Written by Zerodog

27 Jul 2013

I had a phone call from the wife last Friday asking if I could meet her after work at a well known supermarket as she needed a hand with a rather large shop.

So, an hour later I found her in the supermarket, dressed in a sleeveless grey dress, tight fitting and finished above the knee, and three inch black heels. We have recently been on holiday so she is well tanned, and looked extremely sexy.

After about fifteen minutes, I stood at the end of an aisle while she went to get something. She stopped, and instead of stooping down to the bottom shelf to pick up the item, she opened her legs slightly, and without bending her knees bent over, and her dress slid up her legs to reveal the black thong she was wearing, it was now I saw a man stood a few feet behind her with his trolley watching her, and what a good view he had, as she stayed like that for a good ten seconds. I don't know if she knew what she was doing but it certainly turned me on, and by the look on the face of the other man, he enjoyed it aswell.

I didn't mention it to her until we were fucking the following night, when I told her what I had seen her doing, and did she know what she was doing, and did she know she was being watched ? She said that she did, and she got a huge kick out of it, and wants to do it again, this time with no knickers on.

I will let you know what happens.