Written by Zerodog

11 Aug 2013

I posted on here last month about the wife's first time flashing, and thank you for your comments. Unfortunately, I cant tell you where we shop, because I think we would be hounded by the security staff.

I will start by describing my wife in case you were the lucky ones that managed to see the show.

She is about 6ft tall, 34inch lovely legs, size 12, 36c tits, dark curly hair,and she is mixed race.

The wife came home from work wearing the same grey dress that she had worn the last time she wanted to go shopping.

We entered the shop, which is a large supermarket, and after a few minutes, said to me that she needed to pop to the loo. She came back after about five minutes, and then we carried on walking around the supermarket, as you do. After a couple of minutes she went down one of the aisles, crouched down on her haunches, and then turned her legs to face me, opened them to show me her pussy, which is shaved, and just smiled at me, as if to say, do you like.

We then went a couple of aisles along, and I didn't know what she was going to do next, but she managed to see a bloke on his own waiting, she walked to the opposite side, bent over and her dress slid up enough so that you could see her pussy, she stayed like again for a good ten seconds, before she stood up, and walked straight towards me, and out whatever it was in the trolley.

We carried on doing the shopping, I didn't mention anything as I knew what the game was.

Then she must have seen an audience, because she went just inside one of the aisles, went down on her haunches again, turned and just opened her legs to show off her pussy again. I couldn't wait to get back home, but after we left the supermarket, we got in the car, me driving, when she said, give me Your hand, which she put on her pussy which was soaking, she then then played with herself until she came whilst I had to drive, not being allowed to touch, watching her fingers going in and out of her pussy.

I was told when I got home that the reason she went to the loo was to take off her knickers. She always wears Thongs, usuall black and quite micro in size.

If you were one of the lucky ones, let me know if You enjoyed it,as we are trying to think of different locations, and scenarios, and maybe a bit of play if you are lucky.