Written by Pt_cruisers1

6 Aug 2009

Im sure you all heard this before but this a true story that happened about a year ago, and ill swear on my kids life its true.

My wife and i met 15 yrs ago as teenages we had been married for 9 yrs. both first loves and had bearly even kissed anyone else. We had a private good sex life and often talked durring sex about envolving another person but that was all it was..talk, untill we saw a documentary on channel 4 about the swinging scene and meeting websites. We decided to register with one and see what happened.

Well one staurday evening in the chat room my wife was chatting to a nice bloke so i told her to invite him round now, no point in thinking about it too much. he arrived an hour later that hour saw us tidying up and showering not knowing what to expect. he arrived and after small talk and coffee my wife stood up and said she was going to slip into something more comfortable. she came back downstairs wearing black hold ups black french knickers and matching bra and her ann summers nurses uniform. she told him to get undressed as she helped me out of my clothes he came up behind her and pulled off her knickers and kissed her neck, she closed her eyes and kissed me. then she pushed me down onto the sofa got down on her knees and started to suck my cock whilst he moved himself so she sat on his face and he could lick her pussy. he must off licked her for 30 mins or so and she loved every min of it i could tell as she ground her pussy down on his face. she then went down on him to suck his rather large cock. she is a great cock sucker!

Part 2 to follow if anyone is intrested