Written by New slut

31 Jan 2015

Im trying to write this on my I pad bcos my husbands down stairs so sorry if the grammar is crap but I have to share this. I'm 35 married to a lovely but boring guy and I have just had my first extra marital sex and I'll burst if I don't tell anyone. Firstly let me explain.

My husband and I have sex about once a month which drives me mad so I end up reading your stories and masterbating but tonight I strayed for the first time.

Barry lives next door, he's gorgiouse and married but handy with electrics and stuff so helps us to renovate our house. He's always flirting and sneaking glances at my tits ( DD by the way) and says he loves red heads which I am.

Tonight our electrics blew whilst I was in the shower and because hubby is out I phoned Barry who came round straight away. Of course I was still in my dressing gown when he came in. The electric problem was sorted pretty quickly and as usual he was flirting. He came up behind me and put his hands on my waist so as a joke I wiggled my bum.

He didn't say anything but took me by the hand into my living room and pushed me onto my knees realy gently, next thing I know im on mynhands and knees and my dressing gown is on the floor and he,s kneeling behind me touching me, my bum and my breasts. .

It was so horny I didn't say anything, I knew he was getting his cock out because I had a quick look. He is huge, at least twice as big as my husbands.

Well in aninstant he was inside me. I nearly passed out as soon as he slipped it in. Excuse my language but it was fucking amazing, he grabbed my hair and pounded me, I could feel his balls slapping against me which is something I don't feel with my husband, not that he fucks me doggy very often anyway.

I told him he needed to be quick cos he would be home soon so he just turned me on my back and fucked me even harder. I had the most amazing orgasm I have ever had, I couldn't stop shaking and came a second time when he filled me with his cum.

As soon as I could breath I told him to go before my husband came home and his wife wondered where was, he slipped out of me and jstared at my breasts before sucking them realy hard, shoving his cock into me again and shooting even more cum into me.

Anyway he had only left by about 2 min before hubby walked in.

I'm just about to have another shower to get the smell of cum away but had to share this. I'm going to try and get my husband to fuck me cos I'm not on the pill ( just in case).

All I will say is there is no way I'm not fucking this guy again!!!