Written by ste

22 Sep 2012

This is my story on here, so he I go.

My name is Ste and I am 35 and my gf is called Dee and she is 26 size 12 and has lovely tits and is very open minded regarding sex.

After a few drinks we started talking about what new things we could try to make our sex better, she said she would like to bent over at the front window so people can see her being fucked.

She asked me what I want to do and I suggested to go to a swingers club as it would turn me on watching her playing with other men and women.

After a bit of chat we looked for the closest club and we went down on a Friday night.

When we got there we both got undressed and put towels on, we then walked around and decided to go in a large room, she lay on the bed fully naked and I started to lick her pussy which was already wet I was so turned on and she was groaning loud and I then looked up and noticed another couple on the bed who both around late 50s.

I kept fingering and licking until she cum all over at this point I saw other male having his cock sucked by his women and his hands on Dee tits at this point he looked at me and I nodded and Dee got on her knees at this point the man who was,over double her age and old enough to be her dad started to kiss her full on the lips, his gf then playing her tits. I was very turned on and went kneeled behind Dee and held her hands while she was being fingered by him and she was kissing her.

At this point the man asked if he could fuck her I nodded and he lay on his back and Dee with her very wet pussy Sat on his cock and started to bounce up and down

The lady started sucking my hard cock whilst being fingered by her fella again Dee came ans then started suck off all her juices.

Without knowing a male had come into the room and started fingering Dee pussy I pulled up the lady and started kissing then I put cock in her wet pussy and started fucking her hard.

I looked again and she was being fucked from behind and another cock in her mouth and a new male and female where playing with tits. At this point I came all over the women's tits . I then watched the older man cum in her mouth straight away the new women who was in her 40s started kissing her with tongues. Then the male doubled inside and without any rest the other male slid his cock inside. Dee at this time was now licking out a nice pussy and had a large cock inside her. I went over and started spanking her arse and fingered her arse.

At this point I looked around and there was seven men watch and wanking whilst a nice two couples fucking, I spoke to the other and we decided to get are gfs on there hands and kness and let all the men take in turns fucking them.

After sometime I looked at Dee and told her she has ten men cumming inside her, she smiled I Rehn came in her mouth

We are going back for more.