Written by Valerie

4 Sep 2009

Hello, my name is Val, i am 52, married for over 26 years with 2 grown up daughters. I am approx 5'6, size 12-14, shoulder length fair hair. Having 2 daughters has helped me to keep young and in their words 'trendy' but i prefer smart and elegant. Two years ago i returned to work as a PA/Secretary, a job i had done before i had children. The events i am about to share with you happened a month ago and may well continue. I have always been totally faithful to my husband and adore family life but suddenly i seem to be acting totally alien to my normal conservative, quiet nature and morals.

My company had held a 3 day conference and i had been involved with the organization of the event though not part of it. However on the last night i had been invited to the dinner/dance and was allowed to stay overnight as the conference was being held in another part of the country and would have been to far for me to return home. Initially i felt reluctant to attend but my husband encouraged me to go saying that i should go and enjoy the pampering and comfort of the hotel during the day and why not take advantage if the company were offering to pay for me. So i agreed to go.

As the evening progressed I found myself in the company of 2 gentleman called Robert and Marcus. With the dancing now started and people leaving their tables and socialising the 2 of them entertained me with their witty banter and partnered me on the dance floor as well as keeping my glass topped up with wine. I am not much of a drinker but i had 2 glasses of champagne at the reception followed by wine at the table and whilst not drunk i felt very relaxed and was enjoying their company. I joked with them that surely they should go and find much younger company to enjoy the night with but they both insisted they stay with me and showered me with compliments which were extremely flirtatious and sexual. Not used to this attention from anyone but my husband i was naturally flattered and embarrassed and instead of being offended it encouraged me to respond in a flirtatious way. Maybe i did have too much to drink !! They both became extremely tactile with me putting their arms around me and touching my arm and hand when talking to me. Dancing slow with them became more intimate and Marcus enjoyed rubbing his body up close to mine whilst caressing my hips and lower back.

When Robert invited me back for a drink in his room i rather innocently took this as a coffee but on arriving there found he had poured me a further glass of wine. As i was sitting in the chair Marcus started to rub my shoulders and i mentioned to him how relaxing this was. He pursuaded me to lie on the bed where he could massage me properly. I remember reminding him that i was a married lady to which he laughed at. As i laid face down he came and sat astride my back and started to massage me. Gently his hands went to the base of my back and then to my bum. As i turned around i was met with Robert sitting on the side of the bed in just his boxer shorts. His hands started to massage the bottom of my legs and then working their way up to the hem of my skirt. Marcus rolled off me and then turned me over. He kissed me gently on the cheek and on my lips. I remember saying that i do not think i should be doing this and that they were young enough for me to be there mum.

Robert's hand worked its way up lifting the hem of my dress until he reached my stocking tops. He remarked how nice it was to find that i wore stockings. Marcus by this time had taken his clothes off and laid next to me. I was gently rolled over and my dress was removed. My bra was removed and i laid there in my suspenders, stockings, panties and still wearing my high heels which Marcus insisted they stayed on. With both of them lying next to me thay started to kiss my neck and my breasts and nipples. Despite knowing what i was doing was wrong i was enjoying the attention i was getting. Their hands found there way between my legs and fingers started to probe my pussy. Another first for me was that they started to talk extremely dirty to me. Suddenly Robert put his cock to my mouth and told me to suck it. Marcus now had now removed my panties and had his face between my legs licking and sucking my pussy. I lost all track of time and then suddenly i felt Marcus move up the bed positioning himself between my legs. Without warning i felt his cock enter me, i literally screamed and this seemed to encourage him to fuck me harder and harder telling me how much he wanted to fuck me all night. He suddenly shot his spunk into me and immediately Robert moved between my legs and rammed his cock into me, fucking me fast ahd hard. He raised my legs above his shoulders and seemed to enjoy listening to my screams of pleasure. Having spunked into me i thought that maybe it was time for me to leave. However Marcus and Robert were not finished with me yet. Marcus now turned me onto my hands and knees and entered me from behind. Robert positioned himself in front of me and again i had to suck his cock. This time without any warning he came into my mouth.

I completely lost track of time and all i remember was going back to my room at 3.30am. I remember going home in the morning completely in a daze and feeling extremely guilty at what i had done. Returning home was not an easy thing for me to cope with and i have been racked with guilt. However there is something deep deep inside of me that happened to enjoy the events of that night. One week ago my phone rang at the office and i was startled to hear Roberts voice. The crux of the phone call was that they wanted to meet me again. Despite my brave front saying it would not be possible Marcus called me back later in what can only be described as a very naughty and suggestive conversation. It was left that they will call me back this following Monday. My head says no but my body is telling me yes. I am not sure whether there will be a further installment to this posting which by the way was prompted by Marcus who told me of the site and said how great it would be for him to read of the account of that evening.