Written by Pads

1 Sep 2010

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about my first time with an older woman and what a fantastic experience it was back in the summer of 2006. I’d met Brenda a few months earlier at a work function and we’d got on really well and were very flirty with each other. She was about 15 years older than me in her late forties, 5ft 3, with a really curvy figure, a lovely big round arse, shoulder length blonde hair, a pretty face and lovely blue eyes. We’d kept in touch and she was always asking if I fancied travelling up to see her as she lived a few miles north of London. I was playing a fair level of football at the time and was always busy at weekends but as May came to an end I finally had free time and gratefully accepted Brenda’s invite to meet up for the day.

I travelled up by train as I knew we’d be having a drink and Brenda met me at the station, as I walked into the car park she was leaning up against her car looking very sexy with sunglasses on, a low cut blouse, cargos and a broad smile. She walked up to me and gave me a big hug and a firm kiss right on the lips. As she turned to get in the car I saw that her trousers hugged her gorgeous bum and I just wanted to get my hands on it.

We had lunch in the garden of a country pub and chatted away with plenty of flirting and compliments for each other, after Brenda had been to the loo she came back and set next to me rather than opposite on the bench. She slid her hand on my thigh and gave it a form squeeze, ‘I can’t have another drink if we stay here’, she said, ‘Why don’t we go back to mine and carry on there?’ Then she gently guided her hand up and down my inner thigh, which stiffened my cock immediately. I’d been single for quite a while and was so horny. ‘Sounds great’ I said, as we walked back to her car I gave her amazing arse a squeeze, Brenda gave me the sexiest look, ‘I was hoping you wouldn’t just want lunch’ she laughed.

As she drove to her house we each took opportunities to grab handfuls of each other when the traffic stopped, she wrapped her left hand round my cock at one red light and at the next I slid my right hand between her legs and felt the damp warm of her pussy through her trousers. ‘You’ll make me crash’ she joked with a wink. As we arrived at her house we both hurried to the door, Brenda making a rather embarrassed wave to her neighbour Diane who was in the front garden and staring at us. The door slammed behind me and we started to kiss, hot, lusty, mouth open tongue touching deep kisses. I undid the button on her blouse and slipped my hand up her body cupping both of her soft full tits and rubbing my thumbs over her hard nipples which I could feel through her lacy bra, I’d guess Brenda was about a size 14/16 and she was all woman. She broke off from me, ‘Take a seat, let me get those drinks or you’ll have me here in the hall!’

I sat on the sofa Brenda brought the drinks over, her blouse still open, face flushed. We both took hearty gulps of our drinks and then she said ‘Right, where w ere we’. Our kissing got more frantic, I kissed her neck and shoulder as I took her blouse off, she removed my polo shirt, running her hands all over me, I swiftly removed her bra hungrily sucking at her big boobs and her thick pink nipples. ‘I hope all that football has kept you fit!’ she said ‘I really need this’. Brenda removed her trousers leaving just her in just lacy white knickers, I undressed completely and stood in front of her, my cock rigid and thick. She reached out and curled her hand around the shaft and brought me closer to her, I loved the way her red fingers nails looked holding me, sitting on the edge of the sofa she guided me into her hot wet mouth and closed her red lips around the head of my cock. Holding my balls gently in her left hand she gently wanked me with her right while keeping my swollen head inside her mouth slowly moving her head back and forth, it was sensational. Then she took me all the way into her mouth, holding me firm at the base until her lips met her fingers, she drew her head back slowly sucking incredibly hard all the way back up my cock until the head popped out of her mouth making a delicious wet noise. My head was throbbing, almost purple, she wanked me with a deft curling movement of her wrist and then repeated the whole thing at least half a dozen times. I was seconds from coming, I told Brenda, she took me back into her mouth and softly bobbed her mouth up and down on my cock, my legs were shaking as I looked down to see the top of her highlighted blonde head rhythmically moving back and forth on me , I slid my hand into her hair, she was making little moaning noises each time she pushed down on me and that was it I could hold on no longer. I felt the first rush of cum shoot up my cock and then jet out deep into Brenda’s mouth, she kept going as I let out at least three or four more thick jets of spunk and she swallowed everything massaging my balls and jerking the base while she sucked, it was the most incredible blow job of my life. As my orgasm subsided and my cock soften she gave me one last suck as she pulled out of her mouth and there wasn’t even a trace of my cum, all I could say was ‘wow!’

I kissed her full on the mouth and could taste my saltiness on her tongue, ‘You’re amazing’, I pushed her back onto the sofa, pulled down her knickers and then eased her legs wide apart to reveal this incredible woman’s pussy. Below a mat of dark blonde hair, were he swollen pink pussy lips, wet and slightly parted. I went straight in, running my thumb up her lips and round her clit I quickly followed the movement with my tongue. The aroma and taste of her pussy was enough to make you high, as I concentrated my tongue on her clit I slid one finger inside her, her soft wet walls easily accommodated this and I quickly made it two and then three fingers which I worked in and out of her cunt with a twisting motion all the time flicking her clit with my tongue quickly and then occasionally sucking on the swollen bud. Brenda’s started to move her hips up and down to meet my hand, draping her soft full thighs round my neck and then held the back of my head as her breathing quickened and her moans got louder, I sped up a little and then I felt her orgasm start deep down inside her and erupt upwards. Holding my head firm with both hands she ground her pussy in my face thrusting on my fingers as she rode it out and came with one final shudder. My face was drenched in her pussy juice as I lifted up to see her broad wide grin, sparkling eyes and flushed complexion. ‘I need another drink’ she laughed.

We kissed, drank and after a little time to recover she led me by the hand upstairs to her bedroom...