Written by Grateful Lover

1 Mar 2016

This happened many years ago. I had known only one woman before marrying my wife, so I was fairly inexperienced. I was 24 and we were stationed in Germany right after the wedding, but the marriage lasted only seven months before she returned home and divorced me. I hadn't seen it coming and had no idea she was unhappy. Needless to say, I was emotionally devastated and put all my energies into my work at the main logistics headquarters, arriving early, staying late, and working most Saturdays when everyone else was off.

Krista was the 41-year old recently divorced German secretary for our section and had a 14-year old daughter. She had a slim and angular body with fair skin and short cropped reddish brown hair. She was all German efficiency although she did have a nice smile as she efficiently herded us in a business-like way. From the first, I admired her, and had the vague feeling she was well disposed to me. My desk was near hers and we dealt with each other many times each day, and my admiration grew, although I always thought of her more as a colleague than as a woman.

About six months after my wife left, the annual week long Frankfurt fair was approaching. I had an interest in a few German military book publishers and desperately wanted to attend. I found out Krista was also interested in going, so I asked her to accompany me on the Saturday session. She took the train in and we met at the office, and I drove as she navigated us to the fair grounds. We spent a very pleasant day wandering from booth to booth, breaking for lunch there, then continuing until mid-afternoon.

The last hour or so, I gradually became aware of her as a woman and the beginnings of a physical attraction. I lived in the bachelor officer quarters a few blocks from the office so, as we neared the office, I got the courage to ask if she would like to see where I lived. In those days, 'nice' women did not take the initiative for sex, so she merely expressed polite interest as I detoured there.

My quarters consisted of a sitting room and separate bedroom. I showed her around, then we returned to the sitting room and sat next to each other on the sofa in an awkward and, on my part, a nervous silence. Since I was technically her superior at work even though she actually reported to our section chief, I knew she could not make the first move, but I was almost paralyzed with fear. Finally, after a long pause in an awkward and halting conversation, she turned more toward me and said something like, "You know I wouldn't be sitting here with you if I weren't interested."

I looked at her somewhat in surprise, then her meaning dawned. I hesitatingly leaned toward her and touched her lips with mine. It wasn't so much as a kiss, rather more like a brief brushing of lips. I pulled back a bit almost immediately and looked into her face to make sure I was not overstepping her bounds. She gave me a small smile so I placed one hand on her knee to steady my body as I leaned back into her. She placed a hand on my shoulder and gently pulled me into her. Our kiss, even though closed mouth, was firm and lingering.

Within seconds, we were firmly in each other's arms and the kiss proceeded over several minutes through the brushing of lips with tongues to gentle probing just inside, to urgent open mouth explorations, then into deep French kisses with the running of our hands up and down each other's back. This mutual seduction proceeded with me caressing her small but firm breasts through her blouse and bra, then the opening of blouse buttons, the pushing up of her bra, and my hands lovingly caressing her naked breasts, then rubbing her nipples into hardness. After some minutes and me progressing to kissing and sucking her breasts and hard nipples, she gently pushed me away as she nodded toward the bedroom.

There was an unappetizing military bed there, but it was a comfortable size and we tumbled onto it. We reached for each other, me more urgently than her as she held back to make the point that she was a lady and not some street girl. I slowly got her naked to the waist as we kissed, then paid attention to her breasts with my lips until she urged us into an upright position. Taking over, she stood up and took off the rest of her clothes with exception of panties. She then pulled me up and slowly undressed me all the way.

Once I was naked, she caressed my cock into a full erection with her hand. I just stood there enjoying the experience. She then sat of the edge of the bed and pulled my hips into her face and proceeded to lick and suck my cock. It was obvious she was rather experienced at that and brought me to the edge rather quickly, but knew to stop before I came.

She then lay back and pulled me down next to her, opening her legs and placing my hand over her panty clad pussy. As she rolled her hips against my hand, she put her arms behind my neck and pulled my head down to hers to resume our kissing. I was in heaven being seduced by this much older experienced woman. As I fingered he pussy through her panties, she murmured into my ear, "Take them off." I slowly pulled her panties down and off.

She spread her legs wide open and exposed the sparse reddish brown hair covering her mound and her pussy. I put my hand over her pussy and rubbed it, then ran my fingers along her slit, opening the lips. They were moist and warm. I pushed a finger inside, then added another as she was wet inside. I finger fucked her, soon adding a third finger as her pussy expanded with her mounting arousal.

At the same time, she was slowly caressing my hard cock. When my ministrations to her pussy reached a certain point, she pulled my cock toward her and said, "Put it in me." I got between her legs and lowered myself. She guided my cock to her entrance and put the head in, then moved her hands to my shoulders as I slowly slid in. I slid up her in a single thrust. I was I heaven. It had been so long since I had felt a hot and wet pussy around my cock, it was difficult not to let myself go and fuck her like a school boy in a pussy for the first time.

She sensed what her sensuality was doing to me and whispered into my ear, "Slowly - take me slowly." I calmed down and proceeded to thrust up her at a steady pace. She placed her legs behind my bum and fucked me back with deliberate movements of her hips upward into me, taking over control of our pace. I let her do so and willingly followed her direction. We moved along nicely as her passion built until, after a few minutes of fucking, she quickened her hip movements and started moaning into my ear, "Yes. That's it."

I speeded up and when I sensed we were both getting, her hip movements suddenly became urgent and she gasped, "Mein Gott! Mein Gott! Fick mir! Jetzt! Jetzt!" With that she started her climax. The jerking of her hips and the sudden tightening of her arms and legs about me set me off and I came. My cock exploded in her. We fucked each other with violent hip thrusts as we worked through our mutual orgasms. When finally finished, I collapsed onto her and she gently enfolded me with her arms and legs as we recovered. Eventually, she rolled us onto our sides facing each other and buried her face into my neck and shoulder. We lay there for a long time in the afterglow of our mutual climaxes.

It was wonderful and I immediately felt a wave of gratitude toward her for the gift of her body. We cuddled for a many minutes, then I felt my cock stirring. I wanted her again and asked her if I could. Her response was to give me a big smile and kiss me deeply. She then raised her knees and opened her legs widely for me. I slipped between them and she eagerly guided my cock into her with her hand. I was much more confident than the first time and took control, fucking her vigorously with hard and deep strokes, rapidly building to an orgasm. I soon bellowed out my come and spurt another load of hot cum up her. She didn't come, but her hip thrusts made it obvious she also enjoyed it.

By now it was getting let and she had to get home to her daughter. I drove her there and she invited me to return the next day, Sunday, and spend the afternoon with them and have dinner. I returned early the next afternoon and met her daughter in their small flat. After showing me around, her daughter left to be with a girl friend and we were alone. She was her usual friendly, but reserved self, as I looked upon her with controlled lust. She smiled with recognition of my desire for her and came into my arms. Our mutual passion broke and we kissed with urgency, caressing each other with our hands. She soon led me to her bedroom.

I asked when her daughter would return and she told me she wouldn't be back for several hours. We tore at each other's clothing. On my part it was a frenzy of undressing her as I kissed and caressed her intimate parts. On her part it was a bit more restrained but just as urgent. We tumbled onto the bed and she showed me how to pleasure a woman orally. Under her guidance, I licked and sucked her pussy lips and clit to my heart's content, giving her several comes before entering her and fucking us to a frenzied mutual orgasm before settling into a more comfortable pace of passion.

We spent over two hours fucking during which she showed me how to help a woman on top attain her orgasm as well as the extreme pleasures of rear entry sex. I learned form her the power derived from hard thrusting into a woman's pussy from the rear and the intense pleasure it can give her. By now she was comfortable wailing and screaming out her orgasms, which intensified my own.

We were safely dressed while cuddling on the sofa in the small lounge when her daughter returned and we all helped prepare dinner. It was a delightful family scene. Afterward, she asked me to stay and the three of us played a German card game until it was time for her daughter to retire to her room for the night. When I started to leave, Krista asked me to stay. We retired to her bedroom and locked the door. In response to my questioning look, she told me her daughter would not disturb us.

I stayed for several hours, during which it was hard to keep our love making noises down, but she informed me her daughter well knew what we were doing and would be all right with it since she had heard sex noises when Krista was married to her ex.

Krista enjoyed my young man's recuperative ability as much as me and was an enthusiastic partner. I finally left around midnight after having her more times than I could remember. She was a very enthusiastic sex partner and someone just seeing her in her work mode would never realize the smoldering passion beneath that business-like exterior.

At work the next day, we tried not to let on we were lovers and were successful at it, treating each other no different than before. We then began a routine of me visiting at her flat a couple of times a week, plus during the weekend, for marathon sex after some family time with her daughter. I had fallen in lust with Krista and we were lovers until my tour of duty was completed and I returned home to be demobbed.

For my remaining time there, Krista certainly enjoyed having a horny lover 16 years her junior who could give her hours of sexual pleasure, and I certainly was grateful for the education she gave me in pleasuring a woman. After her, I was forever enamored with older women and quietly confident women, especially the combination of older quietly confident women.

We corresponded and a few years later she wrote to tell me she married a colonel she had met at work - lucky man. I sometimes wondered if I should have married her, but I was young and stupid and didn't ask, which was probably for the best as I'll relate another time.