Written by Chormar

9 May 2019

This is the first time I have written since our sexy afternoon at at Rio's about three years ago .see "Cuckolded in the spa" March 2016. We went back to London however Rio's was shut for refurbishment so came home dissapointed. Except for a brief friendship with a taxi driver Margaret met on a night out in Preston who only wanted his cock sucked our sexual adventures have been thin on the ground.

Anyway I digress. In March this year we decided to go on a late booking holiday to Egypt a place neither of us had been before on an all inclusive package at a five star hotel in Hurghada for some winter sun. After checking in and unpacking we went for a look round the hotel and Margaret decided to look at the deals for treatments in the hotel spa. Another guest who starting her second week told us about a deal at one of the other hotels nearby which was offering a second treatment half price. She told us where the hotel was and as it was 4pm we decided to go and check it out.

When we got to the hotel we got directions from reception for the spa. Margaret asked about the special offer and Osman explained it to us. He suggested one session today and the other later in the holiday . I asked if it was possible for me to have the half price treatment but Osman said no as it was targetted for women because it included a facial or pedicure. As we enough time before our evening meal I asked Margaret if she was interested and she agreed however as we had only come to check it out she hadnot bought her swimwear with her. Osman said that was no problem as towels ,robes and disposable briefs were provided so she agreed and said I would come back for her in a couple of hours and went back to our hotel

This is Margarets account of what happened which she told me later. Osman showed her through to the changing rooms and she was given the robe towel and briefs . There were other staff and customers around so she relaxed. After having a showershe emerged from the shower area and Osman took her through the spa area and Osman explained the treatment starting with a foam scrub and massage followed by another shower then a scented oil massage then either the facial or pedicure either today or at a later date.

Taking off her robe she lay on the slab and was given a scrub then foam massage. Margaret said the scrub was getting rid of the dead skin but when he was ready for the foam massage he asked if she wanted to remove the briefs as it was normal to be massaged naked and the briefs were offered for modesty reasons or if husbands were present like in her case . Osman had done the scrub wearing swim shorts so Margaret had seen his body ( he was in his forties) and as she was relaxed agreed to be naked. Osman helped her remove the briefs which seemed unusual, but she didn't object even though it was a bit touchy feely! Margaret lay on her stomach whilst he sensually massaged her back, bottom and thighs with the foam taking extra time round her bottom and upper thighs. Margaret was aware he was taking liberties but decided to enjoy the moment as she was on holiday. She was glad she had waxed her pussy before the holiday as she was aware Osman had a good view. He asked her to turn over and started to massage the front of her body. He massaged her breasts gently and she realized her nipples were erect. When she opened her eyes she saw he had a hard on which was bulging the front of his shorts. Nothing was said as he worked down her stomach onto her upper thigh. The back of his hands "accidently" caressing her pussy as he massaged each leg then finally sensually massaged her feet. When he had finished he asked her to take shower then he would commence the oil massage.

When she came back he showed her into another room which had a massage table and an assortment of oils. Margaret noticed his hard had gone down but was still noticable as a bulge. She took off the robe and lay face down on the table and Osman asked her if she wanted a modesty towel with a smile on his face.She declined thinking its a bit late for that and anyway in for a penny in for a pound ! The massage with the oil was more sensual than the foam and again started on her neck back then arms .He then started with feet working up one leg then the other and again whilst massaging the tops of her thighs let the back of his hands brush against her pussy a bit more intimately. He then massaged her bottom with one hand on each cheek moving his hands in circular movements which Margaret knew from previous experiance meant her pussy and bum hole would be opening and closing giving Osman a clear view of both. She thought about saying something but as it was her first massage in Egypt wasn't sure what was acceptable also she was enjoying the attention and was totally relaxed. The next moment Osman had climbed on the table and in words to massage her better ! Whilst massaging her back he started rubbing his cock (inside his shorts) against her bottom. she knew this wasn't part of the treatment but as she said to me she should have stopped it earlier but was enjoying his attention too much. Next he climbed off the table and asked her to turn over. Next he massaged her breasts taking more time than neccessary on her nipples which were rock hard and then moved down to her stomach. She opened her eyes and noticed his hard cock straining inside his shorts. He saw her looking and laughed and said your a sexy woman look what you are doing to me ! He worked down her stomach to her thighs and openly ran his fingers over her pussy. She was so turned on by now she just let it happen and even opened her legs wider so he could feel her more easily. He couldn't believe his luck as he slipped a couple of fingers into her pussy. He asked Margaret if he could take his shorts off and maybe she could massage his cock with some oil. She said she would feel his cock but no fucking. He looked dissapointed and said your husband is a very lucky man ! She wanked him with the massage oil whilst he fondled her tits and pussy and next minute he shot his load over her stomach and thanked her. My pleasure she said but your still not going to fuck me . He laughed and said he hope she had enjoyed the massage as much as he had and would she be coming back for the half priced massage. She said she would before we went back home. Of course he said you could always come back for a free massage one evening on your own! Margaret said I don't think thats a good idea as what would you want in return ? He said to make love to you after a relaxing massage. She laughed and said I will think about it but don't hold your breath With that she went to get showered and changed and realised she hadn't had her facial but noticing the time it was too late. When she got to reception she asked about the facial and was told anytime she wanted just contact them as she had paid for the same with the second massage. She phoned me to meet her.

I asked how it had gone and she said when we get back to the hotel .She told me all about it including the offer of a free massage. I was aroused mentally and although I had a problem maintaining an erection ( see previous story) I had a semi hard and said what are you going to do . She laughed and said we have only just arrived and already want me to get fucked . I said no pressure but the thought of it was a turnon. She said she had to go back tomorrow for her facial and have the half price massage before we went home but would wait and see regarding the free massage. I agreed not to presure herand just enjoy the holiday. and see how things progressed.

We went down to dinner and enjoyed the free drinks and later went to one of the bars. Margaret saw the woman who had suggested the other hotel spa and asked her if she had enjoyed it. Whilst I went to the bar Margaret told her of the intimate massage .The other woman laughed and said all the staff and local shopkeepers try it on. It was their way of life and if you say no they usually respect that and hope that the next woman they try it on with succumb to their charms! Knowing this now she was going to be more careful who she flirted with, and as she said to me if she enjoyed the attention she may let nature take its course and she had no regrets with what had happened with Osman. And still two more weeks to go of the holiday!