Written by Anon

10 Apr 2007

The following is an absolutely true (aren’t they all) account of my first (of only three) swinging encounters I have had. It was around 7 or eight years ago now, but even now it still turns me on to think about it.

In the days before digital cameras, swapping of information and making contacts was much more difficult and I remember lining up my old camera on a spot on the wall and taking a pile of nude photos of myself, and laboriously responding to a host of adverts in Desire magazine.

I got a few responses, but not much of interest; loads were merely commercial and others were not really interested. One however enclosed a photo of a very buxom blonde and a note saying ‘My name is L, call me.’ So I did.

She had a very sensual voice and was clearly a very sexual creature. She explained that she liked naturism, and our conversations were immediately open and horny. I was living in London, and L was in Northampton, which is not too far away. After a few false starts, including a wasted train journey after which L was not around or answering her phone, I began to lose interest. I thought it was worth persevering. This turned out to be a good call.

Eventually we arranged to meet in a pub not far from her house. I remember getting there very early and her not being there, which made me think I had wasted another journey. However she answered her mobile and said she was on her way. After a while and a couple of fortifying drinks, she arrived, and walked straight to the table I was sitting at. She was blonde, very buxom, and although quite large, she had a very sexy air about her, exuding sexual confidence. Anyway, after a warm introductory kiss on the lips, she sat down and we got talking.

We went to a few pubs, and all the while talked openly about sex, what she had done and what I had done; this made the conversation a bit one-sided. I had not even got out the starting blocks whilst she had run a marathon!! I had never met anyone so in touch with their sexuality and I found this a huge turn on. After a while, crunch time had come. The last train had left, and it was that or sleeping on the platform! As we walked down a street, I grabbed her and pushed her into a door way, planting a firm and urgent kiss on her mouth. She responded in kind, ramming her tongue down my throat and her hand down my trousers grabbing my cock which felt like it was going to burst. I clamped my hand over her crotch, pushing hard on her cunt. I discovered to my delight that it was shaven smooth. I could feel the wetness through her knickers and trousers. We both breathlessly fumbled for a while before moving on. Not far down the street, she shoved me into an alley and we repeated our urgent, aggressive fondling, kissing and grabbing. We took a long time to get to her house, let me tell you!

When we got home, we headed upstairs where we leapt on her bed. She asked if I wanted her to undress me. Obviously in the hands of an expert I agreed. She gently but urgently took off all my clothes, with a running dirty commentary. As my trousers and boxers were yanked down, my cock sprung up like it was on a wire. Her constant dirty talk was a huge turn-on. She would stroke my cock saying things like, ‘OOOH, what a lovely thick big cock…I can’t wait to feel it in my cunt’. This was new territory for me. I had never been with such a fuck freak.

Once I was bollock naked she stripped. Like I said, here pussy was shaved, but she said it was a little stubbly and it could do with a going over. I offered to help, and got my shaving brush and worked up a lather on her smooth pussy. I thought I’d let her do the shaving as cuts are not sexy! In no time it was smooth and glistening, and once it had been rinsed and gently dried, I knelt between her spread thighs and shoved three fingers into the sopping cunt in front of me. I quickly followed this up with my tongue and gave her clit a thorough lashing. She was yelling filth out loud and with a cry she deluged a huge stream of come into my mouth. This was a total surprise, and I was not quite sure how to respond, but I held it in my mouth and moved up her body to dribble her come back into her own mouth and across her huge tits. I asked it was piss or cum, and she said that it was a mixture of both. Now of course I know all about female ejaculation but at the time I just knew it was damned horny!

The night continued in that vein, with her riding me every which way, sucking my cock, tit fucking me and me licking her pussy. She lay on the bed with her head hanging back and asked me to fuck her mouth, which I did. Then, pushing me back and getting onto the middle of the bed, she threw her legs back over her head so that her pussy was wide opened. I stood over her and lowered myself into her, piledriving her until she came and came again. The sight of my cock slamming into her bald cunt was out of this world. With her moaning and squealing and calls to ‘fuck her pussy, harder, faster, ooh your cock feels good' etc, I felt like I was in one long porn film, and I played up, being as dirty as I could, whacking her clit with my cock, face fucking her and standing over her, wanking and coming all over her tits. She could not get enough and nor could I. My inhibitions (normally strong) were long gone, and I don’t think there is anything I would not have done. I remember her asking if I’d like her to fuck my arse with a strap on, and I growled yes, like an animal. It never happened but I would not have stopped her.

Eventually the time came for a taxi. Even then she managed to suck my cock back to hardness one more time for a final (seventh or eighth) come dump down her gorgeous throat.

We did meet again, this time in a hotel, but it did not seem to have the same intensity about it. Perhaps it was the hotel environment, but it did not work so well, with a couple of furtive fucks and then she went home. I did ring her a few times, and on one occasion it transpired L had been rumbled by some local rag for having appeared in a Ben Dover video. I tracked it down and there, sure enough, was L in her flat being shagged by a couple of blokes. It brought back many memories, and I still watch it from time to time.

I am now happily married, but I always remember that night as the best night of sex I have ever – or probably will ever – have.