Written by steve45588

25 Feb 2014

Quick re-cap - me 25, my gf Gail 19, brunette, big knockers. Finished up in bed with her mate Michelle (18, blonde, skinny, fried egg tits) and Michelle's bf Andy (19, ridiculously skinny, spent most of his time face down in Gail's tits). From there finished up fucking her colleague Pam (50s, dirty as fuck) and Pam's husband Dave, both lapsed swingers.

Ten years on (but still ten years ago now), where were we all ? Well Gail and I stayed together about two years, although she was an amazing fuck she was a total nightmare to live with. In the end we decided to see other people but we stayed good mates, I still fucked her from time in between her other boyfriends and we occasionally played with Pam and Dave. Michelle and Andy got married and had four kids, we're still in touch although I haven't fucked Michelle since her 30th and I've been warned in graphic detail which bits of me will be separated and with what if she finds out I've poked her two now legal daughters. (As if I would ! Ok, I totally would ...)

I spent the next ten years working my way through Pam and Dave's extensive contacts list. They were mostly divorcees and single mums, and I fucked a lot of much older ladies.

Then one day I got invited to Gail's wedding. We were all in our 30s by now, her fiancée was a really nice bloke, I was invited round for a meal, I was introduced as an old friend and we did the polite thirty-something pleasantries without her past life as a teenage fucktoy being mentioned once. I even managed to avoid mentioning to hubby-to-be how amazingly hot his fiancée looked with a couple of middle-aged men plugged in at each end. Of course me on my best behaviour couldn't last, I met her for a drink after work a couple of weeks before the wedding, we finished up back at mine and it felt soooooo good slipping her panties down and sliding my cock up her betrothed pussy one last time. Twice.

The wedding was very nice, I kept quiet at the back and failed miserably to get off with any of Gail's mates, although I have to say the thought of the bride riding me for all she was worth a couple of weeks before was a bit distracting. I eventually finished up chatting to Gail's mum.

I had always got on with Anne. She was a widow in her early 60s, thin with a good figure, and a decent bust which I had had the pleasure of seeing ten years before when I was desperate for a pee and she forgot to lock the bathroom door before settling down for a soak. She made no attempt to cover up but I wasn't brazen enough to lob it out and pee next to her so I dashed for the downstairs loo embarrassed to hell while she chuckled. There was no attempt to make anything of it on either side though, and it was never mentioned again. She always made me welcome and if she minded that I stayed over a couple of times a week porking her youngest daughter, then she never mentioned it.

She had had a glass of wine and I was enjoying trying to peek down the top of the very glamorous V-neck dress she was wearing whenever she looked away.

"Do you know, out of all the lads our Gail brought home, you were always my favourite"

"Steady on Anne, you'll make me blush". I was quite chuffed, truth be told.

"Oh yes. If you hadn't been going out with my daughter I wouldn't have minded a go myself". Fuck me gently, the old bird was chatting me up.

"Bloody hell Anne, how much have you had"

"I mean it. Don't be a stranger. Call in on your way home one evening, I'll put the kettle on". and with that she pinched my bum and went off to chat to her sister.

More later...