Written by Ian

3 Dec 2014

You never expect it to happen and I had read about lots off things like this but those things dont happen to guys like me Married with two kids and really happy with our sex life.

We were on a weeks holiday away from the kids and had been having a great time lots off sex at night in our room but this night we were going out for dinner and I asked Carol not to wear any underwear while she was dressing thinking she would tell me that I was mad suggesting something like that but she just said her dress was to short I told her no it isnt try it on and show me she still had her bra and panties on when she put her dress on I said what difference make you cant see her pants and you are more likely to see her white pants than no pants and to take them off this once nobody will know except me.

Carol looked at me and said ok this once and puled her pants down I said ok if it is just this once take your bra off as well i want you naked under your dress and unzipped it she let me unclip her bra and take it off I kissed her and told her how sexy she looked and i loved her for doing that for me.

We finished getting ready and headed out I was feeling horny already and kept holding her close and squeezing her ass and tits when i could see nobody was watching but when she said dont somebody will see you it seem to make me want to touch her more and gave me a thrill thinking that she now she had taken her coat off she was naked under her dress and I found that so horny and wanted to be able to tell sombody but knew i coudn't.

After dinner I didnt want to head straight back to our hotel and suggested we go for drink before we head back Carol said we have had enough already she didnt want a sore head in the morning all I wanted was to get her a little more drunk so I could enjoy the rest off the night as we were due to go home in a cpl off days and this was our last night, The bar next door had music and said ok just one for the road as its our last night whe we got inside the music was loud and it was busy and could not find a seat so stood at the bar and ordered two large wines.

We managed to get a cpl off stools and when I returned from the toilet I noticed Carol's dress had ridden up showing a lot off leg how sexy she looked she didnt seem to notice I wanted to turn her round away from the bar so I could see her better I kept telling her about things that were happening on the dance floor so she would turn around and when i had her round looking at the dance floor her dress seemed to have slipped up more and i was sure anyone who looked at her would maybe see more than they should and then I saw a guy staring over at us I wanted to turn carol back to face the bar but when he kept staring I wanted him to look up her dress and I didnt but found it horny thinking that he could see her hairy pussy and wanted to let him.

I couldn't help but put my hand on her leg and sort off pull her towards me but it just seemed to pull the one leg and open her legs it was like she knew I was enjoying it so I did it again and her legs were about 6inches apart and I knew he would be able to see up her dress and naked cunt thats when I said you like showing your naked pussy to everyone she looked at me and said it is you that showing me off and kept her legs open ans slipped forward on the stool and her dress slipped up exposing her hairy cunt to anyone who was watching as she sliped off the stool and said she was going to the ladies.

It took Carol a while I was beginging to wonder where she had gone then I saw her return and she had her coat all fastened up so thought i had maybe went to far and she was mad with me so asked if she wanted to go but she said no lets have one more drink I asked why she had fatened up her coat and was sorry about saying she like showing up her dress she asked me if I had enjoyed it so much and wanted to take her home I was so horny Carol smiled and unbuttoned the top two buttons and said you will like this then and opened her coat to show she had taken her dress off and was naked under her coat and aske if i wanted anymore buttons opened there was only two more buttons to open and pulled her coat shut I said no not here why she said it makes you horny no and opened one more button I said ok lets go just as she went for the last button I looked at her and said no please she took my hand and slipped it inside her coat so I could feel her wet pussy and lent against me saying I am just as horny as you are and when i see that guy who has been looking up my dress go to the loo I am going to follow him and let him see the rest ok.

carol looked into my eyes and I knew she ment what she was saying I was shaking hopping he wouldn't go to the loo Carol saw him move and looked at me and unbuttoned the last button but held her coat closed and followed after him I stood and watched my wife follow a stranger into the toilets knowing she was going to let him see her naked he returned after about 10 min and carol a minute later with her coat fastened up and said ok let go I looke over and saw him smile as we left when we got outside i asked her if she had done what she said she would, that is when she asked me if that what i wanted her to do I told her that I had hoped she had and wanted to know what he said he didnt say anything he just pulled the coat right off and told me to turn round so he could have a good look and when I turned round he grabbed my tits and then fingered me right there just behind the doors to the bar and then pulled my coat back on and told me if I wanted him to fuck me I was to give him a wave from the door.

We had only walked 10 or 20 yards when she asked me if i wanted her to go and wave to him we both stood there looking at each other not sure what to do and Carol said you started al this what do you want to do I said ok let him fuck you there in the carpark go in and give him a wave I will wait up the road she turned and disapeared into the bar and came out again I thought wow she has chickened out then the guy appeared and put his arm round her and led her into the carpark I could see them go to the far corner and i saw him take her coat off and she stood there letting him grope her all over he pushed her down and I knew what he wanted her to do I wanted to rush in and stop it all but wanted it to happen then he pulled het up and started to fuck her there was my wife being fucked and I had let it all happen they were at it for ages they were standing at first and then he had her on the ground fucking her like a whore.

He came out first it took about another 5 min for Carol to appear without her coat naked I rushed over to her and she grabed me and said now its your turn and pulled me into the carpark to the same place she had just been fucked by a complete stranger I was so horny when I felt how wet and slippy her cunt was I couldnt wait to feel what it was like to have seconds we both exploded O seemed to pass out for a minute but was still as hard as anything I kept fucking her for ages and only stopped when I heard people coming and we got up and got dressed on the way back to the hotel a few times I wanted to offer her to some guy who was passing so I could fuck her cum filled pussy we made it back and she was still wet and slippy we fucked for ages talking dirty to each other.

The next morning we both seemed like nothing had happened and still havent discused what we did I want to do somthing like that again but not sure if to bring it up or not going to wait and se what happens .