Written by John williams

25 Mar 2016

My wife Sandra and I had been married for 15 years and our sex life was still pretty much OK you know usual once a week or twice a month and we often spiced it up with me whispering a fantasy situation into her ear which had the effect of Sandra moaning out load and asking me to bite her nipples hard. Sandra is a size 10 short bobbed auburn hair and 34d breasts she stands about 5'3" and when drunk can be a real hand full but not in a nice way as she tends to get very gobby which lands us in all sorts of trouble thankfully she doesn't get that way to often. We had been invited to a 40th birthday party at a friends house so come the night of the party we got dressed into the usual party going stuff, nothing to exciting, black trousers and a black Lacey top for her and jeans and a shirt for me. The party went really and although Sandra got quite drunk she became very flirty and looked like she wanted a good night so at about 12 she said lets go I want to fuck you woopee I thought and got our coats. On the way out we bumped into Joan and Peter who were also heading home so we walked together laughing and mucking about as we did. I had Joan on my arm and Peter had his arm round Sarah. We got to the junction where we would split up but Joan said why don't you come back to ours as the hot tub is on and don't worry you can borrow a costume from me Sandra so we agreed and off we went. I felt a bit put out because I was on my way to fucking my wife and now that's not going to happen still Peter and Joan are good fun. We arrived at their house and without delay Peter and I stripped to our boxers and jumped into the tub shouting for beer as we did so. The girls cam out soon after dressed in just bra and knickers I say knickers they left little to the imagination and Peters eyes almost popped out of his head when he saw Sandra's lovely tits, tight arse and beautiful ginger hair I on the other hand was more than pleased to see Joan's small petite boobs with nipples that you could hang a coat on. Come here and sit next to me Peter called to Sandra which she did and Joan sat with me giggling and drinking more wine. As we chatted I felt Joan's hand slide up my leg and stroke my semi hard cock whilst talking to Sandra and not letting on what was going on under the water. I was starting to get really hard when I noticed Sandra wriggle and take a deep breath then she wriggled some more whilst Sandra gave me a sneaky wank all the time trying to pretend nothing was happening. Peter stopped talking suddenly put his arm around Sandra and pulled her in for a kiss. I expected her to refuse but instead the kisses and soon had there tongues sliding into each other's mouths and then I realised that whilst I was being wanked by Joan Peter was finger fucking Sandra and any resistance had gone. Joan turned to me and said looks like I'm going to fuck you to night whilst Peter takes care of Sandra. Peter already had Sandra's bra off and was playin with her tints which she loves and I turn she was giving him the wank of his life his boxers were off floating about in the tub and Sandra just looked at me as Joan placed a boob in my mouth and she smiled stood up and straddled Peter sitting on his cock a moaning out loud. I sat on the edge of the tub and Joan just sank her mouth over my cock and sucked me as I watched my beautiful ginger wife ride Peters cock and was moaning and saying she was coming. Joan turned round and said its my turn now so she bent over the side of the tube and I entered her from behind I heard Sandra say give her a good fucking Johnathon but it didn't take long before we both had a fantastic realise and I came deep inside her. We all could not believe what had just happend so we got out of the hot tub dried each other off and went inside for more drinks. Once inside Joan and I started kissing again and I saw Sandra being led upstairs. When Joan I ventured up stairs I could her Sarah saying fuck me hard and as I looked into the bedroom she was on all fours backing on to Peters cock. We stayed the night and Peter and I fucked each other's wife's as often as we could.