Written by Private

28 Apr 2019

I am so pleased with all your comments about my initiation into dogging I thoroughly loved the experience and I was worried my BF would be upset but I was so pleased that he was so turned on after the initial shock of all that young cock fucking me. I have a follow up account to my last story “Dogging the first time adventure “, probably best to read it first and then hopefully enjoy this instalment.Things settled down for a few days but I kept looking at the picture on my phone of me bent over the car bonnet with that young spunk running from my pussy. I kept feeling an urge for more of the same. Out of the blue I got a text one morning at work it read the following “loved fucking you the other night the boys want some more” my god I must have made a good impression or was it the free bareback sex with no strings attached that they liked.No matter what it was my pussy was getting very wet. I slipped off to the ladies toilet at work and read the text again. With that Julie texted me saying that the lads wanted to see me again. I immediately texted her back when and where I enquired. Not sure was Julie’s reply. I went back to my desk and tried to put it out of my mind.

I got home from work and BF was there making food. I felt a little uneasy and he asked if there was anything wrong. Nothing really I said but I have had a text from one of the lads from the other evening . How did he get your number it must have been from Julie I said what did it say well they want some more !. Ok he said without lifting his head from his food preparation. He did not show any emotion and we settled down to our evening meal. Ping it was Julie I did not open the text and it Pinged again. You better open the text my BF said. So I slid the phone towards me. It said that Julie and Jeff along with me and BF have been asked to a party with the lads at their flat. It was the the coming Saturday. My BF carried on with his meal and said nothing for a few minutes. Well he said you know what’s going to happen don’t you?? Of course I said tell me my BF pressed. Silence for a moment then he pressed me again for a reply but this time in a more authoritative tone. I paused and replied “ They want to fuck me darling and cum inside me” do you mind I asked. He replied no not at all he replied and added he liked his GF getting fucked in front of him.

Nothing more said but my mind was in overdrive and I was so pleased that I didn’t have to wait too long. Friday evening came and I had a text from the lads telling us where the flat was and what time to meet . Saturday morning arrived and I was in bed when the doorbell rang.My BF got up and went to answer it. At the same time I had a text from Julie saying she was looking forward to the party and so was Jeff.I was thinking that she would be there loving the humiliation of it all and watching me getting used but this made me even wetter. In walked my BF. Who was it I asked ,it was Jeff, what did he want. Oh he replied in a matter of fact kind of way a little surprise for you darling and handed me a package. I immediately opened the package and inside was a butt plug with a purple jewel on the end. I looked at it for a while and then I read a note inside the envelope. “Make sure you wear this tonight” finished with three kisses. My mind was racing the thought of wearing this to the party and Julie and Jeff both knowing and more than that who else knew.

I spent the day thinking about the party and how it would unfold. I was getting nervous again at a point of should I just be happy with it being a one off the last time or did I really like the attention I was getting.after all I am a 45 year old woman, but all this young cock all for myself but was it the exhibitionist side in me as well? My mind was in turmoil. The afternoon flew and I had to get ready. A fresh shave all over and a soak in the bath. Hair and make up and I pulled the plug from the envelope and looked in the bathroom cupboard for some lube. I reached into the cupboard for the baby oil and poured a good quantity over the plug and knelt down on the floor and with the help of the bathroom mirror slowly eased into my tight arse and making sure it was firmly in place. I paused looking at my rounded arse and thinking how slutty I had become. I got up and the plug felt not too unpleasant, rather it made me feel even hornier. I grabbed my string ,slid it on and stepped into my white stretchy dress and pulled it up over my hips over my firm tits and put my arms through. With that my BF came in. What do you think? very nice indeed was his reply.

The address was in a smart area of town frequented by young posh career minded people. Jeff and Julie arrived at 6 on the dot a toot of the horn and we quickly made our way to their car. In we got and off we drove. Julie looked stunning in a black dress bright red lipstick and she smelt lovely.There was a sense of anticipation in the car with very little said but Julie broke the silence saying she couldn’t wait to see the lads. I nodded my agreement in a world of my own.

Then before we knew it we arrived at their flat and parked the car. It was now more or less dark and we got out and walked to entrance of the flats. My tits and arse wobbling in unison and the effect of the plug felt amazing. I looked at my mobile to get the flat number. It was on the top floor and we went to the lift entrance pressed the button and the lift door opened. As we got in a couple of young women pushed in laughing and joking and it was obvious they had been drinking. I was beginning to think about the lads waiting for us to arrive .My nipples were nice and erect and my pussy was very wet. Then we got a shock and the penny dropped with a very loud thud. One of the women asked my BF where we were going. He just said that we were off to a party. So are we they said giggling .I couldn’t stop myself but go on to ask which flat? , one turned to other its flat 7005. Julie looked quickly at me and Jeff looked at my BF. Silence as the lift started its journey upwards. Fuck I thought this is not what we were anticipating. The lift stopped and we let the two women out. We all looked at each other in the lift and what were we to do? Bottle out it seemed the easiest thing to do. The young women looked stunning and amazing in their tight short dresses, why would the lads want me a 40 plus year old woman, carrying a few extra pounds. With that the door started to close. I put my foot in the door and the door reopened. What are we waiting for I asked nothing said Julie apart from one thing. Well what is it I snapped back at her. Jeff said we need to know that you have the plug in your arse. Don’t worry its in place and out we got. Off we went and soon found the door to 7005. Without hesitation Julie rang the door bell. What seemed like an age the door opened and it was one of the lads. He welcomed us and in we all walked. The party was already started with some music going and I could make out each of the lads. Each came over and gave me a peck on the cheek. The flat was open plan in a modern style with windows all around. The lads introduced us to the two young women who we shared the lift with. The dark haired being Debra and the blonde being Kath.When it came to my turn Debra said well you are the one then! and proceeded to look me up and down. Hell of an arse on you girl and Julie started to chuckle and added that I was a dirty old slag. Fuck you Julie I thought. The boys brought over some drinks. My BF told the lads that it was a nice flat and do they all live here, no they confirmed it was the flat of one of the lads and he showed us around. It had three bedrooms and an open plan kitchen and lounge and in one corner a pool table. God this is nice Jeff my BF said oh yes was his reply. Anyone for a game of pool one of the lads asked and handed me the cue. Then he handed Debra the other cue. Around the table was a L shaped seating area about four feet from the table. I can’t play pool I told the lads don’t worry neither can Debs to which the lads all laughed. Grab your drinks and sit down he ordered. So with the lads in place Jeff offered to set the balls up and whilst he was doing this Paul the flat owner said let’s make this interesting let’s play strip pool. Whoever pots a ball the opponent needs to take an item of clothing off.The lads all cheered along withJulie and Kath. I noticed immediately that Debs had a very short skirt on and when she broke off to start the game it left nothing to the imagination. I could hear Jeff telling my BF that he could see Debs arse when she bent down. With that the game started it was now my turn so I bent down and my tits fell forward and I could feel my dress ride up. I could sense everyone starring at my big arse. I could not pot a ball and with an air of inevitability Debs potted a ball. Big cheer from the lads and a big smirk from Julie and Kath. Paul got up and turned to my BF well your girl needs to take an item of clothing off. She hasn’t got that much to take off he replied and I knew it. Come on shouted Julie and Kath get your dress off. I had no option and with my back to my audience I slid an arm out of one side then the other and started to slid it down over my tits and over my hip. I could here a camera go and a flash, it was Kath and slowly slid it over my ample arse and let it drop to the floor and stepped out of the dress and another flash. I turned around and with a series of wolf whistles. Fucking hell Debs shouted. My nipples were erect and I could feel everyone’s eyes over every inch of my body. It was still Debs turn and she missed. It was my turn and this time as I bent down I knew my little secret would soon be on show.My tits were resting on the table and with the lads immediately behind I opened my legs and I could sense my string was between my pussy lips and then I could hear the lads start laughing and cheering and they had seen my butt plug. Well done Jeff came a shout from Paul she has it in her arse. I felt such a dirty slut, come on Debs shouted Kath see what she has in her arse. Wow what a dirty bitch Debra commented. I could feel my pussy running with juice and my knees starting to shake and I missed again and got up. Debs potted another ball and that was it a massive cheer came from everyone. I was feeling so horny now and I was wanting cock. I could hear Paul talking to Kath and then saw her disappear. Come on shouted Jeff let’s see your cunt you old slag and then I caught Debs looking at me. Come on let’s see your pussy you dirty bitch. I loved being the centre of attention and with that I bent over and slowly peeled my string from my pussy lips and down over my thighs and kicked it towards Jeff and my BF and saw my BF reach down and pick it up. Julie motioned to my BF and her threw my string to her , she laughed and smelt the gusset in front of everyone much to everyones hilarity. My audience was whistling and cheering. I was naked showing my bald pussy and stood only in my heels. Jeff turned to my BF you are one lucky guy. He replied not tonight mate.The lads got up and came over and started to touch me, pinching my nipples. Their hands all over me. On my arse, feeling my wet pussy. I looked across and Debra had joined Julie and Jeff along with my BF they were standing watching in a group drinking and laughing. I was lifted off my feet by the lads and spread on the pool table on my back. Then one by one the lads started to strip. Their young cocks fully shaven and tanned toned bodies. My legs were spread wide and for everyone to see my bare pussy open. Cocks were positioned over my face and I started to suck on each of them. The taste of the pre come was gorgeous each tasting slightly different to the others. I then felt a tongue on my bare pussy, chewing on my cunt lips it was Kath, completely naked and sporting a harness and dildo. She was a lovely curvy young woman with short blond hair. Her body had a number of tattoos and her nipples were pierced. I was sucking eagerly on these cocks and each were deep throating me. Julie and Debs came forward one either side and started to pull at my nipples. Kath had my clit in her mouth and I was starting to buck my hips. As I was being expertly licked. Debs whispered in my ear that Kath was going to fuck my arse with her strap on. I was beginning to take it in when one the lads shouted he was going to cum and shot his hot white sperm all over my face. The second guy immediately shot his load over my face as well. It was everywhere on my hair, face and chin. I reached out with my tongue and greedily tried to taste and swallow as much as I could. There was loads of it. I caught sight of my BF watching intently along with Jeff. Paul then got me to climb off the table and walk over to the rug in the centre of the room. Cum was dripping from my face as I caught my reflection off the large picture windowsI then I was told to get to my knees my head was pushed to the floor and my legs spread. The insults were now coming thick and fast. Calling me a filthy slut and a cum slut. It just seemed to make me more turned on. I looked back I could feel the lads pulling at the plug turning it in my arse even Debs and Julie were having a turn and having a good giggle. The room suddenly went quiet and my head was lifted and I took the strap on cock in my mouth. Kath was being very rough and I was gagging on the dildo. I was panting for breath when she moved to my arse. Julie was loving it calling me a dirty whore. Kath grabbed the plug and pulled it out to a cheer and passed it to Paul who started to pass it around. A large quantity of lube was squeezed into my arse which made Julie and Jeff laugh no end. I felt so dirty letting everyone look at my exposed arse hole. With a couple of slaps of my arse Kath pushed the dildo up to my gapping arse and slid it in inch by inch. It must have been 8 inches and it stretched me. Kath got into a rhythm and my tits were swaying and slapping together. I just couldn’t last and started to beg her to make me cum. I started to squirt but as I started to cum I could hear the encouragement Kath was getting. Telling her to ruin my arse and to to make me suck on it after it’s been in my arse. I was starting to cum and I was screaming and to my surprise I could feel my arse being filled. What a slut she is shouted Debs. Paul shouted I did tell you didn’t I. Kath had an ejaculating dildo which she had just emptied into me. This was so dirty and demeaning but I loved it as I slumped to the floor. My arse was pulsing and everyone was getting a closer look at the sperm like liquid running from my arse. I knew I had 4 more cocks to go but there I was completely naked apart from my heels. Wow shouted Julie I have never seen nothing like it ,She is like a bitch on heat. My breathing started to slow and I l started to stagger to my feet. I had lost control, allowed myself to be used for everyone pleasure and amusement. Kath shrieked where do you think you are going as she scowled at me. No where I replied in a very submissive voice.Good get on your knees which I did with no hesitation. The remaining four lads came in close and started to play with my tits. Then Kath came forward and pushed her strap on dildo into my face. Everyone fell silent,It was covered in a white sperm type of liquid. My god she is not going to make her suck it is she Debs shouted. I think she is Jeff said. My BF looked on in horrorJulie was loving it the complete humiliation of what I was about to do. Go on taste your dirty arse you filthy slut she screamed at me. Suck it you bitch shouted Kath as she pushed it in. Everyone shouted and cheered as she forced into my mouth. I certainly could taste my arse all over it as I was forced to lick and clean it in front of everyone. Kath pulled away and took a bow to a loud applause from everyone after her performance she blew me a kiss and told the lads to fill the slut up with spunk.

The lads then took control cocks in my mouth and and fingers in my cunt and arse forcing them into my mouth to taste. Jeff, Julie and my BF all standing commenting on the action. The first of the four came in my mouth and another all over my face. The remaining two took it in turns fucking my pussy each filling me up after the final one had cum inside me doggy style I staggered off the rug. I was covered in spunk. Each hole completely used and sperm running freely from my body. I was then congratulated by the boys and had a lovely long kiss with Kath to which I was cheered on. Finally I got my clothes together and Paul showed me to the bathroom to the shower as I walked naked across the open plan lounge I realised the curtains were not closed and how many people had seen me perform like a complete whore. I felt so dirty the sticky spunk was all over me. I kept thinking what do these lads see so sexy about me. I love to have your comments your views, your thoughts. Please tell me what you think of me, the naughtier the better and please, please ladies tell me what I am xxx