27 Jun 2016

This story might seem completely ridiculous but it is completely true & I am still shocked by the events of this weekend, which is why I have taken to writing it down, so it can be forever remembered.

It involves me & my 71 year old Mother in Law. Now I am going to kick of by saying that Joan is not a stunner who actually looks 50 & has a massive 38DD bust. No she actually looks a bit older than her 71 years & she is a modest 34B. I also need to say that for all the time I have known here she has never shown the slightest inclination in wanting to jump into bed with me & in fact I have never really had any Mother in law fantasises. We have just got on like any other Mother in law/Son in law I imagine.

My wife & I now live in another town some 150 miles from Joan now & so we only visit once a fortnight, usually going on a Saturday morning & returning Saturday afternoon. However this week it was my wife’s sister’s 40th birthday party on the Saturday evening so we arranged to stay with Joan overnight on the Saturday.

However on Saturday morning my wife came down with a migraine & felt so bad she just wanted to go back to bed. By 4 in the afternoon she was feeling no better but insisted I go to Tracey’s party on my own. I did say I would drive back afterwards but she told me to go & enjoy it & have a drink & just stay at her Mum’s anyway.

So by 7 I was at Joan’s and we got a taxi to the party venue together.

I got the impression she was a bit nervous about me staying without my wife being there, but she never said that.

Tracey’s 40th was the normal affair & we all had a few drinks. Joan had 4 large glasses of wine & was a bit blurry eyed by the time the taxi took us home at midnight.

Once at her bungalow I made my excuses & retreated to her spare bedroom & she went to hers & that is where I expected us to remain the rest of the night.

However within an hour the lager had taken its toll through my system & I needed to pee, so I made my way out of the bedroom & down the hall to the bathroom which was next to Joan’s room.

My bladder was pretty full & so my pee went on quite a bit.

I was just coming to the end, when I was startled by the bathroom door opening. I never lock the door at home because my wife & I live alone & I hadn’t locked it this time round at Joan’s. The sound of the door opening slightly panicked me & so I turned to try & stop Joan coming in, meaning I was actually peeing on the floor & virtually facing the door as Joan stepped in the bathroom.

She looked me in the eye for a split second & then looked straight at my cock which by this time was dribbling a few drops of pee on to her lino.

By this time by attempt to stop her by turning to try & stop the door opening & saying “Shit! I am in here,” was obviously futile.

And then even more to my complete & utter amazement, my 71 year old mother in law giggled & said,

“That is naughty.” As she stared at my limp dick.

For what seemed ages but was just a few seconds I stood there with drops of pee dribbling from my cock still on to the floor & Joan just standing there in a flowered cotton nightdress looking at my cock.

I started to apologise profusely for not locking the door, but she either wasn’t listening or was completely uninterested, because she just took one step forward and wrapped her little hand around my penis.

I felt like someone had punched me in the stomach as my insides seem to turn to liquid as my wife’s mother squeezed my cock & my body responded. I literally felt dizzy & had to reach out to steady myself on the wall with my hand as my cock started to grow in her hand.

“Mmmmmmm, nice,” she said, her voice slightly slurred.

I managed to stammer out , “Joan what are you doing?”

But she just looked up at me, obviously slightly drunk, with a sly grin & started to wank me off with long strokes from the base of my cock all the way up.

My cock soon became slick with the last vestige of pee that hadn’t dripped away & with a few drops of pre-cum that she soon started to draw out of me.

She started to moan & breath very deeply as her strokes got quicker & all I could do was join in with a few “Yeses” & hold on to the wall.

Again it seemed like an age that she wanked my cock but was probably literally only a minute or so before I felt my groin tighten & that familiar burning feeling as my spunk spurted from the end of my cock, over her night-dress & hand.

“Oh yes darling,” she murmured, “Mmmm that is so hot & good, squirt it all over me.”

As my ejaculation subsided I felt even weaker & I just literally plopped down on to the toilet. Joan released my cock, but then surprised me even more, by gently dropping to her knees in front of me & taking my rapidly shrinking cock into her mouth. I looked down & watched as my mother in law slurped on my cock, her tongue flicking all over it, as she took it in & out of her mouth as she cleaned me up completely.

By the time every last drop of cum was gone & my cock had wilted to its normal few limp inches, she had her elbows leaning on my thighs & was looking up at me.

“Was that a nice surprise?”

“Joan that was amazing.”

“Yes it was,” she said giggling again, “I think that last glass of wine tipped me over the edge, making me a naughty girl.”

I didn’t know what to say, I was going to say thank you when she said,

“I was laying in bed & to be honest I was feeling really horny, worse than I have for a long time & I had actually decided to dust off my vibrator & see if there was any life left in the batteries, when I heard you come into the bathroom & I thought why 6 inches of plastic when you could have the real thing. Hope you don’t mind.”

What was I to say?

“No Joan I just never thought of you being like that or like this to be honest.”

She giggled again,

“I am a woman, I might have been on my own for over 10 years & admittedly I am getting on a bit but I still feel randy at times. Just the thought of you & me alone here got me feeling quite naughty & when I heard you starting to wee & had a mental picture of you holding your cock, I decided to act.”

“The drink helped though,” I said with a grin.

“Well I think it took away any inhibitions I might have had.”

She looked down into my lap again and lifted up my limp cock.

“If I am nice to you, can we get this hard again, because I really want it inside me.”

“Well I know what I want,” I said “& that is to see you naked, I am sure that will do the trick.”

Joan & I went into her bedroom & she lifted the night-dress over her head revealing her complete nakedness.

It wasn’t a sight that might get most men excited, her pubic hair was thick & grey, her body & her tits covered in dark liver spots & lots of sagginess to her but at that moment to me she looked amazing.

We kissed passionately, much more passionately that I would have expected, she thrust her tongue into my mouth whilst at the same time sucking on mine, building up the wetness.

My hands felt for her tits & I was surprised to find her hands join mine, so in fact we were both mauling at her breasts as we kissed.

The kissing continued & to be honest it was so horny kissing my mother in law like this that I didn’t want it to stop & so I ran my fingers down over her stomach through her pubic mat & down to her pussy.

To my surprise again she was dripping wet & as I started to finger her again I felt her hand join mine. So whilst we kissed, her often literally licking my face at times before inserting her tongue back into my mouth, I thrust 2 fingers into her cunt & she rubbed her clit.

After about a minute or so of this, she broke away from our kiss & panted out the words,

“Go down on me, I want to cum in your mouth.”

I did as my mother in law instructed & just got there to be treated with a thick hot stream of love juice squirting in my willing mouth.

I carried on laping at her as she moaned & groaned & rubbed her own pussy filling my mouth with her cum.

I then felt her hands scrabbling at my shoulders obviously in an attempt to pull me up.

I did what she wanted and lay on top of her, my cock parting her labia & entering her vagina.

She virtually screamed out


And then more controlled

“Fuck me darling.”

Having shot my load less than 15 minutes earlier I was able to give Joan a good seeing to, first on her back and then I turned her over to fuck her from behind, finally pulling her up on her knees to fuck her doggy whilst at the same time inserting my thumb into her arsehole.

By the time I was spent & she was exhausted, it was 2 am & we lay side by side in her bed both breathing deeply.

Finally she said,

“Well we have both been very naughty, but if I get the chance I would do it all again.”

“Well there is the morning,” I said with a cheeky grin.

She slapped me playfully & said

“We’ll see.”

And we did, though I might leave that for another time as at the moment that might be the last lot I get & I don’t want to give it to you all at once.