Written by Janson

23 Oct 2017

Thursday night was a first for me.

My wife’s new bull, Evan came over to pick my wife up for a date. My wife has spent hours getting ready. Her efforts have really paid off, even more than usual. She looks stunning. I was bubbling with excitement. The day before the date on Wednesday morning, my wife locked my cock in chastity and this time used the smaller cage. She released me only to shower and put it straight back on again. She also said that her pussy now belonged to Evan. He has been busy also sending me playful but taunting texts about how he looked forward to fucking my wife.

This hasn’t happened overnight. My wife was against having sex with anyone else but me but eventually went along with it and since then she has seen how I enjoy the denial, humiliation and restriction while she has total freedom. She totally exercises her freedom but she still loves me and the security I provide her.

She has known Evan 2 months and I meet him 3 weeks ago. He has been to our house twice since and they had sex upstairs while I waited downstairs. It is my wife that told me that he is a bull and not a lover as the others have been. He has commitments with others and can spend some limited time with her for raw sex. That’s what she wants and it’s her choice and preference.

Evan arrived as scheduled. We exchanged pleasantries and he gave my wife a hug and a deep kiss. While doing this he cupped her breast and then ran his finger down the front of her beautiful clingy skirt to her crutch. His finger pushing into the V as the material gave way as he traced her pussy slit. He rubbed up and down and she closed her eyes. She looked like she was in pure ecstasy.

Then, something unexpected happened. Evan told my wife to sit on the lounge and unzip his pants. She complied. He then told her to suck his cock.

I took a seat on our small couch to watch. My wife, with no hesitation, took Evan’s semi hard cock into her mouth and began to suck it. I imagined that this was just going to be a teaser to get my mind racing before the two of them went out for the evening.

Watching my wife suck Evan’s cock was awesome. She was so into it and it was soon very hard. She kept looking up at Evan and making eye contact with him. Her enthusiasm was both thrilling and cutting. I tried to remember the last time she had sucked my cock with anywhere near that enthusiasm. It was hard to remember the last time she’d sucked my cock at all. The little spark of jealousy made me swell inside my cage.

He then took his cock out of her mouth and had her stand up and remove her tiny g string panties. He then took the g string out of her hand and smelt the gusset. He then passed it to me and told me to suck it. Which I was only too happy to do. I licked it and took it totally in my mouth. Her taste was incredible.

He then moved our coffee table out of the way and sat her on the lounge again. He told her she looked so beautiful and needed to be eaten. He then got down and eased my wife’s legs apart. He used his fingers in her for a few minutes and then went down on her until her body was shaking and she was screaming. He kept doing this. I heard slurping noises as his mouth and expert tongue made her pussy wetter and wetter. She was nearly climbing out of the chair.

Then Evan lifted his head and whispered something to my wife. She answered back quietly but loud enough for me to hear something along the lines of, “We don’t have to go out.”

Evan sat on the couch, but not before having my wife pass me her phone. The screen was open to a message, showing a text he had sent her called “Deception,” which informed her that his plan all along had been to come over and pleasure her in front of me. She had kept this a secret.

Evan then sat back on the couch and let my wife suck his cock more. She was on her knees and the back of her skirt was soaking wet with her juice.

Then, they went upstairs.

I followed along, having been given permission to do so by Evan. He actually invited me witness their love making. He didn’t say that exactly. He said “Come upstairs and watch me fuck your wife (he actually used her first name) but only after she has begged for my cock. You want that don’t you”? I answered “yes please” and followed.

I’ve never wanted to tread where I was unwelcome, and up to this point my cuckolding adventures have been confined to listening to them from downstairs and occasionally to receiving some pictures from other lovers she had before. I didn’t want my presence to make my wife hold back at all or to feel self-conscious.

If my wife was feeling self-conscious, it certainly didn’t show. If she was holding back, I can’t imagine what it would look like if she totally cut loose. She was totally his and looked so confident being naked in front of him. It was like I was invisible.

For the next hour, I was delighted and tormented by the sounds, and for the first time, to the real sights of my wife being fucked by a Bull.

It was amazing.

Evan first made my wife cum again several times with his mouth and fingers. Once she was begging for his cock, he flipped her onto her hands and knees and took her from behind. This was not before he made her ask over and over for his cock. She begged for it, she said “I need you inside me”. He wasn’t gentle. He thrust into her deep and hard, driving her body flat against the mattress. Then he began to fuck her.

Her sex sounds are the most amazing things. She’s always oozed with a completely natural, visceral sexuality, even when she’s not trying to be sexy at all. I would have closed my eyes and just savoured the sounds if Evan hadn’t intentionally positioned my wife so that I could watch her face.

Within a couple of minutes she was already yelling that she was about to cum again and that Evans’s cock was so good and so big. He is, by the way, about half as big again to my size if we’re talking sheer volume. She has not always been something of a size queen but she was liking this. I was straining inside my cage so hard, it was like I could feel the material of the cage straining and cutting into my cock.

Evan flipped my wife onto her back. She spread her legs wide open for him and he drove into her and fucked her with the perfect combination of gentle and rough.

Her head was hanging off the side of the bed so that she was facing me, less than three feet from me. I was able to watch her every expression as she was brought to orgasm over and over again over for what must have been 20 minutes. I watched her legs twitch in the air and heard her passionate screams and groans.

“He’s making me cum again,” she said to me with a little smile, right before her eyes rolled back in her head.

Soon, she was begging him for his cum. He held out longer, plunging into her over and over while she gasped, moaned, and screamed. Then, he announced that he was going to cum. He pushed in deep into her and let his cum flow deep inside her. He groaned as he did it.

My wife moaned and moved her hips as to milk every last drop out of him.

The two of them cooled down by laying on the bed for a bit and chatting. I joined in the chatting, too. They were naked but I was still wearing clothes. His cock was lying against his leg although soft it was still a good size. My wife took some tissues and cleaned it up. She then took it in her hand and gently rolled the head between her fingers.

The way she was lying, her legs were apart and I could see his white creamy sperm in the folds of her pussy. It dribbled down between her bum cheeks. It was a lot to take in. I so wished I could get down in there with my tongue to savour his cream and her juice while it was so fresh. Maybe one day that will come but not now. Up to this point I had been a completely silent observer, not entirely sure what to do with myself and not wanting to distract them from their fun.

I excused myself after a bit, thinking they would just lie around a bit longer and then get dressed. I went downstairs and waited. I thought they would take their time. But after about an hour I heard them. From the noise they were making it was clear that they had started to fuck again.

He stayed the night and I slept in the lounge downstairs in the lounge where my wife had sat on when he had eaten her pussy. The lounge fabric was still wet from her orgasm and the smell of her sex was very evident. I lay and nuzzled the lounge fabric while I listened to their fucking sounds upstairs. I heard her moan and scream as he gave her orgasms over and over. This was all too much and I was able to cum myself even though I was still locked in the cock cage just by rubbing the underside of my cock near the ring where it goes round my balls with my finger. My cum lasted for ages as my cock was pressed hard into the plastic end of the cage and the fluid could not escape and only leaked out. My cumming was a mistake but after I did it I relaxed and it was a beautiful way to drift of to sleep.

I woke early and heard them moving about. He has never slept over before and I thought he would have to get away early. I dressed and went to the kitchen and made coffee and tea as I didn’t know what he may want and also some toast. They came down. Evan was dressed but my wife just wore a light gown with nothing under it.

He accepted coffee and the toast. She sat opposite him on a stool and he wiped melted butter on her nipples and then licked it off. She closed her eyes and he breathing quicken and she gasped. I am not sure but she may have cum, if not she was very close. Then he said he had to go. My wife saw him to the door. They kissed long and hard. He had his hands inside her gown on her boobs again and then rubbed her pussy. Then he was gone.

I was very excited and my wife came into my arms and kissed me and asked if I wanted to get out of the cage. She thanked me for the night and said that Evan had been wonderful. Better than any man had ever been. We had some time as she is a teacher and we had about an hour before she had to start to get ready.

We went up to the bedroom where she had the cage key. When she unlocked the cage she saw my dried cum and was not impressed. I had made that big mistake. I should have fought the urge. She has let me go down on her and lick her pussy when she has returned from a date with him or the 2 times they did it upstairs and I have listened then when he left I got to do it. She has never let me fuck her then but made me wait till the next night when she wants more sex. She never wants to ruin it after being with him as he leaves her so satisfied. Licking her out is a concession she makes for me and she does get more pleasure. But she was not letting me do anything. She said she was hurt as she expected me to wait while she had sex with him and keep myself for her. She went on to tell me again that her pussy belonged to Evan but it was her choice if I ever got to have it again. So I really blew my chances.

She made me shower and clean up and then put a cage back on. She gave a little when she suggested that I put another larger cage on that has more room as I had to wear it at work all day. She never let me see her without her gown or get into the shower. She was really cross and showed her disappointment. I am fairly sure if I had not made the mistake and cum then she may have let me fuck her.

At lunch time I slipped home as my work is very flexible and I changed the bed sheets on our bed as they were soiled with cum and her sex juice. I washed and set them in the dryer and then tidied the house. I bought some flowers on my way home and placed them in the bedroom and in our lounge room as a surprise. I hope I am forgiven. I won’t make that mistake again. I want to please both of them.

It was an amazing first time watching, and I’m hoping will be the first time of many. It was great seeing my wife enjoy herself and really get into the teasing spirit of things. I hope that they will both continue to grow more comfortable and bold with me as things progress, and that the teasing they give me will add to their pleasure.