Written by K

19 Jun 2008

Just thought i\\\'d tell you the story of my first mmf sex session. it all happened a few years ago now me and my girlfriend (mandy) had always enjoyed good sex, talked about 3somes etc.. bot nothing really happened but i always wanted to see get her fucked by another man (still dont know why it turns me on so much).

Anyway one friday night me, mandy and my mate stu all went out for a drink we were pretty pissed by the time we all got back to my place for a few more drinks. As i was pissed i said lets put on a porno to watch, So there we all were geting pissed and watchin porn. I could see mandy was feelin rather randy cos she was strokin my leg and i was pinchin her arse. When mandy went for another drink i turned to stu and said jokingly you fancy a 3some then mate, he said i up for it but i bet you darent just as he said that mandy returned saying who darent, me and stu looked at each other and started laughing, i turned to mandy and said i was talking about a 3some but i dont think you\\\'d do it. For a couple of seconds she looked shocked but then smiled and said i will if you will, we all sort of looked at each other for a while then just started getting naked.

We all rushed up stairs mandy lay on the bed her 38dd tits and shaved wet pussy were on show i was already rock hard at just the thought of seeing another cock in my girlfriend.

I parted her legs and started to lick her pussy i looked up to see her taking stuarts cock in her mouth and licking his balls, i finished licking her cunt then put my cock in, it was really wet as i started to thrust in and out, she was moaning and choaking at the same time trying to keep stu\\\'s cock firmly in her mouth. Watching her sucking another cock was amazing i was nearly cuming i thrust out and said to stu you wanna swap, without hesitation we did stu started to fuck her as she was sucking me off i could feel myself cuming and cum all over her face and chin mandy loved it moan like crazy then i laid there watchin my mate fuck my girlfriend i loved it and i could tell by mandy\\\'s expression she was loving it too she suddenley screamed out i\\\'m cuming as stuart was really banging her now i could hear his ball\\\'s slapping aganst her arse then he pulled his cock out and came over her cunt his spunk dribling down between her opened fanny lips it was amazing.

We all laid on the bed knackered and fell asleep stuart went home later.

Weve often talked about our 3some and how good it was and how nice it would be to do it again but i its not happened as yet maybe one day.