare bed. They had planned to get a train back, but had missed the last one, and in return for crashing they would happily pay for the return taxi, so I said OK.

On getting back into the room, they pulled out a bottle of Jack Daniels and said we should carry on drinking for a bit. Never knowing when to call it a day, I agreed and got some glasses out. While drinking, one of they guys got up and said he needed a quick shower to clear his head and proceeded to strip and get in the shower. Then the other guy said, I think I will do the same as soon as he is out and also proceeded to strpi.

At this stage, I thought nothing of it - until the 2 of them came back out drying themselves off but made no attempt to get re-dressed or put on a robe. They were still laughing, and said - seems unfair that we are now naked and you aren't - so intrigued I also stripped and went for a quick shower - returning with a towel around me. As I came out of the room, they 2 guys were laid on the bed waking each other! I stopped in my tracks, and watched for a minute. There was no hiding that this turned me on as a bulge appeared in my towel to which they both just smiled and beckoned me over.

One of them removed my towel and started to kiss my cock and run his tounge over my bell end, sending a shiver of excitement down my back. They other guy then lent forward and presented my mouth with his cock. The combination of excitement and alcohol made me drop my complete guard and I proceeded to let them show me the way of gay sex. I took his cock into my mouth and was suprised at how I had a natural technique. I have had plenty of poor blow jobs of girls in the past, but I guess owning your own cock gives you more of an idea of how it should be done!

I now found myself getting fucked harder and harder in the face as my cock was being sucked on by someone else. He then started to run his tounge down my shaft and to my balls then pushing my legs in the air his tounge went to work on my ass, making it wetter and wetter in the process, and at the same time thumbing the hole. I relaxes my whole body and with that, the guy I was sucking turned and knelt onto my arms, lowering his arse towars my face, but pushing his cock down so he could lean forward and 69 me. At the same time the other guy pushed towards my ass and started to press his cock against my tight virgin hole. My mouth was full and I could protest, my arms held down and my cock ready to burst in a man's mouth. The cock against my arse kept having pressure applied, and movements around the hole - but I was looking pretty certain I was just too tight to take it in. Then as he gripped his cock by the staft to prevent it bending, he started to edge it left and right, getting very slightly deeper each time. It started to burn, but I couldn't do anything about it - then just as I thought pain was overcoming pleasure his bell end broke through rim and slid easier into the ass.

My first reaction was I wanted pulled out straight away - but I didn't have the choice. They following some slow strokes it became easier and he started to speed up. Then within minutes I was been fucked hard and fast as my cock erupted into my 69 partners mouth. He took all of the cum down his throat, stream after stream and subsequently he came into my mouth. I guess the contractions through my body were too much for the cock in my ass also, as while the cock in my mouth was filling with cum, I felt the cock in my ass squirting it juices into me as well.

Holding the pattern for a few seconds, everyone then suddently collapsed onto the bed. My mind was now all over the place - confused, disgusted but at the same time in total awe at haveing the most intense orgasm I had ever experienced in my life.

Reality set in the next day, upon waking up in a more sober, albeit hungover state. The guys had already left, with a note on the side saying 'thanks and welcome to the club!'. I chalked it up to an experience, never to be repeated. However, a week has now passed, I find myself thinking of when I could possibly experience something like that again!