Written by 3sumforus

26 Jul 2015

My wife and I have always liked to play around a little bit which had all started with the brother in law, her sisters husband and his very thick 8" cock. However, over the years she'd had never had the opportunity to experience a black man. Fast forward a number of years and there's me trawling SH one evening when I come across a black guy with a huge cock and he's online. Didn't take much persuading to get the wife to have a look and send him a message. A reply comes back saying that he liked the sound of our profile but wouldn't mind seeing her in the flesh. Being 150 miles away obviously that wasn't immediately possible but we suggested a cam. My wife became more and more horny as the cam went on and ended up with him wanking his 9 inches while she was masturbating for him and very noisily at that. Once things calmed a bit she asked him if he would come to us but he said that's a long way, how would you make it worth my while. She said, to my surprise you can do whatever you want to me. To which he replied " anything? She said anything just use me in anyway you like. Well the request that came back was based on the fact that he had never fucked a white woman anally and he would love to do that. At that point I cautioned her to be careful as she had only taken my 7" twice before up her bum and she struggled with that. However, I was wasting my time as she was so far gone and would agree to anything.

Forward to the day of the meet and she got dressed up in some sexy underwear I chose for her, I also bathed and shaved her. All this time she was teasing me about how much I was going to enjoy seeing that big black cock in her pussy. How well she knew me, I absolutely adore seeing her fucked by other men, holding her legs open while they penetrate her bareback and then slide into her once they have filled her pussy. However, I knew she was going to love it as well because even though I have to persuade her once ready she cannot get enough, totally insatiable. Having met up with the guy who was big in every way the fun started with her getting straight to work on his big cock and sucking and licking him for a good ten minutes or more. All the time telling us how gorgeous it was. He then spent even more time that that eating her very wet white pussy and making her cum time and time again until she begged him to fuck her. My god, I can truly say she was like the cat who got the cream she just couldn't get enough, missionary, doggy, astride his cock every way possible. Once my wife has got that excited she is like a ragdoll and you can do whatever you want with her. Even then I knew what was coming then was not going to be easy especially as he wanted her doggy style when he entered her bottom. She was so relaxed we had to place her in position and then I put plenty of lube on her pretty pink hole. She then lay against me being cuddled as I pulled her cheeks apart. To be fair he was very gentle but she was still so very tight and we thought we would have to stop. No she said, a promise is a promise and relaxed enough to allow him to get a few inches in. Once comfortable he fucked her with me holding her until he released into her bum and she was in heaven. He had her many times after that being her lover for two years. What a great time we all had.