Written by Abertawe

17 Oct 2008

This our story about how we finally realised our fantasy last month. We're a pretty well kept, creative, professional couple ...me 34, my husband 39... we have a good sex life and were just looking to keep things fresh. Our fantasy was to basically book into an hotel one weekend and wanted to order a slow sensual massage ... so we gave it go on my hubby’s birthday. Before we arrived at the hotel, my simple white cotton panties were already pretty wet with anticipation, because that’s what it’s all about - the expectant, heart pumping naughtiness of it all ... My husband had his fingers inside me in the taxi on the way into town and we just had to avoid the temptation of fucking before our guy arrived. I was blind-folded when a man did arrive and I was laying on the bed in bra and panties. My husband dimmed the lights - and after some momentary small-talk about our journey or something appropriately dull, he began massaging me with a little scented oil - while my husband went downstairs to the bar for some Dutch courage to ponder how the massage may be going.

The guy set about giving me a genuine deep sensuous massage, as any professional might ... and his hands felt good on my body. He must have noticed my slightly heavy breathing but he kept to the job in hand - however, he took his time to just very subtly brush his fingers against my panties now and then ( one real hunk of a masseur did this to me once and it was a genuine turn on ... But I shyly didn’t let it go any further and just ended up paying him and fingering myself off when he had left - I told my husband later and he was just as turned on as me... and although he respected the monogamy of it all, he desperately wished he’d been there to watch the guy get a little further with his fingers and maybe fuck me while he watched... Which is what spurred this particular fantasy of ours in the first place ) Although we came very close to fucking another couple some time ago, this will be a genuine first time swinging experience and My God was I feeling horny. So, back to our massage. Apart from his deft fingers, his knee found itself applying a little soft pressure to my damp crotch as he vigorously rubbed my back with oil ... but then teasingly withdrawing it before I had a chance to react... and I could help squirming as he did it. He must have felt my soaking knickers and desperate to know if he had a hard on. But he just carried on massaging really really well.

As he massaged I imagined he was catching glimpses of my panties getting wetter - while his cock was hopefully getting harder in his pants ... I wanted to maneuver myself so I could get a glimpse of what I might be getting later, but resisted.... he, on the other hand, must have been wondering what my pussy was like beneath the wet cotton panties... what sort of strange cunt he may be easing his dick into. I wondered if he was pondering my erect nipples through my bra as he continued to massage...probably wondering how sensitive they may be when he would eventually have them in his mouth - and they’re verylarge and very sensitive - but that would come later... because he had to concentrate on the massage for now. After about an hour, my husband quietly returned to the room as he finished off the massage… and then the guy went to the bathroom to wash his hands ...Meanwhile, the my hubby asked me if I liked my little massage …. “yes’ I whispered. I asked him to take the blindfold off, and so he obliged. He then began to kiss me and play with my very sensitive nipples through my bra. The guy returned from the bathroom – God, he was as hunk and very good looking – he smiled at me and just watched us for a while… and then began to slowly take his clothes off as I finally got a look of his massively thick dick ... I watched him play with his cock for a few moments.... getting it as hard as it could get ... and fuck it was hard. I could feel how turned on my husband was …his heart pumping furiously as he slipped my bra off and began pinching my nipples while I began to quietly moan with the erotic pleasure and anticipation of it all ... I could feel my wet cunt quivering as he applied more pressure on my nipples ..... Meanwhile, the hunk was lubricating his cock with some oil and I watched it dripping down his huge balls. My husband then gently turned me over and I started to lick his balls (I’m very very good at that) I arched my back a little, my ass thrusting upwards towards the guy as he moved forward while I flicked my tongue and licked at my husband’s cock and balls ... then this gorgeous man very gently started to finger my really wet, unshaved pussy ... it was an amazing feeling – this complete stranger deftly sliding aside my panties and slowly easing his tongue into me....and slowly out again, taking long strokes at my swelling mound...licking in as much of my sticky juices as he could, then just gently flicking my pulsating clitoris .... Then, and only when my husband asked him to ...he eventually slithered his thick hard cock into my lovely drenched cunt, while my husband watched in delirium ... his cock throbbing in his hands while the guy took me from behind... slowly at first...very slowly ...then a little harder and a little deeper ... pausing to caress my inner thighs, taking time to massage my nipples and gripping my waist as he fucked and found his rhythm inside me .... his pulsating cock getting to feel its way inside me .... And then, against my wishes, withdrawing ... then slapping my pussy with his big cock ... then back into me .....deep inside my cunt, my husband flicking and massaging my hard nipples and wanking furiously as he watches me get fucked - as he drives into me again and grabs my ass quite hard with the odd gentle slap and tug of hair ….he then gets up a head of steam and start to really pound his body into me.... My arse slamming against his pelvis as he pulled me onto his driving cock …my moans were getting louder as my cunt juice starts to flow over his dick. After giving it to me like this for a while then fucked me I rode on top of him for a while letting him take my tits in his mouth ...and then I got it from him very deep and very, very hard in missionary .... he fucked and he fucked as hard as he could, and threw me around the bed a little .. until he was finally out of breath.... panting with heavy sex ... and I couldn’t hold it any more …for the first time in my life, I pissed while I was being fucked ..the sensation was so strong, I actually pissed over this guys cock …my husband was delirious ..the guy was un-fazed though – he just kept pumping at me as I came again and again … my sweet smelling cum mixing in with the warm piss over his cock ... then my husband held me in his arms while the guy withdrew his dick and shot his thick, creamy, hot endless load over my tits and face ... by the time he was through I was gagging for more dick though and my husband was inside me like a shot – pumping me with long strokes until he gushed his cum inside me …fuck, I was so horny …I just wanted to be fucked like this all evening. By the time the guy had massaged his cum into my breasts and kissed me very deeply, he was as hard as a rock once more… his tongue was deep inside my cunt again ... and we started all over. He also loved the pissing and I let them both piss over me which was yet another first - and hopefully not the last time we try it. Suffice to say, it was a fantasy well worth fulfilling and has kept our sex life fresh, to say the least. Just can’t wait for another birthday to come up.