9 Oct 2018

Decided to go for a tea time drink on Sunday . Pub was very busy as the football was on and there was lots of men packing the bar both young and old with not a lot of room to sit anywhere. D was dressed in a nice figure hugging top and a short skirt and we were invited by a group of younger men to join them and although i was reluctant D was keen so we joined them. D sat up high on the benches and surrounded by the four men she was giving them a nice view and it was not going unnoticed by most of the men in the pub. After a few more drinks the conversation with them got quite lewd and they got a lot more familiar asking about sex and commenting how they would definitely have a go on her which she was lapping up as a bit of tom foolery and also knowing they meant it as a compliment. Another pint and it got a little more naughty with them feeling her bum, cuddling up and stroking her inner thighs close to her pussy, naughty but all in good fun. Steve sat a few tables away and was fuming scowling and getting so annoyed at what he was missing. When it was time to leave i left first and left D to say her goodbyes and they all took the opportunity to give her a hug a kiss and a good feel of her bum and press their bulges up and one slipped a finger in her which took her by surprise but she didnt object and was loving the attention as they squeezed her bum and slapped it as she left. As she passed Steve he made her know he was not impressed and called her a few names under his breath and so we think he not best pleased and will see what occurs next time we go to the pub.

We did have a good session in bed though as she was wet through needless to say talking about the days events. She loved it!!