Written by Diamond

4 Nov 2014

The guy who wanted to suck my tits decided to stand behind me and gently massage my neck and shoulders. His hands kept wandering and eventually they ended up on my massive breasts he squeezed them tight and nipped my nipples. I could feel my panties were now drenched because whilst he was fondling my red hard nipples another guy had whipped off my thong and was thrusting his fingers inside my juicy wet pussy. Two other guys where standing watching wanking away this really turned me on I then squirted all over the place. All of a sudden the big guy who was largely built like a rugby player shouted FUCK THIS, I NEED TO FUCK THIS SLUT he ran over to me lifted me up over his shoulder and carried me to the room next door. He threw me on a circular bed which was covered in sheepskins the room was beautiful everything white and clean, open fire with a lovely large fireplace, mirrors everywhere. I screamed loud out of pleasure and fear not knowing what he might do to me He pulled my top and skirt off prised my legs open wide undid his zip and out popped the most magnificent thick extremely large long black cock. I could not control my self I again squirted just before he roughly entered my dripping wet pussy and pounded me deep and hard slapping and biting my tits I was in heaven. The other two guys who had been wanking had followed us in and were now spilling their loads over my face and tits calling me names and telling me what they were going to do to me when this guy had finished with me. I lay on the bed watching the whole event in the reflection in the mirror on the ceiling and again squirted in excitement ,the rugby man gave me a good seeing to deep and dirty then flicked me over and fucked my arse. I screamed and screamed at first as it hurt so much he was large then the pain became enjoyable so I shouted for more. The rest of the lads where playing with my pussy and sticking their cocks down my throat. I love deep throating cocks, gagging on them its divine, so had no problem they all seem to enjoy me spitting on their cocks and sucking them. I could feel each cock pulsating in my mouth and throat. One guy emptied his load down my throat nearly choking me he had plenty of spunk to off load. They all tasted good I felt special, naughty and wanted more and more. Then rugby man grabbed me, his cock still in my arse next thing I was laid on top of him he invited the others to fuck my pussy, he asked birthday boy if he wanted a go first. It was birthday boys first DP so they all chanted and clapped him as he entered me and rammed his cock into me. Then suddenly the door bell rang………......