Written by Frank & Helen

4 Mar 2017

Part 1 - 27 Feb; Part 2 - 2 March

After the very pleasant evening with Stefan and Nicole, we didn’t see them for a couple of days. Not sure what they were doing, but I needed my regular regime of walks and Helen was there to spur me on. Periodically I thought of the lovely Nicole and my desire to get into her knickers, but I was conscious that they appeared to be strictly ‘soft’ swingers.

When we were going downstairs in the lift to dinner, we met Stefan and Nicole in the lift, their room being on a floor above ours. They greeted us warmly, Nicole giving me a kiss (almost a snog) on the lips, and Stefan doing the same with Helen. They suggested eating together, which we duly did, consuming several bottles of wine during quite a lengthy meal, and had a varied conversation in which the subject of sex was barely mentioned.

When we finished, Stefan asked whether we wanted another drink in the bar, but Helen said she was already quite mellow. Stefan asked if we were ready to go upstairs now, which Helen and I were quite prepared for, and then he said “because I would like to fuck Helen”. The conversation seemed to hesitate slightly until Stefan added “and Nicole wants Frank to fuck her”. It was Helen who broke the brief silence by saying “ooh yes please” and we all turned towards the lift. Fortunately, we were the only people in the lift because Stefan wanted to kiss Helen straight away, quite passionately and with a lot of ‘straying hands’. Needless to say, I was doing the same with Nicole.

When we got into their room, I was instantly locked in a passionate embrace with Nicole, she had a firm hold on my head and, if I had opened my mouth wider, I am sure she would like to have climbed inside. She was very slimly built with quite small tits and I quickly realised that this would be a new experience for me. She wasn’t wearing a bra and feeling her tits through her dress was very pleasant. I quickly realised that Helen was stripping Stefan’s clothes off rapidly and was keen to get her hands on his athletic body, so I started to do the same with Nicole – although there was not much to remove, a summer dress, thong, and she kicked her shoes across the rom. By the time I had removed my own clothes, Nicole had already climbed onto the bed and was waiting for me. I crawled onto the bed from the bottom, pushing her knees apart and kissing the inside of her thighs. I looked into her face and she had a slight look of apprehension, which changed to pure lust when she realised I was looking at her. I bent down again and kissed her shaven pubis, whereupon she gasped, so I proceeded to kiss her clitoris, which caused her to quickly orgasm.

I crawled up the bed to lie beside her and kiss her as she calmed down and she wanted to grab my head with both hands and kiss me passionately. Mauling her tits was a new experience for me as Helen has quite large ones which, like many men, I delight in having a good ‘wrestle’ with. Nicole’s were petite, but large nipples, quite dark in colour. In addition to kissing her, I delighted in sucking her lovely nipples between my lips, which seemed to maintain her arousal.

I read somewhere that women are far more likely to be multi-orgasmic than men (although I had not yet experienced it with Helen), so I decided to see how far I could take Nicole. I slid back down the bed and began kissing her clit again. This time, I slipped a finger into her cunt and hooked it behind her pubic bone. I had clearly found her g spot as she immediately gasped and said “oh my God”. I continued to massage her g spot gently and she quickly reached her 2nd orgasm, so I crawled up to massage her tits and kiss her again. She was even more passionate with her kisses this time and was even more vocal in expressing her pleasure, as I sucked her nipples quite roughly.

I had another couple of rounds of this and I found that, concentrating on pleasuring Nicole enabled me to maintain control over my own ardour; whilst I remained erect and ready for action, I felt no desire to cum yet. As I began to move down for a 5th plundering of Nicole’s pussy, she growled at me “fuck me you bastard”, so I understood very clearly what she wanted. I moved between her legs and she grabbed hold of my cock to guide me into her very wet cunt. She grabbed hold of my buttocks to pull me in and we quickly set a steady rhythm of fucking, with Nicole encouraging me verbally – “yes, that’s good, more, harder, make me cum”. It wasn’t too long before I realised that my earlier controlled state had been replaced by passion, lust, I was enjoying this enormously and could happily ‘cum my load’, so I started to piston into her more deeply and vigorously. Nicole seemed to sense I was about to cum, as she wrapped her legs behind my back, giving me even greater depth immediately before I spurted my seed deep into her cunt. I think I was grunting a lot and she was also shouting out her pleasure, but I was lost in the moment to ‘record’ the experience. As I began to regain ‘consciousness’ I realised that she had my cock in the vice-like grip of her cunt muscles, and she only released me when she began to come back to earth.

Afterwards, Helen told me that she and Stefan had been following our lead and they reached a similar climax shortly before us. I rolled onto my side next to Nicole as we recovered our breath. We looked over at the other bed and Helen was laying on her back literally covered in Stefan’s sperm. The majority seemed to be on her tits, but the first few spurts had hit her face, and I assumed the last few were on her belly. Oops, perhaps I wasn’t supposed to cum inside Nicole! But nothing had been said beforehand.

Nicole stood up, moved over to the other bed and knelt beside Helen and I was slightly surprised when she began licking the Stefan’s sperm from Helen’s belly. She gradually worked her way up to her boobs (and clearly liked giving them a good feel once they were clean) before reaching Helen’s face where she gave her a passionate kiss too. Stefan and I were watching this closely, both with a lusty look in our eyes. Nicole then moved back alongside me and said “did I really just do that – but it felt sooo horny”. She turned to me and gave me a passionate kiss, where I could clearly taste Stefan’s salty sperm.

I pushed Nicole onto her back, so I could take a dominant role kissing her and mauling her lovely tits. After a short while, she became ‘distracted’ and I realised that Helen was between her legs licking my cum out of her pussy. Helen pushed her knees up so as to gain greater access and it quickly became apparent that trying to kiss Nicole was pointless as she was constantly encouraging Helen verbally, so I contented myself with sucking her nipples. Stefan moved over from the other bed, pulled Helen’s hips up and gently slid into her very wet pussy. He then began to slide in and out of Helen, very gently so as not to disturb his wife’s pleasure. Nicole orgasmed massively and for a long time.

I’m not sure whether Helen had completed her cleaning of Nicole’s pussy, but she put her head sideways on Nicole’s thigh and said “now fuck me” to Stefan, whereupon he started to slide into her more vigorously, which is exactly what Helen wanted as she began gasping and verbally encouraging him – “yes, that’s good, fuck me, fuck me harder”. I’m sure I could not have cum again so soon, but Stefan clearly thought he could and, before too long, he began grunting as he came deep inside Helen’s cunt. She seemed to climax at the same time as her verbal encouragement was replaced by gasping and groaning, eventually burying her mouth over Nicole’s pussy, much to Nicole’s audible enjoyment.

When they had finished, Helen collapsed alongside Nicole and Stefan moved on the other side of her. We lay there – four in a bed – for some time, luxuriating in our various climaxes. It felt wonderful. I could kiss Nicole from time to time and tweak her gorgeous nipples – whilst Stefan mauled Helen’s tits – as we gradually calmed down.

We actually went to sleep, all four of us I think, although someone awoke about 2 am and it was quickly all of us awake. I’m not sure whether anyone wanted to ‘go again’ but it was quickly decided that Helen and I would return to our own room. Although both of us had a desire to make love again, we fell asleep quickly and didn’t wake until nearly 9 am, so had to shower and rushed downstairs for breakfast, which ended at 10 am.

(To be continued)