2 Sep 2017

We had been talking about trying to spice up our sex life with a black guy for a couple of years , the talk about size and contrast between black and white always came up when we had had a few glasses of wine and were watching porn, late into the evening ....

The sex after talking dirty was always great and I knew Liz was really getting more and more horny by the day. We joined a couple of swingers websites - (Liz now in control of the situation and always pushing the subject back into the days chat! )

After checking out lots of profiles, she sent out some messages to guys she liked the look of, I was getting seriously excited at the thought of her fucking another guy with me watching and filming it all.

We had lots of enthusiastic replies and Liz seemed spoilt for choice in the local area, she chose a nice looking guy that had lots of great sounding feedback from his previous encounters .

After visiting family a few miles away , we made our way to the hotel that had been booked for the meeting.It was now around 10.00 pm and as we got to the junction to turn off for the hotel, I said "it's make your mind up time - are we really going through with this , or heading home ?" . It was a big question and the answer was a shy,but definate yes please ....

Walking into the quiet reception , M was waiting there for us. We said hello and furtively shuffled down the corridor to the room , all a bit embarrassed it seemed . When we got inside M said I am pleased it was you guys as there was an older couple sitting in reception already who really didn't look like what he was hoping for !

I asked if he minded me filming and taking pictures , he said no problem as long as we were discreet and don't put them in public forums with faces showing.

With that Liz took control and started to get things moving straight away,taking her coat off and knelt down in front of M, I guess I shouldn't have been surprised as she was always an enthusiastic cock sucker , she unzipped his trousers and pulled down his pants and just started to rub his cock which was getting hard pretty quick, after a minute or so she took it in her mouth which made we gasp a little , this was Really happening now and I was getting hard too.

I was pleased he was bigger than me , but not by much ! Not the monster cock we had been talking about , but Liz was very enthusiastic about sucking his balls and really getting him going.

After a few more minutes , he pulled her up and pushed her back onto the bed and took her panties off , going straight down on her made her cry out in delight , this was what she really wanted and wasn't shy about getting it too. M said Chris get me a towel I think she is going to be very wet in a minute, I got one from the bathroom and he laid it under her bottom, after a few minutes of fucking her with his long fingers , she came in a gush, which I had never seen before , this man knew what he was doing and she was loving it ...

She really wanted to be fucked by now and he wasted no time in turning her over and entering her from behind, the grunt from Liz as his big cock pushed right inside her was from the gut and now he was really fucking her hard , after a few minutes of this position , I had taken lots of pictures and was filming now the build up to the climax of the sex.

M pulled out of her and she turned round with a hot flushing face , smiled at me in a slightly embarrassed way and started sucking his hard cock again , she said "cum on my tits" which he did after only a short while , I was a little disapointed as cum on the face and mouth was always my dream to see , that would have to wait for another day...........

We met up with M many times after this first time , with the sex getting more and more rampant and in some very interesting situations , I never got involved at all with the action and was happy to film and take pictures - the sex after he had left was always great and we often talked about it.

Having lost touch with him as we moved house, we must now find another partner for Liz , But if you are still out there , reading this M - please get in touch , I still have the same mobile number , Liz would love to fuck you again I know !!