Written by TheWifeInTraining

17 Mar 2007

18 months ago my other half blurted out (half-drunk) one night that there was nothing he'd find a bigger turn on than seeing me getting well and truly fucked by another man. We talked lots about it, I was very unsure to begin with but the fantasy soon featured regularly in our sex life and the sex was getting better and better all the time. K even wrote a story on here of me being "a wife in training".

Recently his workmate mentioned that he found me attractive and wouldn't mind coming round to check our boiler out (heating engineer!)and service me at the same time. My other half told him to "help yourself mate". Then came home and told me about it. Well, that revved us up another notch and over the past few weeks (with baited breath) developments kept on...

So, yesterday morning saw K going to work as usual and the arrangement was for S to come and sort the boiler out. He rang me first to check all was ok, my nerves were shocking. I rang K and checked again that this was what he wanted. He was going to be round in ten minutes!

I was still in the bath when S came in. He wasted no time, straight up the stairs and came into the bathroom with a big smile on his face. He bent over kissed me and he straightened up, I could see his hard on already. He leaned over again and started to fondle my ample breasts, telling me how gorgeous they were. After a couple of minutes of this, he stood up straight, unzipped his trousers and out sprang a most impressive hard cock. Thick and definitely up for something! He thrust it towards my face and, like I was expected to, I took it in my mouth and started to tongue all around its thick girth. After a few mins, I got out of the bath and as I leaned over to pull the plug, S slipped his hand between my ass cheeks right through to cop a feel of a very wet pussy.

We didn't waste any time - straight through to the bedroom where S laid me on the bed and proceeded to run his tongue along the length of my pussy, slipping his tongue in and out of me and then flicking over my clit. Two or three minutes of this left me desperate for a hard cock inside me. He didn't disappoint. He slid and out thrusting harder all the time before getting hold of me and pulling me on top of him. I slipped my wet pussy lips over the bulging end of his cock and slid down, starting to ride him gently. Gently didn't last long. Within a minute I was riding him for all I was worth, tits bouncing. It was at this point S suggested we take a photo for K to see later. After a few more minutes, we swapped again and I took his cock in my mouth again as he fucked me with one of my vibrators. My thoughts kept going back to my lovely K and how much he was going to enjoy hearing all about this.

S then turned me over again and took me quickly from behind. I knew I wouldn't last long now. Sure enough, after a couple of minutes of frantic furious banging I was becoming as vocal and noisy as usual, I could feel his cock stiffening and bulging about to come. Then I felt the hot sticky cream inside me and we collapsed on the bed. Ten minutes break for a welcome cup of tea and we started again. This time S got me to suck his cock whilst he took another photo for K, once fully hard and thoroughly sucked I rode him again. God, the feel of that thick cock in my pussy was great. He moved round the bed to take up 69 and his tongue started to make my clit quiver. Then he surprised me - he told me to play with myself with both my fingers and the vibe and he then stood over the bed and stroked himself until he came all over my tits. The first thing he did was take a photo for K. He said what a lucky man K was to be coming home to that viewing later! After this we got dressed and then, he did actually do the boiler!

I rang K after S left and he was so excited, he texted me all day saying he couldn't wait to come home. When he came in, I could tell there was no way we'd get anything done before I'd told him all. I briefly described it to begin with. K said "are we going for a bath? Because you're going to suck my cock now before we do." And with that, we went upstairs and I did as I was told, ending up with us moving across the upstairs frantically before ending up on our bed with me riding K before he got me to suck his cock again. Bath over we went to chill out for the evening. Much much later, back in bed we talked about it again and K mentioned that now that I'd taken the first step, how much longer before he finally got his wish and actually sees me getting another man's cock up me? And before he gets his ultimate fantasy, the other guy up my pussy and him up my arse? That remains to be seen but it may not be that long... especially if K keeps making me come with his tongue the way he did last night.

And incidentally, I'm writing all this now before he comes home. Do you think he will react to the fact I'm sat here with a short skirt on, revealing top, fishnet stockings, stilettos and crotchless pants? Writing all this just for him to view later? And many others of course.... how much will he get turned on by that!!!