Written by bunnyrabbit1

1 Jul 2012

I had seen him around the gym. He was confident and cheeky, and Trouble, I told myself. I tried to put it out of my mind but sex with my husband had not been fulfilling and I soon realised I was fighting a losing battle of desire for the Ironman. My hubbie and I have ended up involuntarily childless and the thought of just the two of us in a sexless, boring marriage made me claustrophobic. I wanted to run away from my life and badly needed a distraction. I started to get more and more aroused when I saw the Ironman and I would imagine how sexy his naked chest would be. I got to know him a little over the following months until I woke up one night after a really erotic dream left me steamy and horny for more. I wanted to make my fantasies real. I knew then that I would regret not acting on my desires. So I made a friendly approach and before I knew it, I had arranged to go over to his place one evening.

I had been nervous all day as this was my first time since meeting my husband eight years ago. But I was determined to live out my fantasy and knew instinctively that the sex would be great. I was about to knock on the door in anticipation when it opened and I saw him standing there. He invited me in and my heart pounded as I stepped inside. I was about to make small talk when he took me in his arms and pressed his lips onto mine. His tongue thrust deep into my mouth and I couldn’t help but kiss him back, eager to taste and touch. I caught my breath as his hands roamed freely over my clothes, touching and stroking me all over. I was deeply aroused as his hands teased me sliding relentlessly over my body. I knew I wanted to give myself to him as my insides were fluttering and my knickers were definitely moist. As I stripped off my top down to my bra, he took a step back and I could feel his eyes feasting on my breasts. He gently reached behind me to release my bra and I hoped he wouldn’t be disappointed. Luckily I have tits that are firm and full like grapefruits and he soon leaned forward to close his mouth over them one by one. He sucked at my nipple, which was hard and erect by now. I groaned with pleasure at how good his mouth felt on me whilst his hands continued to tease and frisk me all over. After some pleasurable minutes, the rest of our clothes came off and he led me to his bedroom.

His bare chest was sexier than I could have imagined and he had a look of hungry lust in his eyes. I gasped when I caught my first glimpse of his perfect, hard cock. It was thick and cut, just the way I like it. As his cock rubbed against my clit, I groaned with pleasure and ecstasy as he entered me. He was strong and rhythmic as he thrust his hard member deep inside me, his mouth never leaving mine, filling me completely. He fucked me non-stop as he gently turned me over again and again, each change of position giving me new pleasure. As he manoeuvred me and we fucked on our sides I felt a gushing waterfall inside me as I came freely. As he released me I was surprised and pleased to see him go down and lick up my pussy juices. I pushed my hips towards him until another wave of orgasm washed over me as his relentless tongue probed my pussy and licked up my dripping cunt. As he moved away I couldn’t help but bend down and close my greedy mouth over his lovely, throbbing cock. I felt him harden as I ran my fingers over him, stroking and teasing. He tasted so good but before he could unload in my mouth he turned me over and was thrusting me from behind. I was moaning really loudly now, unable to control my groans of pleasure from the pounding that he was giving me. I was building myself into a frenzy again, each time stronger than the one before. Just as I thought I was going to burst, he came inside me and we collapsed together on the bed. We lay there, together, catching our breath. This has been pure, unadulterated sex at its best and I knew I couldn’t resist coming back for more. I’ve been shagging the Ironman for 6 months now and my husband is unawares as far as I know. It’s probably saved my marriage, for now at least, as my sexual needs are finally being fulfilled. I don’t know how long it will continue, but I’m looking forward to some more sexual adventures with the Ironman.