Written by Slutty Nicola

23 Feb 2015

I cant' give real names for obv reasons but lets call me Nicola, I'm 29, my husband 'Paul' is 31. We had never swapped or anything like that but had talked about it for a while but as we have very young twin boys it just never seemed the right time . The most we had done is send photo's to people we met on line who appeared to love my long red hair and really pale skin which I thought made me look ugly but everyone seemed to think otherwise. We have also read a lot of stories which has kept us interested and which is why I'm writing now with my husbands blessing.

Two weeks ago we cam back from Barbados where friends of ours have a place. 'Eric' is 68 and Susan is '61' and they are very 'Hippy' types. Eric has long grey hair tied in a pony tale. We went with another couple 'Tony' and 'Lucy' and their kids. 'Tony & Lucy are very quiet and shy but Eric and Susan are a bit wild.

Anyway, Eric has always had a thing about me which Paul finds amusing, he always finds an excuse to give me a hug or put his arm around me and Paul had always said that if we did swap he would want me to be with Eric.

One evening half way through the holiday the kids where in bed and we had just finished washing up after a meal when Paul, Eric, Susan and I decided to jump in the pool, the others retired to bed.

After about half an hour Paul went to check on the boys followed by and Susan. I started to follow but Paul insisted I stay and relax. As usual Eric found an excuse to put his arm round my waist or touch my shoulders which I am ok with and we just fooled around pushing and tickling and stuff until I went to the side of the pool to catch my breath, Eric followed.

Neither of us said anything but he put his hand on my stomach. It was one of those 'I know what's coming next but I'm not sure' moments. Eric just stared at me telling me how beautiful I was, he asked permission to touch me, I thought he meant his hand on my stomach. I told him it was ok and he slid his hand down between my legs. The feeling was intense and I remember shuddering which Eric must have took as encouragement.

I could have stopped him at any time but instead I let him carry on. I told him someone would be watching but he just said they wouldn't and continued to slide his fingers into me. I had to hold onto his strong arms until he stopped, pulled his shorts down revealing his thick cock. We didn't speak, he just pulled my bottoms off and pulled my top up over my head. Other than my husband and the strangers we sent photo's too Eric was the only other man to see me naked.

We stood there, Eric took my hand and placed it round his cock which I could just about get my hand round. The two of us pleasured each other, me gently tossing him off and whilst he massages my breasts with one hand whilst finger fucking me with the other.

I kept looking around half expecting to see someone standing there thankful that none of the bedroom windows over looked the pool. I came there and then Eric covering my mouth as I squealed.

He put his hands on my waist, lifted me up and gently lowered me onto his shaft. His cock stretching me, he held onto me with his hands on my backside and this sexy old man fucked me with our tongues exploring each other.

I asked him to suck my breasts and that was the only time he slipped out of me, to allow him to lift me up so he could almost eat my tits, his tongue flicking my seriously sensitive nipples before entering me again.

We fucked for so long stopping only for him to turn me round so he could enter me from behind. I told him someone would come to look for us so he led me out of the pool through a door to a small Changing room, pushed me onto my knees and took me again in there finishing me off doggy style holding my hair and riding me.

The feeling of his balls against my backside and his hands squeezing my breasts sent me over the top. I had to bit my hand to stop the sound as I had the strongest orgasm I have ever had, so strong I collapsed onto my stomach.

Eric had to pick me up so he could finish slipping back inside me. He poured so much cum into me it started to run back out.

I ended up on my back exhausted, Eric wiped his cock with his hand and stated to reach for a towel but I took his hand and wiped his cum onto my breasts. I was on such a sexual high I even took his last bit of cum from his cock and put it in my mouth. He knelt over me, fed his fat cock into my mouth squeezing his last drop onto my tongue.

We fucked several times during the holiday when everyone one was out but usually just a quickie. Paul is sat with me as I write this so he knows all about it. I tried to get him to try to fuck Susan but it didn't happen.

That was a little while ago and although I love my husband so much I am desperate to have Eric again just for the excitement of it. I can't be a member here otherwise I would love to send you photo's, maybe there is another old man closer to home.