Written by Alan B

27 Apr 2016

Hi again. Just wanted to update you on what's going on since my 18 th April post. Plus thanks for some of the comments, not sure I like the fact that most of you think iv'e lost my wife to whoring but after what I'm about to tell you I think you may be right.

If you read the 18 th April post you will see how this all started. Since then Tania has met her ' fuck buddy' a few a few times and one two occasions spent the night with him. According to her he was fucking her into the early hours so felt it was better to stay, oh and he fucked her in the morning as well. But she let it slip that on one occasion there was another guy involved. I asked her if it was a threesome and she just giggled.

Then she told me that he had something special lined up for her and she asked me to come along becouse she felt that I was being left out. That was last Monday.

She spent the Sunday telling me how much she loved me and that allowing her to do this was the best way of me showing her that I loved her as well. After work we went to our usual hotel but this time her 'friend' and his wife had booked the suit with a bedroom and lounge. After a few drinks and small talk Tania's 'surprise' turned up in the form of two other guys, I would say one possible early 60's and one much younger Polish guy, around mid 20's and quite tall and muscular. I wasn't sure about this becouse the fantasy was sex with one older guy but Tania looked so excited.

They went to the bedroom where there was a lot of laughter and giggling and I stayed in the lounge with his wife (B) who had her top off quite quickly and was trying her best to get me interested by massaging my dick which was struggling to get hard.

After a little while I heard the familiar squeal which told me some one had just entered Tania, funnily that helped get me hard then there was the panting and grunting and my mind was running away with itself. By now B had my cock deep in her mouth and was giving me quite a good blow job, her tiny titties swaying but I wanted to see what was going on in the other room so in stead of holding back I poured cum into B's mouth. Like a gentleman I did warn her first but that just egged her on and she sucked and tossed me off even harder so I let it go causing her to gag. She swallowed most of it but spat some out and rubbed it in her tits before laying on her back and begging me to fuck her properly.

I promised I would be back but I needed to see what was going on next door. I pushed the door open and it was clear that her usual fuck guy (A) had already had her, he was standing next to the bed trying to get his wet cock hard again, the other older guy was fucking like a rabbit and I arrived just in time to see him shoot his cum in my wife. And then it was the Polish lad's turn.

He was laying next to her on the bed massaging her beautiful pair shaped breasts with her by now hard red nipples whilst the old man fucked her . I could just make out her right hand massaging his fairly impressive cock. The two of them gazing into each other eyes. This alone made me uncomfortable and I decided then that this was his first and last time inside my wife, there was too much familiarity going on for my liking.

And then it was his turn. The old man, by now out of breath, slid out of her and off the bed. The polish boy took some paper towels and rubbed Tania down, I guess not wanting another man's cum or sweat on her when he had her. Then he said something and she just smiled as he slid on top of her. I saw the two of them kissing, they're tongues deep in each other mouths and then Tania shook and cried out as he slid his impressive cock into her soaking pussy and gently thrust himself again and again and each time Tania groaned and squeezed her own hard nipple.

The other two I think realised that they weren't going to get another look in so got dressed and went for a drink. 'B' I guess got fed up waiting for me and went with them so I watched for a while.

I got dressed in the lounge and waited and waited. I kid you not, half an hour later they where still fucking and groaning, I took a quick look at the two of them, staring at each other they're lips hardly touching,Tania with a look of ecstasy on her face and him whispering something to her which made her laugh. I was trying to decide whether I should go to the others for a drink but after another 15 min it went quiet. I left it a while thinking it was over and we could go home. I took another look, what I saw was gutting. He was actually standing up with my wife holding onto him, her legs wrapped around his waist impaled on his cock. He was standing at the window kissing her deeply whilst at the same time gently thrusting.

I had had enough by now and when I was able to catch her attention I made it clear with a look that got the message across.

She whispered in his ear and he looked over at me before letting her down gently. But she almost begged him to finish it off. He threw her onto her back on the bed her breasts swaying and he started to toss himself off but Tania was crying out for him to be inside her again so he obliged.

Now he was fucking my wife like a raging madman, one hand on her throat the other squeezing her breast. The two of them grunting, he said something and she was calling out in an angry whisper 'no fucking way, you have to cum inside me'. he continued, his powerful body making my wife shudder. She was holding his hair pulling begging him to cum and he was pounding her and then he obliged.

He froze and she screamed and he filled my beautiful wife with cum again and again. Then he fell onto her and she was holding onto him telling him how amazing he was. That was enough for me, I told her I would see her down stairs and left.

By now it was about 10 pm, she didn't come down until just gone 10:45. I asked her why she had been so long and she looked sheepish and shrugged her shoulders. We have agreed that we need to slow things down with the swapping thing becouse she's enjoying it more than me.

She has decided to go on the pill. One of the comments someone left made us thing. We had always assumed condoms would be used but Tania doesn't like them and by now she has fucked four different guys bareback so I hope to fuck she isn't.