Written by Harry

13 Jan 2017

My wife and I are a fairly ordinary late-60s couple, married for well over 40 years with grown up children and grandchildren. My wife Sue is 5’ 1”, 38DD boobs and a bit overweight; she goes to Weightwatchers most weeks and fitness classes too but she does find it difficult to shed the extra pounds. Over the years, our sex life had sort of died, partly because Sue had a hysterectomy many years ago, but also because we were both busy with everyday working life. I don’t think it particularly bothered either of us, we were content to grow old together. I won’t bore you with the detail, but we rediscovered our sex life about a year ago – I don’t think it had ever died, just gone to sleep for a while, waiting to be rediscovered. Within a short space of time, we were making love like rabbits! As Sue is a bit self-conscious about her shape, I will usually be at pains to tell her how I worship her body and it really turns me on to make her cum, licking her pussy and sucking her clit until she is thoroughly wet. I must admit that I do love the taste of her pussy when she is aroused. Over many years, I had asked her from time to time whether she would wish to involve anyone else in the bedroom, but she has always insisted I am the only person she wants.

After a while, our love making had become almost routine, so one evening I asked Sue whether she would like to try a bit of discrete dogging in a quiet location, as it would bring back memories of our love life many years ago when we were first dating. Initially, her reaction was an outright no; she has always been very conservative where sex is concerned so I was not too surprised. I explained that I had in mind keeping the doors locked and the windows closed, but it could be quite stimulating to know that someone was watching us. However, she would not be persuaded, so I left it at that.

A few weeks later after we had had a very enjoyable session in bed first thing in the morning, Sue was snuggled against my chest, when she broached the subject of dogging and asked what I had in mind doing in the car. I said that we were past the stage of sexual athletics, so it would simply be a case of stimulating her – sucking her gorgeous nipples and fingering her pussy while someone watched from outside the car, which I thought we would both find quite exciting. She said “oh I see” and promptly began wanking my cock which had gone to sleep for the time being. We then proceeded to have a 2nd session, during which I licked and sucked her pussy, which had been full of my cum from the first time – definitely a first, but Sue came like never before!

Over dinner the following Saturday, she raised the subject again and asked where I had in mind, so I explained that, about 10 miles from where we live, there is a layby set back from the road and shielded from the road by trees, where there is a lovely view over the surrounding area. Even if nobody else turned up, we would have a nice romantic view in the moonlight. She said “OK, well let’s go then. We’ll need to have a shower first, so we both smell nice and fresh. I imagine you will want me to wear minimal clothes which you can get into easily.” I was almost gobsmacked, my demur wife who had always been very restrained sexually had, within the space of a few days, totally changed and now wanted to be an exhibitionist. The next hour while we showered and changed just flew by in a blur! As it was mid-summer, Sue put on a light blouse and skirt with bra and panties. I wore an open neck shirt and slacks. As we set off in the car, I glanced across at Sue; she looked nervous but I was not sure whether it was from excitement or apprehension.

We arrived at the layby about 20 minutes later and it was deserted. It was a lovely clear evening with a moonlit sky, so there was a very romantic view over the valley beyond. I locked the doors and we sat there for about 15 minutes talking about something and nothing, after which we were both feeling a bit more relaxed. I suggested that, even if nobody else turned up, we could still reminisce our teenage years and reached over to cup her breast. We kissed and I felt her relax, kissing me back passionately. I undid the top few buttons of her blouse so I could reach in to cup her breast and she immediately undid the rest of the buttons, reached round the back to undo her bra and gave me full access to both of her breasts. I grasped her left breast with my hand, tweaking the nipple between my fingers and reached over to caress her right nipple with my tongue. She sighed and said “that’s nice” so I stepped up the temperature a bit by sucking her right nipple between my lips and sucking it greedily. I know from past experience that this is a sure way to get her going. I carried on stimulating her breasts and nipples for about 10 minutes during which she grabbed hold of my head to pull me onto her chest, repeatedly encouraging me to carry on with sighs and comments of “oh yes”. I looked outside the car but there was no sign of any watchers anywhere near us.

I decided it was time to raise the stakes a bit, so I put my hand on her thigh and slid it up under her skirt; she immediately moved her bottom forward so I could readily feel her pussy through her panties. She was clearly quite wet already and she pushed her hips up and opened her knees, allowing me to slip a finger into the side of her panties. Sue grabbed my head and kissed me passionately saying “now you have started this I hope you are going to fuck me”. This surprised me a little as her language is not normally so course; the thought ran through my mind that suggesting a little discrete dogging had really unlocked Sue’s inner self. As I mentioned earlier, we are no longer sexual athletes, so the thought of trying to fuck her inside the car was a non-starter.

We had not noticed any other cars coming into the layby since we had arrived. I looked round outside the car and could not see anyone near the car so I got out to check that the coast was clear. Having satisfied myself that there was no-one else about, I looked back into the car and said “the picnic table over there Sue, that would be really horny”. She looked at me for what seemed like a lifetime, but was probably only a few seconds and said “let’s do it” excitedly. She got out of the car, removing her panties and throwing them back onto the passenger seat, before walking over to the picnic table. I followed her over to the table, where she turned to me rested her bottom against the edge of the table and held out her arms to me. I put my arms around her and said “I guess you’re feeling horny then” to which she replied “oh rather” and we kissed passionately.

Whilst kissing her, I began massaging her breasts and, after a few minutes, I bent forward to kiss her nipples and suck them between my lips, which I knew would turn her on. She held my head to her chest and I could tell from her breathing that she was becoming increasingly aroused. I dropped to my knees and kissed her pubic mound, which prompted her to open her legs wide and thrust her hips forward. I knew exactly what she wanted and wasted no time in seeking out her pussy with my tongue. Over a period of several minutes, I alternated between licking her clit, sucked it between my lips and plundering her pussy with my tongue, all carefully timed to bring her to orgasm before allowing her to come down and starting again. During this time, she had grasped the back of my head and, each time she orgasmed, she ground her pussy against my face so I could barely breathe.

After about 10 minutes, I noticed that Sue had relaxed her grip on my head and was no longer breathing so heavily. I stood up to kiss her and immediately noticed that she was staring straight ahead over my shoulder. I turned my head slowly and saw a man, probably about mid-30s standing about 5 yards behind me, gently wanking his cock which, even from this distance and in this light, I could clearly see was of generous proportions. Although he was not fully erect, it looked to be close to 8 inches in length and VERY fat, which certainly put my 6 inches in the shade. Fearing that Sue would want to turn tail and run for the car, I turned back to her and said “well isn’t this horny then”. The look on her face gradually changed from ‘rabbit caught in the headlights’ to a naughty smile, she grabbed hold of my head and we kissed passionately.

I was about to resume stimulating her breasts when I realised that the other man (who we subsequently learned was called Paul) had moved closer and was now standing immediately behind me. “Can I touch?” he said. It was at this point that my emotions started to kick in. Although I had harboured thoughts of involving someone else in the bedroom, the idea had never got beyond horny thoughts and I suddenly had reservations about another man touching my lovely Sue. I thought that this would also be a bridge too far for Sue and, just as I was thinking of how to say no, Sue slipped her blouse off the back of her shoulders onto the picnic table, closely followed by her bra. I must have looked gobsmacked when Sue said “well come on guys, come and get me”.

I fastened myself onto her left breasts and Paul took the right one. Her nipple was standing out like an organ stop and I had no doubt from the noises she was making that Paul was giving his side similar treatment. After a while, I noticed that Sue was stroking his cock, which was now fully erect and Sue could not get her hand completely round it. His cock was clearly much bigger than mine, so this was obviously something very new for Sue. Although Sue had left her panties in the car, she was still wearing her skirt, so I undid the zip at the waistband allowing it to drop to the ground. Sue kicked the skirt away which left her naked except for her shoes. I slid my hand down over her tummy to her pussy, only to find that Paul had beaten me to it; his fingers were rubbing her pubic mound and sliding between her thighs until he found her clit, which made her groan and open her legs instantly. Sue released my head from her grasp to grab Paul’s head with both hands and had a massive orgasm; I stepped back to enjoy the sight of my lovely monogamous wife of over 40 years being pleasured by another man.

Paul stopped stimulating Sue’s pussy, allowing her to come down from her high. He looked at me and said “can I fuck her?”. This was like a heart-stopping moment for me. My heart pounded, I felt sure Sue would decide it had gone too far. If I thought that my emotions were being stretched earlier, this would be too much – but I just found it so horny! After a moment, I realised that Sue was looking at me too, awaiting my reply. It was one of those moments which seemed to go on forever, when Sue broke the silence by saying “oh yes please” and we all smiled and exhaled slowly. Paul volunteered that he had a condom but Sue frowned and said “I don’t like condoms”, which I know is true. I turned to Paul and said “be gentle, she’s never experienced anything that size before”. I stepped back to give them more space and Sue immediately started to unbuckle his trousers before sliding them, together with his pants, down and off. She seemed like a woman possessed until she had got him ready to perform.

He kneeled down to lick her pussy and quickly realised that she needed no further stimulation. He lifted her up so she was sitting on the edge of the table, leaning back supported by her arms. His cock touched the lips of her pussy and she held her breath – as did I! He looked into her eyes and said “let’s do this slowly, so we can both enjoy it” before slowly nudging the tip of his cock into her pussy a few inches. Watching her pussy being stretched by his enormous cock was so horny. He held it there for several seconds before nudging in a little more. Sue’s expression changed from a worried frown to a broad smile, she exhaled and grabbed hold of his shoulders with both hands. He took this as an indication that she was comfortable, so nudged in a little more, at which point Sue groaned “oh yes”. Her pussy was clearly very wet from the earlier stimulation because it seemed no time at all before she was fully impaled on his enormous pole. They remained still for what seemed like a long time, during which Sue looked at me, smiled, and mouthed “thank you”.

Paul withdrew his cock a couple of inches and then, equally gently, pushed it back in. With no protests from Sue, he repeated it but this time withdrawing a little more and a bit more firmly. Over a period of a few minutes, Paul increased the pace steadily until Sue had become quite vocal – “oh yes, oh God, yes fuck me, harder, harder” – until she had a massive orgasm, the like of which I had never seen before. Paul continued to piston his cock into her pussy several more times with his breathing becoming more excited until he withdrew saying “I’m going to cum, where do you want it”. I expected Sue to look to me for guidance again but, still gasping from he own orgasm, she simply said “inside me, I want you to cum inside me”. Without hesitation, Paul plunged back into Sue’s pussy and, within a few thrusts, I saw his buttocks clench as he filled Sue’s pussy with his seed, all the time gasping and groaning. It seemed to go on forever, so I imagined that Sue’s pussy would now be very full. At this point, I did feel a twinge of jealousy as Sue grabbed hold of his head and kissed him passionately - and carried on doing so for several minutes.

After a few minutes, they had both calmed down and Paul had withdrawn from her pussy, although his cock seemed to be remaining remarkably erect. Sue reached out her hand to me and pulled me over with my back to the table. She undid my trousers and extracted my rampant cock. Turning her back to Paul, she bent forward with the clear intention of giving me a blow-job, but not before she turned to Paul to say “can you go again”. She slid my cock into her mouth as I looked up at Paul who was slowly entering her pussy. Between us we DP’d her for several minutes before I had my own orgasm into Sue’s mouth, which she swallowed every last drop – yet another first after more than 40 years of marriage, what a night!

I retrieved Sue’s panties from the car and gave her some tissues to stem any leakage on the seats, although I didn’t tell her my ulterior motive for that, and later on I looked forward to plundering her pussy with my tongue whilst still full of Paul’s cum. We talked a bit and it transpired that Paul’s wife was expecting their first child, it had been a difficult pregnancy virtually from the start, so Paul was having a very ’frustrating’ time at home. Before we parted, he thrust a slip of paper into my hand with his mobile phone number on it and invited me to phone him if we wanted to meet again.

When we arrived home, I took Sue straight to the bedroom and quickly stripped her naked, so I could lick her ‘laden’ pussy. Having decided that I quite liked the taste of Paul’s cum, I flipped her over into a 69 position with me underneath and simply drank it as it flowed from her pussy. Mmmmm. Sue became so aroused by my ministrations that she sucked my cock back to life and made me cum for the 2nd time in the night – yet another first!