Written by hornyhelen_1_1

3 Jul 2010

John and I have just got back from Spain and a fantastic time on the beach. We have a couple of really good nudist beaches close to where we stay andI decided I would give it a try,as John has been pertering me for ages to go naked. I packed a picnic,the towels and sunlotion and off we drove to the beach. I decided that if I was going to do it, I should just go in a summer dress, with no underwear,thinking that way, I couldn't get cold feet.

We arrived about 1.00pm, found asecludedplace in the dunes and lay down the towels. John was the first to go naked,I was looking around before I took my dress off. John put lotion on me and it turned meon a little,so I decided that I wouldput someon John,labouring a little when I got to his cock. This was really turning both of us on and I decided to get on top of John and go for it and if anyone saw us,I would just jump off quickly. I couldfeelmyselfcuming and knew that John wasn't far off either,when I saw a guy standing just a few yards away,holding his cock. So much for the jumping off quick,I was too far gone for that and carried on fucking my hubby. John came and I was readdy to cum again,but John naturally couldn't do it again.I got off himand went down to lick his cock,maybe it wasn't the right thing todownat the time,but within afew secondsI felt a cock touching my socking wet pussy.I pushed back on it, but he moved back as well,just teasing my little clit. I was dripping and was really needing it. I pushed back again and he moved back again.I looked over my shoulder to see the guy beckoneding me to follow him. I stood up,he tookmy hand and ledmeover the next coupleof sand dunes,untilwereach another wellsecludedspot,when another guy was sunbathing. He laid me down on a towel and immediately got on top of me and entered me.It was great,just what I'd been waiting for and was cuming almost straight away. He was pumping quite hard and I could feelanother orgasm startingwhen he came. I thought to myself,shit I'm left high and dry again.I shouldn't have worried because his pal decided that he would like a bit of this female and took my new lovers place.I came twice before he came. I thanked them and started to go on my way back to John. For those of you have been on sand dunes,they all look the same and I went the wrong way. I came across a guy,sunbathing with his eyes closed but with a huge hard on.I stood there for ages just looking,when he opened his eyes.He was English and asked if I liked what I saw. I was gobsmacked and said yes. He told me to come over and lie down beside him. We kissed and he fondled my boobs.He then gently pushed me over onto my back and started to finger my now swollen fanny. He asked if he could put his beautiful big cock in me. I could hear me answer,oh,yes please,please. He pushed into me and I thought I would split open,it was bigger than any of the 3 previous ones. It was now what seemed to be a continuous orgasm. I spent quite a while with this guy and have given him my mobile number,which I would never normally have done.I hope he'll get in touch.I eventually found my way back to John at about 5pm.