Written by Bluknows

13 Dec 2012

Hi I've been on this site for a while but took me ages to find a horny playmate .. Single males seem to be treated with suspiscion on sites like this . Eventually I struck up a conversation with a lady that lived fairly close,we texted at first then progressed onto horny pics of each other. We seemed to be well matched so arranged to meet for a coffee and as such such sent each other face pics (all the others had just been the usual fun shots lol). Armed with this we met up at a local coffee shop and the attraction was even more magnetic fzce to face, it took all our will power not to find somewhere secluded there and then. We spent another hour or so in deep conversation till we noticed the glares from the staff and said our goodbyes arranging to meet the following weekend .

Suffice to say we didn't last that long and that evening she came over to mine dressed to kill ... Black and red corset with her full breasts barely restrained . Stockings and suspenders framing her shaven pussy .. Her lips already puffed up as she admitted to having a fly rub on the drive over !! I buried my head between her thighs tasting her for the first time ... Heavenly .. I stood up and undresses in world record time my cock the hardest for ages , only just over 6 inches but very thick ( no point in fibbing and saying I'm 9 or 10 cos if I meet someone else off SH they'd soon put you all right).. She took it into her mouth and sucked me to completion and is to this day the only women to have managed that (only had 11 sexual partners but none of the rest came close to her oral talents) after a short rest we moved upstairs to continue ... I'll write that up for you all if the response is favourable to the scene setter