Written by gbw1966

21 Jun 2010

well , i just thought id submit my true story . nothing spectacular compared to some on here but true nontheless.

im a 45 yr old male , married to c . im unemployed at the moment so started to make use of my time by doin extra jobs around the house etc . i hate walkin the dog but started to walk him regularly to break the boredom if nothing else. id got into the habit of walking him around oneish evey day in the local park, and became on nodding terms with several other reg dog owners . one chap inparticular always stopped and said hello , passed the time of day . the next time i saw him ( david ) we were chattin away as usual , when he said " fancy a brew ? " i thought sod it got nothin else to do . so off we went to his just the other side of the park .

on entering his house , through to the kitchen he brewed up and i commented on how nice his garden was . not like mine ! he said he loved spending time out there and we went out to show me his prize plants etc.as we wandered down to the bottom of his garden , you got a great view of the park with some trees / a thicket off to the left. we were stood there chatting , him telling me how much he loved the view when i saw movement in the trees . i continued to look and saw two men kissing , groping each other through their clothes.i was gobsmacked ! and felt myself gettin a bit red and didnt know where to look . i have never fancied another man in my life so i was utterly suprised that i couldnt stop watching . david said to me after about 5 mins , in which time the two guys were wanking each other " see now why i like the view " ! . i sort of atammered a reply " errrr do you see this often then ? "

he replied that he did and you should see the view from my bedroom its so much better. he turned to go in and i reluctantly followed him, not because i was worried that anything might happen that hadnt entered my head . but because i was fascinated by the two guys , one on his knees sucking athe others cock , and if im honest didnt want to stop watching . anyway i followed david back to his house and he just went throught he kitchen and up the stairs . i followed and went into his back bedroom where he was stood by the window. i went and stood beside him and he was sooo right ! , much better view .

as you can guess i was very turned on watching these two guys . david said " i come up here and have a bloody good wank watching sometimes " . i was just frozen and couldnt reply at all . the next thing i know he has got his cock out slowly wanking it , as i watched him it grew to a very impressive size . certainly bigger and fatter than mine by some way. i continued to stare when he reached across to grab my hand and tried to put it on his hard cock . i wouldnt let him so then he rubbed my cock through my jeans. i jumped but didnt move . he took this as a sign and pulled down my zip,opened my jeans and slid them down to my thighs. i nearly came off when he next pulled down my pants and took a firm hold of my now bursting cock. he started to grip it hard and rub me . he also reached behind me and squeezed my arse which to my surprise made me shake with excitement . he saw my reaction and spun me round. with his left hand he kneade my cheeks while he wanked me with his right . he started to rub his hard cock into my bum . and iv got to tell you guys it made me cum when i felt him do that . david laughed and asked me if id enjoyed that . i still couldnt speak !

he didnt move from behind me and i heard him take down his trousers and pants when he next pushed up against me it was with his bare cock . i wqas terrified and had no idea what to do . he bent me slightly over and slid a finger along my crack and kind of tickled my hole, i shuddered . once again he picked up on my reaction , wet his finger and slowly inserted it into my hole . i have never felt anything like it and was instantly hard again . he chuckled again and said bend over further . i didnt dare but he put a firm hand on my back and made me bend over with my hands on the windowsill .

he pulled away and i didnt know what he was doing until i felt something cold and wet on my arse. i knew then that he was lubing me up and i started to shake again . i felt his cock nudge against my hole and start to push in . it hurt like mad but i couldnt move . fear , horniness and his hand on my back kept me there . he pushed a little harder and i was stinging like mad when all of a sudden it just slid right up me all at once. he pulled back a little then went all the up me in one thrust till i felt his balls banging aginst mine . firecrackers went off in my head and i came again shooting all over his wall. he slowly fucked me like that for 2 mins then picked up his pace till he was fucking me hard and deep like i do with the wife. i started to get a bit sore and asked him to stop. in response i got his hands on my hips and banged me harder. this lasted for about a minute and he shook , yelled and i felt a hot burst of cum shoot so far up mke it was untrue.

a min later his cocked flopped from my newly stretched arse and immediatly most of his cum dribbled out of me . i didnt know where to look and hurriedly pulled up my pants and jeans and turned to go . he stopped me and just said " il see you at the same time tomorow , be here "

i went home on wobbly legs and couldnt believe id just been fucked ! did i go back the next day ? yes i did and david now fucks me whenever he wants and i cant wait . i found out i like to be fucked hard and take cum and want more and more cock