Written by brian

3 Dec 2013

l live in a culdisack and my house backs onto a woods , a while ago l was in the back bedroom which overlooks the woods , my wife and l are almost the same size in height and weight this give me full access to her wardrobe and l was dressed in her underwear as she was away for a few days , l was standing by the bed looking at myself in the mirror and was slowly wanking myself , l noticed a guy in the woods looking up at the bedroom window , l was just about to move back so he couldn't see me when l noticed he too was also wanking , this really turned me on and l just stood and carried on wanking myself as he watched , l couldn't hold back and just shot my load all over the carpet and as I did he shot his load , he gave me a little wave and he walked away. this got me thinking about the woods and it must be a gay pickup area so l went through the woods for a walk one day and sure enough l found a few places with used condoms and tissue ,l wanted to go walking in the woods fully dressed but l was worried about going out my front door and someone spotting me, so l came up with a brilliant idea l decided to put a door in the fence directly behind our garden shed , when it was all finishes and secure l waited for a nice dry day , my wife was back at work so about 11 am l was dressed in her black stay ups matching bra and short summer dress and a nice pair of ladies shoes which l bought myself as my wifes shoes don't fit me,l made my way up the garden keeping close to the fence and behind the shed , l was so excited at the thought of opening my gate and stepping out into the woods , l opened the gate and stepped out l started walking my heart was pounding l heard a twig snap behind me and l thought oh my god what if its someone who knows me , l jumped behind a bush and a guy in his forties walked past l waited till he,d gone and stepped back on to the path and walked on , just then l noticed the guy who had walked past me was standing by some bushes he had his pants down and was wanking a bautifull very thick cock , l walked towards him he pulled me to him and started kissing me , l had never done anything like this before but l was so excited as he was kissing me he was fingering my bumhole , he asked me to turn around and lean on the tree with my legs apart he then started kissing my bumcheeks and then he was kissing my hole and putting his tongue in me this felt awesome my legs were like jelly , l then felt a cold sensation and he pushed his finger right up me , my cock was now rock hard and it was all l could do to stop myself shooting my load, l then felt his cock nudging at my hole and his hands gripped my hips he was trying to shag me, l hadn't even thought about going this far but l could do nothing to stop him he was pushing it in l felt a sharp pain and then he pushed right into me , l couldn't believe what l was doing , as he was going in and out he put his arms around me and was feeling my nipples this just pushed me over the edge and l shot my load 5 or 6 strong spurts of sponk hit the tree and splashed on to the grass he was now shagging me very fast he was right inside me l could feel his stomach on my bumcheeks then he just gripped my hips harder and l felt him shoot deep inside me , we stood there for a good 5 minutes and he was still twitching in me then he withdrew very slowly, l turned around and he started kissing me again , then he stood back and l saw close up the big cock that had just shagged me even though he was now going soft it was still very thick and it had thick blue viens running the full length , we said our goodbyes and l made my way back into my garden , and into the house l sat in my lounge with his sponk running out of me and onto my wifes dress l felt so sexy l rubbed my hand in his sponk and l very slowly had a wank and shot my load over my stomach, then l washed my wifes clothes and put my shoes away until next time.this is all as it happened and l have lots more to tell , thanks for nreading it, brian.