Written by huffinpuffin

29 Sep 2008

I\'d been meeting Samuel for 4 months in secret. We seemed to hit it off straight away and the physical chemistry was amazing.It was a lovely sunny day last May - I had a sneaky day off work so I could meet him.

I\'d decided to wear sexy black lace underwear under my summer dress - to surprise him. We planned a day together - window shopping, lunch and hopefully some fun. By lunchtime we were both hot and we couldnt stop touching each other - in public. A pat on my bum from him and suggestive looks - and i couldnt resist touching and rubbing his cock when i had the chance.

It was early afternoon - we decided to drive up onto the mountain where it would be quiet, he loved going dogging before we met - but it\'s not my type of thing. He knew where it would be quiet and after a short drive, we parked the car in a quiet secluded place. I\'d brought a car rug with me - so I quickly gave that to Samuel to carry. As soon as we started to cross the road to walk up onto the mountain Samuel stopped me. He said \"Take off your knickers\", no one had ever said that to me in publice before- but amazingly I just took them off - in the middle of the road! We then walked for about 5 minutes until Samuel said \"We\'ll stop here. No one can see us - and I cant wait any longer I must have you\". He laid the rug on the short cut grass and i sat down. Samuel stood there looking at me - and then he slowly stripped for me until he was naked. He looked so gorgeous naked and his cock was so hard. I knew I was turned on so much when I saw him. I lay back on the rug and Samuel pulled up my dress. He shaved me every week - so my pussy was fully exposed and smooth. He kept pulling my dress up towards my head and then pulled it off. He then undid my bra and for the first time in my life my large breasts were exposed to the sunshine. As I lay there naked on the rug, Samuel laid down and started to tease my nipples with his fingers and and teeth - it was amazing - my nipples were so hard so quickly and I know my pussy was getting so wet. After just a few minutes I knew I needed to feel his hard cock in my mouth, so I rolled him onto his back and took his hard cock in my mouth. It was so hard and precum leaking. I licked it off - enjoying every drop, Samuel couldnt contain his lust anymore and quickly rolled me onto my back and he got onto his knees. As he was kneeling there with his cock bursting with hardness he said \"Do you want some of this?\" before I could answer, he parted my legs, then lifted one over each of his shoulders. As he started to make love to me- his hardness took my breath away. Being on the mountain I could scream with every thrust - it was amazing, after only a few minutes we both came - as he pulled his cock out, all of his spunk just ran out of me. We lay there in the sunshine - there wasnt a cloud in the sky, it was perfect - I then licked and sucked his cock dry. I walked back down to the car with no underwear on and his spunk running down my thighs.

I drove home with the biggest smile you could imagine - I still meet him, in secret, he\'s amazing.